Persimmon Country Club

Persimmon Country Club
500 S.E. Butler Road
Gresham, OR  97080

Course Review Date: 5/12/2012
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre

Persimmon Country Club is a private golf course and country club (pool, tennis, fitness, dining, etc) set in the shadow of three mountains in Gresham, Oregon.  Easily it’s biggest calling card, Persimmon’s golf experience features the ability to see Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helen’s and Mt. Adams all at once at a couple places on the back 9.  Its a pretty remarkable back drop for a tee shot and it made me wish I had brought the nice camera instead of trying to get the visual with the stupid cell phone cam.  The country club itself is tucked away in a very nice residential neighborhood and its an easy one to drive right by and not know you missed it.  First timers are going to need a gps to find the entrance for sure.

The golf course itself is a fairly short, 6445 yard, par 71 track that uses the landscape and not distance to challenge the player.  Basically there’s danger everywhere and if you’re having a rough day this place is going to eat your lunch then steal your sister’s dessert money.  Undulated fairways, well guarded greens, ravines, water hazards, thick tree lined fairways, etc.  Its basically like someone took every possible hazard in golf, dumped them in a bag, shook the bag and then poured the bag out on the land.  There’s fricking trouble everywhere…The views on the golf course, especially on the back 9 truly are spectacular, but I was taking a beating so bad I didn’t have much left in the tank to enjoy them.  One thing is for sure, this place in the winter has to be a swamp land.  We we’re playing on a beautiful 75 degree day, it hadn’t rained for about 5-6 days, and there was still enough moisture, specifically in the rough to lose balls due to plugged lies (especially on the second hole, do not go right on the second hole).

While the layout might not have been my cup of joe, I did very much enjoy the greens.  Although top dressed with a touch of sand recently they all rolled very well with a solid speed and no jumpiness to them.  I also like the split up practice facilities they have here.  A driving range, putting green and chipping area with its own parking lot on the side of the facility, then another putting green below the clubhouse.  I thought this was an excellent way of keeping your playing area nice a quiet, away from some of the chatter a driving range and putting green might generate. Very friendly, welcoming staff out here at the club as well, which you do not always get at a private country club.  Being an outsider, playing “their” course, all of the staff and even members were very friendly and welcoming.

All in all its a pretty good golf experience out here that the majority of golfers will enjoy.  Not really the “style” I personally enjoy, heavily undulated fairways and rough with danger all over the place.  I prefer to be rewarded a bit more when I find the fairway.  Hitting a drive down the middle to find a lie with the ball 6 inches below your feet always fries my eggs.  That said, it’s very well maintained, the greens are good and a solid group of people are running the place.  One things for sure, for a first timer, it’s going to present a heck of a challenge for a course that isn’t even 6500 from the tips.  Bring extra balls and go for a beverage early so you don’t worry to much about the score 🙂 Rating:19/25
Customer service: 4
Condition of greens: 4
Perceived maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 3
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
– Very friendly, welcoming crew at every turn.
– Top dressed with a touch of sand a the time, but still rolling very well
– As with most private facilities they have more money to put into the golf course (usually).  Thought it looked great, but the rough was a bit ragged.
– Kind of an unknown on this one.  I’ve heard you can get membership without an initiation fee right now which is a plus.
– Lots of amenities as with most private clubs.  Tennis, pool, dining, etc. Nice quiet place.


One thought on “Persimmon Country Club

  1. rad course! the approach shots over the canyon on 9 & 18 are epic! I am a fan of undulating fairways and natural/ linksland golf- so this course was a blast for me. (a huge thank you to Matt for taking us golfing!)

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