Bandon Dunes – Travel Logistics and Stuff to Check Out

Having written reviews on all four golf courses at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort last year, I thought it would be important to discuss some of the logistics with going and what you can expect before reflecting on another great weekend of golf.

Getting to Bandon Dunes:

We opt for the road trip from Seattle to Bandon, which without to many stops can be done in 7 hours.  We recommend the Enterprise Rent-A-Car that is on 12thst. in Bellevue.  They’ve taken good care of us the last two years and the price has been very good.  Go big though is your are driving with 4 people.  We are able to fill a Suburban to the brim between luggage, 4 golf bags and miscellaneous.  For those that would prefer to fly the closest airport is in North Bend, Or.  Once there you will have to rent a car or hire a shuttle service to get you to the resort.

About 7 hours from Seattle if you’re rolling!
One of the rooms at the Chrome Lake Lodge Lodging:

For the past two winters we have stayed at the Chrome Lake Lodging area at Bandon.  $160 a night (in the winter) and perfect for two people.  Bare bones amenities, i.e. a fridge, two beds and a bathroom.  Assuming you spend most of your time at the resort either playing golf, practicing or eating the rooms really are of little concern.  They do not have a microwave or kitchenette and we presume this is too encourage you to eat at the restaurants.  Book your rooms early, especially in the winter when folks are taking advantage of the cheap greens fees.

Food and Booze:

There’s a few places to eat at the resort but the only real standout that we have visited is McKee’s, the Irish pub next to the first tee of Bandon Dunes.  Excellent food and very tasty selection of micro’s on tap.  We had very good service on our two visits to McKee’s this trip.  For breakfast, there is a buffet in the main lodge area for $15, but it’s not very good.  Runny fake eggs and grease laden pork is not an ideal way to start a 36 hole day.  Unless you are hung over I guess.  The service wasn’t very good either.  Servers are friendly but seemed like they had too much going on to get to us in a timely manner on both our visits.  The best thing to do if you have a vehicle is to run to town and hit Ray’s grocery store, Subway or Bandon Pizza.  This will save you some coin and its only about 15 minutes down the highway.

As for beverage service…be very careful here and hide your wallet once you hit the property.  Beer prices on the courses are outrageous!  $8 for a 14.9oz Stella, $4 for a Coors Light, and $8 for a Foster big can.  $8 for a Stella was just stupid.  Ray’s grocery store in Bandon has an excellent beer and wine selection that will save you tons of cash while down there.

McKee’s has some excellent food…and booze.
The newest edition to the mecca, Bandon Preserve Stuff to Check Out!

Head to the practice facility and make buddies with someone who is working the grounds.  On the right side of the driving range is a secret par 3 course with greens made by the designer of Bandon Dunes.  They even give you a little score card for it called “Shorty’s.”  It was pretty cool to bang out an unexpected free 9 holes at Bandon, on the driving range no less, before our round at Old Macdonald.

Play Bandon Preserve!  Bandon Preserve is the new 13 hole, par 3 course that doesn’t open until May 1st.  We didn’t have the opportunity to check it out much but you can see a lot of it while playing Bandon Dunes and it looks incredible.  It had this really strong forest green color to it that really stood out from the rest of the area.  Already looking forward to dialing that into the next trip.  I think it will be a welcome relaxing round for people who have been pounded by Bandon and Pacific.


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