Tokeland Golf Links

Tokeland Golf Links
2938 Kindred Avenue
Tokeland, WA 98590

The following is a guest post from Golfchops contributor Troy Thomas.  Troy has played more Washington golf course than anyone we’ve met.  Check out his review of Tokeland Golf Links and check him out on Twitter at @NorthwestGolfer

Course Review: Troy Thomas
Course Review Date: 9/1/2012


My name is troy and I am a traveling golfer.  I write about and post pictures from my travels on twitter: @NorthwestGolfer.  I wanted to play golf on this Labor Day weekend, but I figured that all the courses in the city would be busy, and all the courses in eastern WA would be too hot.  So instead, I drove out to the coast to play Tokeland Golf Links.  WOW it was an amazing experience!

I had read about Tokeland GL in the Golfing in Washington book, where it was described as being “a little rough”, and having a “spectacular” setting.  Both observations are true.  The course owners have limited resources, so the course is not immaculately manicured- but that is okay because it is a “links” golf course (more on that later).  Currently the greens are in horrible shape: they are dried out and cracked as a result of the owners trying to kill off a weed that has taken over.  The plan is to have all the weeds dead by winter and have healthy, green, soft greens in the spring/ summer.

As for the setting of the course- YES!  I love me some links golf!  There is no fescue grass, but the course is on the links-land along Willapa Bay and wanders through the tall grasses with wide fairways and hard greens.  The course originated in the 1920’s, with the current layout going back to 1995. The course has great routing: there are 9 holes with dual tees, but only three times do the front 9 and back 9 holes share the same green.  Golfers can get confused on the course because of the creative way the layout fits 18 different holes into the land available.

If you are looking for a super-manicured, perfectly green course with greens that roll 100% true, this is not the course for you.  But if you like old-school, links golf with imaginative design and gorgeous views of the bay, then you should make the trek out toward Westport and play Tokeland.  It is the only course in Washington that is on the ocean (I know, I know, but Chambers Bay is on the sound…).  You can also play the course “cross country”, much like the Goat Ranch on the Oregon coast by Bandon Dunes.  (Not that I have played that course.  Actually- there is no such thing, it’s a myth! *wink*). Be an honest golfer and put your $10 in the honor box too.

Tokeland Golf Links: Golf like your grandfather played.  An awesome golf day-trip!

Customer Service: 4/5 I talked to the greens keeper and the owner- both very cool and knowledgeable about the course. But there is no golf shop and no restrooms.

Condition of Greens: Incomplete.  I will wait until next summer after the repairs are finished.

“Perceived” Maintenance Level of Course: 3/5 rough around the edges, but its links golf- I want tall rough and hard & fast conditions.  Tee boxes need work also.

Value: 5/5 $10 is a STEAL for a highly enjoyable day of golf!  Help them out and pitch in some more if you feel.  I left a big bag of brand new golf balls behind for the players after me.

Amenities: 1/5 the putting green was as bad as those on the course, so I am already thinking about my trip next summer too see all the finished work. Just look for the parking sign and the scorecard box. Such ambiance!

Pictures of Tokeland Golf Links:

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