Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course

Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course
35109 SE Fish Hatchery Road
Fall City, WA 98024-8601

Course Review Date: 5/5/2013
Course Reviewer: Ian

Nothing screams confidence boost like playing 5465 yards and a rating slope of 64.8/102.  Minus maybe “Little” Wayne Golf Course in Bothell that slopes out to a monster 105, I do believe 102 is the lightest slope I have ever played.  Regardless of the track  you might have enjoyed the past couple days, it sure was a hell of a weekend for golf!  Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course up in Fall City was one of those random last minute, I need a place to play and no one has tee times kind of an adventure, but for a reasonable $34 and 80 degree May weather, you will get no complaints out of me…maybe.

Snoqualmie Falls Driving Range Snoqualmie Falls 1st Hole Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course

Picture 1 – You certainly won’t see many driving range shacks that look like a broken down chicken coop with an old locker room attached to it.  Apparently not owned by the golf course either, but by the guy next door who owns the adjacent farm.  And it gets better…his range picker is an old Subaru.  Honestly, you cant make this stuff up.  Click on the picture for a larger view and really soak it up…the best part you can’t really see is the large sticker on the ball machine of a guy putting in the late 70’s with a beautifully dirty mustache.  Best driving range ever.

Picture 2 – A snapshot looking down the first tee and it gives you a general idea of what the majority of the holes are going to play like.  Dead straight, short par 4’s, but more challenging than you think due to the tree lined narrowness.  All the par 4’s play somewhere between 270 yards to 340 yards with maybe just one playing any longer than that.  Driver is almost an after thought but you can gamble and have a little fun with it and blast away at a few.

Picture 3 – A side view from one of the tee boxes at Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course.  The mountain views out here are fantastic.  If you’re not digging the golf you sure have something nice to stare up at instead.

Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course 2 Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course 3 Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course 4

Picture 4 – I think this is the 491 yard, par 5, 11th hole.  One of the par 5’s that plays wide open and give you ample room to hit it anywhere but left.  The strange part about it though is that there really isn’t a fairway.  We hit a couple bombs down there and they were sitting up in an almost lightly cut rough.  It wasn’t really an issue or anything, but it certainly wasn’t a fairway.

Picture 5 – 298 yard, par 4, 12th hole. Nasty little par 4 that you so want to get after, but water right keeps you honest from pulling the trigger.  Definitely drivable, but a big risk.  Pepper a nice 4 iron out there and then don’t chunk an easy wedge to the green or you’ll find the hazard….stupid.

Picture 6 – A picture from the side of the par 5, 18th fairway.  The mountain views are really something to see out here.  Your approach to the green is greeted with a pretty significant right to left downhill slope that gobbles up a lot of shots.  One of the better holes on the course, manuevering that hill and finding the green can be tricky.

Positives: The range was epic.  I so wanted to see that Subaru driving around the range picking balls.  Quite a few balls for $4 to boot.  All the greens were in really solid shape  Looked good, rolled really well and had a solid little pace to them for a $34 a round muni.  Now that I think about it, the whole course was in good condition.  Sure you had some oddities like no fairway on a couple holes, but the maintenance looked solid out there.

Drawbacks:  It’s tight, so players are right on top of each other and you almost need a helmet out there.  We had multiple rockets land very very close to us.  Not many “fore” shouts as well for those wayward shots.  Another drawback, it’s tight, so players are right on top of each other and completely oblivious to the amount of noise they make.  Carts wizzing around, people shouting, even course staff giving a loud explanation of how the tees work when you’re trying to play a pitch shot 20 feet away from them.  If you’re the type of player that can be sensitive to noise in your swing, it might not the place for you on a busy day.  Also, I think the course rating is too light.  Yes it’s short and there really are not too many hazards to speak of, but this course very tight on a lot of holes.  If you’re not hitting it straight, you’re going to run into issues.  A +8, 79 posted with a differential of 15.6.  That’s just not fair 😦 rating: 15.5/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 3.5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3
Value: 3
Amenities: 3

Friendly staff and service folks out there.  Nice conversation at check in.
– Not overly fast, but looked great, rolled well.  Certainly can’t complain with that.
– Maintenance looked good.  Course was clean and well kept.  Lack of fairway on a few holes a bit strange.
– Nothing wrong with $34 for a leisurely Sunday round.
– Driving range an absolute crack up, pretty small putting green and strange chipping area with a bunker connected to a strip of astro turf.  Cart service on the golf course and good little restaurant at the turn for food.

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