Nike Lunar Swingtip Golf Shoe Review

NOTE: Nike’s Press Release on the shoe is listed below

Reviewer: Ian Favre

The good folks at Nike Golf were kind enough to send us their newly released Nike Swingtip Golf Shoe.  Kind of a combination of the old school wing tip and Nike casual athletic sneaker.  Good looking shoe that should work off and on the golf course given its spike-less traction pattern and very comfortable insole.  I walked 18 holes in them today at the Home Course in Dupont and have some feedback for the potential buyer.

Course Conditions: Windy, no rain but slightly moist footing.

Positives:  Very comfortable to walk 18 right out of the box with no issues at all on the feet.  Great insole that I would pull out and put in other shoes for sure.  Pretty slick looking and unlike any other golf shoe on the market.  Should be awesome off the course for daily use.

Negatives: Very poor traction, unlike other casual golf shoes with small rubber spikes (i.e. Ecco, Ashworth, etc) these have a lip all the way around the bottom that seems to keep the spikes from making any good contact with the ground.  My back foot slipped 5 or 6 times on shots out there today.  Maybe in bone dry conditions the performance would be better, but in Seattle that happens how often?

Summary:  Great shoe, but not a great golf shoe.  Great addition to my evening wardrobe (yeah right) but slipping on tee shots is just no bueno.

Here’s a recent press release on the new Nike Lunar Swingtip golf shoe.  Looks pretty fresh 🙂 – Ian

Nike Golf Finds Inspiration in Action Sports for the New Swingtip Footwear

-Nike Golf’s Lunar Swingtip shoe pays homage to the wingtip design-

BEAVERTON, Ore. (June 28, 2012) – Nike Golf’s non-stop innovation is in full swing as its footwear team continues to thrive on inspiration from Nike Athletes. The most recent idea born from Nike Athlete input is the new men’s Nike Lunar Swingtip shoes that pay homage to the classic wingtip design.

A team of Nike Golf engineers and designers visited Nike affiliate, Hurley, for unique athlete inspiration from skateboarders and surfers who enjoy golf and can go low on the course. The engineers and designers utilized these insights as well as those already in the Nike Skateboarding line, to create a shoe that provides stability and comfort on and off the golf course.

“Nike Action Sports has a lot of skate and surf athletes who love golf and are low-handicap players,” said Lee Walker. “When they play, they want to look the part – to wear the ‘uniform’ of golf. But at the same time they, better than most, can appreciate the stability afforded by a low-profile cupsole construction given the performance demands of their chosen sports. Balance and stability are critical in board sports just as they are in golf.”

The traction pattern of the outsole was derived from a pressure mapping study Nike’s Sports Research Lab (NSRL) conducted on multiple categories of Nike Athletes. These findings directly influenced the stud configuration, geometry, and heights of the lugs, resulting in a design that offers traction on demand, when and where you need it.




The lugs engage with the ground throughout the swing, providing a secure grip with hidden traction. The rubber rim around the bottom of the shoe is weight
activated, working with the movements of the foot to create increased stability while concealing the traction lugs below.

A full-length Nike Lunarlon sockliner delivers superior out-of-the-box comfort while providing ground feel and support. Walker stated, “Action Sports had been utilizing this execution of Lunarlon foam in their Skateboarding line. This inspired our team to incorporate a similar drop-in Lunarlon sockliner for comfort directly underfoot.”

Wingtip upper designs are available in multiple colors and material offerings, including: Leather (1-year waterproof), Suede and Canvas.

AVAILABILITY: July 1, 2012

Leather (1 yr WP): MSRP: $150 – MAP/STREET: $119.99

Suede: MSRP: $140 – MAP/STREET: $109.99

AVAILABILITY: January 1, 2013

Canvas: MSRP: $130 – MAP/STREET: $99.99


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