Broadmoor Golf Club

Broadmoor Golf Club
2340  Broadmoor Dr. E
Seattle, WA 98112

Course Review Date: 3/10/2013
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre

Not sure about you guys, but I get excited for every round of golf I play.  From the nicest country club to the goat track in your neighbors back yard, if it has a few flag sticks and greens that you can putt on, I am in and I am stoked.  Regardless of the track, just the act of turning off the outside world for 5 hours should be cause for celebration.  Some days we find ourselves sloshing our way through the mud pit municipal and other days we’re convincing a security guard that yes I do indeed have a tee time at your club today and you can indeed open the gate.  It’s ok, I don’t bite….as far as you know.  Invited to play in a tournament with Master Yoda (I’ll explain in a minute), I found myself playing towards the top of the Seattle golf food chain at Broadmoor Golf Club.

Master Yoda explanation: I take lessons from Ryan Benzel out of Pro Golf Discount in Lynnwood.  My plug for Ryan…easily the best golf decision I have ever made.  I’m 3 lessons in and more than just playing better, I have more fun playing golf now than I ever have before.  Seriously, if you’re struggling with the game, do yourself a favor, spend the money and go see the guy.  Where else can you take lessons from someone who’s played in the PGA Championship….4 times.  Here’s a link to his info on lessons: Ryan Benzel Lessons.

As for Broadmoor, it certainly doesn’t disappoint from an experience stand point at all.  Any golf course that has a security guard manned gate for entry and exit clearly means business.  Cruising into the parking lot really doesn’t do the place justice from a visual standpoint, however its very easy to find everything you are looking for.  Putting green, driving range and clubhouse all lay out in front of you and at no point do you get that awkward, where do I go for this feeling.  Driving range is pretty small but an exclusive private club really doesn’t have a need for the Super Range out there.  Putting green is similarly pretty small, but its manicured like the greens keeper got on all 4’s and trimmed each blade of grass individually.  Bonus points in my mind for having the mini hole to putt at.  Why don’t more places have this?  Love that thing.  Makes the regular cup look like a coffee can when you get out there.

Broadmoor Country Club 1 Broadmoor Golf Club Broadmoor Golf Club 2

Design wise, Broadmoor showcases a lot of the typical Northwest private club staples: Tree lined fairways, remarkable houses that in this market cost twice what they are worth, beautiful rolling fairways, and perfectly manicured greens.  Broadmoor was really unique to me in a few ways and not just because its such an exclusive joint.  I never really got a feel out there for how the course would route and play…if that makes sense.  One hole would be dead straight with a lot of fairway undulation and play to an average sized green.  The next hole would be dead flat with fairway bunkers and a big green.  Then you get a downhill, dogleg left to a well guarded green the size of a postage stamp.  I don’t know, call me crazy, but it felt like playing a collection of someone’s favorite holes from 18 different courses.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a solid golf course, but I do remember in the middle of the back 9 saying to one of the guys I was playing with that the holes meshed weird.

Broadmoor has also made an effort to lengthen the golf course from the 6200 range to 6500 yards by slapping some new tees on a variety of holes.  There’s multiple holes where you see a tee box stuffed way back in between some trees to add an additional 40 to 50 yards.  For the majority of us that are playing from a more forward tee box, no biggie.  If you’re a stick, who used to pound one around the corner and have wedge in….well now you can’t cut the corner and you get to play a blind 6 iron to the green.  Little changes can make big differences I guess.

Ok, let’s talk some positives.  Broadmoor was easily one of best manicured golf courses I have ever played at.  The greens were nothing short of perfect.  Minus the occasional ball mark those were some of the smoothest greens I ever rolled putts on.  It’s one of those places where you felt bad taking a large divot and really bad when hitting a full chili dip wedge….or 3.  It’s a very playable golf course for a variety of skill levels with limited hazards and from the appropriate teebox, not too much length.  This is also a great “learning” golf course for a player who is just finding their way.  It requires specific tee shot placement for good approaches, asks for both draws and fades on occasion and features pretty small, guarded greens requiring a precise touch.  If you can learn to play well here, you should be good to go just about anywhere.

Interesting Broadmoor Tidbits:
Current tour pro Paul Casey won the Pac-10 Championship here shooting a 60 & 61.  Yikes….buzz saw!
Jack Nicklaus won the Seattle World’s Fair Open Invitational at Broadmoor in 1962.

All in all, a true country club experience at it’s finest.  Amazing clubhouse, over the top manicured golf course and great company.  A big thanks to Master Yoda for the invite.  As a side note, the guy shot 64.  You ever played with someone that shot 64?  I mean, when do you say good shot when every damn shot was good?  It was like watching a 10 year chess prodigy or something.  Just awesome. rating: NA/25
Customer Service: N/A
Condition of Greens: 5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 5
Value: N/A
Amenities:  5

Rating Notes:
Really didn’t have any service encounters at all.  Matter of fact, I don’t think I even spoke to an employee of the course at all.  Hmmm, how do I score.
– Greens were perfect.  Basically what us rec golfers dream of everyday when we are playing our muni’s.
– Nothing short of pristine.  Course was in perfect condition.
– Hmmmmm….I have no idea.  I played in a pro-am, but obviously if the Gates family has a membership, its safe to say its pricey.
–  Small but nice driving range, excellent little putting green area and remarkably beautiful clubhouse.  A tournament without drink service? Booo.

2 thoughts on “Broadmoor Golf Club

  1. who needs 5 hours to play a round of golf? And this…”If you’re a stick, who used to pound one around the corner and have wedge in….well now you can’t cut the corner and you get to play a blind 6 iron to the green.” Sounds like and improvement to me.

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