Innovex Golf Balls

Innovex Golf Balls
Reviewers: Ian Favre & Jason Gilliland

This whole golf industry is one amazing beast!  Think about the billions of consumer dollars that are spent every year on the driver that goes the furthest, the ball that spins the most and the snow shovel that doesn’t allow you to hit a slice.  Take it a step further and just to play golf in the Pacific Northwest you have to own a gore-tex rain suit, top of the line “mudder” shoes and an umbrella that will handle gale force winds.  The kicker?  We haven’t even paid for the damn round of golf yet!  This game will surely send some of us to the poor house in the end.

Being your everyday average weekend hack, I certainly appreciate a good deal on golf products.  Maybe I’m just cheap, but under no circumstance on god’s green earth will I stand for paying $46 dollars for a dozen tour golf balls.  The whole thought is just absurd to me.  And honestly, how many of us really need to be playing a tour level ball?  As a 14 handicapper, I don’t think I will be held back by not playing the same ball as Webb Simpson.  That said, I sure as heck would like too!  Golf is so much about image these days, and you know you bust your buddy’s chops when you ask him if the Noodle or Top Flight in the fairway is his.

Well, I think I have found a remedy to all three of these issues: quality, price, & image.  Not only that, but it’s a local company based in Medina providing us the goodies.  Innovex Golf is an up and coming, Seattle based golf ball manufacturing company with two excellent performing and priced golf balls on the market right now; the e-motion and the v-motion.  Both 3 piece balls, the e-motion ball is the is the harder of the two with an Aeroblend cover and a 392 dimple, wind cutting pattern.  The V-Motion is a very soft, tour caliber three piece ball designed to compete with the likes of the Pro V1 or Penta TP.  Having possibly the softest Urethane cover on a golf ball I have ever seen, this thing has some amazing stop and spin power. – Ian

Player Testing:

  The Innovex E-Motion


Ian – Honestly, I’ve played every brick on the market and this thing was awesome. We played in the wind and rain at The Home Course in Dupont and I could tell an immediate change in ball flight and short game action. I don’t have any launch monitor numbers to back up the statement but it seemed to have a lot less side spin on the driver that the other balls I was playing and it was solid to putt with. You know that clicky noise a super brick will make when you putt it?  Yeah, none of that. I really enjoy putting with it and I’m really picky about that. And….they are only $20 a dozen. I’ll play these puppies for the rest of the winter without debate.  Excellent winter ball.

Jason – When I first pulled one of these balls from its sleeve my first thought was “Wow this thing feels like a brick!” Despite my first impressions I decided to play the front 9 with the E and the back with the V.  After 9 holes of play with the E-Motion I was so impressed I decided to complete the entire round with the ball.  Not only was this thing long and straight off the tee but it also provided soft feel around the green.  The other major take-away is that the E-Motion is extremely durable.  I was able to play all 18 holes with the same ball and after the round the ball didn’t have a scuff on it.  In my opinion there is not a better value in golf that the Innovex E-motion!


Ian– Wellllllll….this thing spins. A lot. Way to much for me, but a player who is very consistent with their driver should love this thing. If you have a tendency to his a fade or cut, maybe a touch of a slice, stay away. This is not the ball for you. I played it for a few holes at The Home Course and did have one amazing experience to report. I got trapped in a front green side bunker, having to play my 56 degree to an elevated green out of wet sand. The shot was just screaming for me to get way too much of it and blast it over the green. Which is exactly what I did. To my amazement, as I walked out of the bunker the ball had landed long in the fringe, come to what my playing partners called a dead stop, then zipped backwards ten feet. I also took a few of these balls to Portland for our playing professional to check out. After checking them out, he said it might have the softest cover on a golf ball he has ever seen.

Jason – After 18 holes at the Home Course with the E-Motion I decided to play another 18 holes at the same course the following weekend with the V-Motion.  The weekend before I watched Ian spin one of these things back 10 feet out of a deep bunker through a fringe and back onto the 3rd green so I was skeptical of my ability to keep this thing on a straight line off the tee. However to my surprise, tee shots did not stray as far off line with a cut, slice, or hook as you might think. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a 30 yard slice off the tee, you should play the harder E-Motion, but if you prefer the soft feel of a Pro-V1 or Penta TP, then you’ll love the performance and value of the V-Motion.  Again the same durability story with the V as the E.  I played all 18 holes with the same ball and only had a minor scuff on it.  For under $30 a dozen for a tour level 3 piece ball, you can’t go wrong.  If you’re more concerned with the name on your ball then the amount of money in your wallet, then by all means keep playing your Pro-V1. But if you want great value, performance, and durability play Innovex!

The Innovex V-Motion

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