Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Gentleman, take this post and immediately forward it to your wives and/or significant others.  Look, we’re all golfers here, we all want the same thing under the tree regardless of whether or not we actually say it. This just makes it easy and avoids you having to create a sincere thank you for the Nascar themed scarf you just opened up.  Ladies, significant others, etc…here’s what the golfer in your family really wants for Christmas.  Drop the Starbucks gift card, return the argyle sweater, and the Chia Pet and get down to your nearest golf store immediately.  Below are some start to finish gift giving ideas, certain to please the golfer in your household.

The Stocking Stuffer – Simple and effective, a good stock stuffer gift can steal the show.  Here’s a couple great ideas to put an immediate smile on the face of any golfer in your home.


Picture 1 – All Weather Golf Gloves.  Sold in a pair, the all-weather golf glove is a must have for a Northwest golfer, even if they do not play year round.  A traditional golf glove gets pretty nasty in the rain and becomes slicker than a Slip and Slide covered in canola oil.  The all weather glove, such as the one featured from Nike Golf provides a palm grip that gets tacky when wet.  They are not necessarily recommended for dry conditions, but any regular golfer keeps a pair in the bag in case the rain starts falling.  A pair of the Nike Golf All-Weather Gloves run $27 msrp.

Picture 2 – Golf Balls.  A dozen golf balls and poof, your golfer is happy right?  Not so fast….Golfers are picky little creatures of habit, and while we know you had good intentions with that 12 pack of Dunlop Loco’s, no way on god’s green earth will we ever play them.  Even hearing them hit the front of the putter makes us cringe.  When buying golf balls for a regular golfer, you either go big or go home.  Better to play it safe instead of wasting money ya know?  As for suggestions, The Titleist Pro V1X is always a lock to make someone smile or try the Nike 20XI-X (pictured above).  The Nike ball is very similar to the Pro V1, but features a resin based core believed to make the ball longer.  Nike 20XI-X msrp for $58, but can be found online for as low as $24.99 right now (screaming deal).

Picture 3 – Lessons.  Remarkable the difference a couple lessons with a PGA professional can make.  Regardless of the skill level of the golfer, everyone can benefit in one way or another from a few lessons.  The trick is more than one lesson to make it really effective.  One lesson is a band-aid and sometimes a bit awkward.  Really learning and changing someones game for the better take repetition and belief in the person who is teaching you.  Around the holiday, various companies such as GolfTec sell lessons in 3-packs. Prices vary but your run of the mill lesson from a course pro is $50 for 30-45 minutes.  P.S. try our teaching pro, he’s free online 🙂

The Warm Up Gift – One of the great things about golf, is that fashion has become a huge part of the game.  Ok, maybe that’s not great, but it sure is an excellent way to dial in someone’s “fashion issues” since the very large majority of quality golf gear you can buy doubles as great casual business attire.  Here’s a few suggestions for really hooking up the wardrobe of your favorite hacker.


Picture 1 – Sweater.  A solid v neck sweater is a staple of any man’s wardrobe.  The sweater featured above is from Nike’s Tour Performance collection and is a wool/acrylic blend.  Basically is looks slick on and off the golf course and the blended material make it tough as hell.  Buy a couple cheap sweaters or spend $100 on a quality one that will last for years.  Besides, the golfer in your home wants to wear the same thing the pro’s wear.  Just don’t buy it purple…might be mistaken for a Husky….which is never good 🙂

Picture 2 – Clutch Polo.  If you have a golfer in your house it’s likely that 80% of their shirts are polo’s and yet they only wear 3 of them.  Playing golf in anything that is uncomfortable or awkward makes it tough to focus on your game.  Besides, no one wants to be the guy in the frayed polo with the collar all curled up, looking like your dog was chewing on it before you tee’d off.  There’s a few good companies making some very quality golf polo’s today.  We’d suggest checking out Travis Mathews who specialize in golf polo’s, or try something from the Tiger Woods Collection (shown above).  The polo shown above is the TW Light Speed Print Polo.  Super soft, great for golf or work and they last a lot longer than your run of the mill polo.  MSRP on the polo above is $95.

Picture 3 – Golf Shoes.  Golf shoes in general have really changed over the last 5 years or so.  The traditional golf shoe isn’t the only footwear seen on the course these days as the casual on/off the links golf shoe has become increasingly popular.  Shoes like the Ashworth Cardiff or the Freddie Couples Ecco’s have proven to be excellent summer golf shoes that work just as well off the golf course. For winter golf you’re going to need something with a little more meat to them.  It has to be water proof and it has to have an aggressive spike pattern for some traction in typically wet Northwest conditions.  Pictured above is the Nike Zoom Trophy golf shoe.  2 year waterproof warranty, excellent traction in winter conditions and they make you feel like you are 3 inches taller 🙂  $160 msrp, but as low as $99.00 in a few places on the web.

The Primary Gift – Go big or go home.  Want to make the golfer in your home bounce around like a teenager who just had their first kiss?  This is your recipe for success.

Nike VRS Forged Irons                        Nike Premium Weatherized Jacket                      Ping Anser Driver

Picture 1 – Irons.  Buy your golfer a new set of irons and you are delivering the jackpot of all Christmas gifts.  Be careful on this one though because golfers are creatures of habit with a bit of ego mixed in.  The wrong (aka cheap) set of irons will elicit a “seriously? Top Flight irons?” half-hearted smile.  Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but when it comes to a set of irons as a gift, as we said before, go big or go home.  Your best bet is to call your golfers’ friends and get their thoughts.  More than likely they have drooled over the same set of sticks on more than one occasion.  Our suggestions:  Pictured above is the Nike VRS forged iron.  A better players iron that features a large cavity on the back to play forgiving on mishits, with the buttery soft feeling of a forged iron that a better player typically prefers.  Nike VRS Forged irons will run somewhere in the $700 range.  Also worth checking out:  Taylormade R11 irons, Mizuno MP irons, and Callaway Razor X irons.

Picture 2 – Waterproof Jacket.  Mandatory staple in the golf wardrobe for a Northwest golfer.  It’s going to rain for 9 months a year up here and without a waterproof golfing jacket you are going to have one moist year.  It has to be light enough for someone to still be able to swing the club, but waterproof enough to not be glued to the player after 5 minutes of rain.  Footjoy makes an amazing rain suit but it will cost as much as a mortgage payment.  We play tested the Nike Premium Weatherized Jacket pictured above and found it to meet both our needs.  It didn’t crush our wallets too bad and we stayed dry during a recent monsoon round north of Seattle.  Plus it looks pretty darn sharp off the golf course as well.

Picture 3 – Driver.  Ok, a new set of irons will certainly do the trick, but nothing strokes the ego of every golfer in the world like a new driver.  No matter what skill level your golfer is, they must have a name brand driver in the bag to wield around on the tee box like a samurai sword.  Pictured above is the newly released Ping Anser Driver, the first adjustable driver that Ping has ever released.  A new toy such as this will make the golfer in your household one happy camper.  We’d also suggest you check out the Nike VRS Driver and the Ping G20.  The previous links are to reviews on both clubs.

Notes: Nike Golf is kind enough to send us products to review, hence why you see so many featured above.

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