Finding a new set of clubs….



Good day,

I am hoping that you will be able to assist in advising me.  After a few years of abstaining from golf 🙂 I have come back in full force. I am currently still using my old clubs Lynx parallax 1994. I am now trying to look at a new set of clubs that are similar. I always have had a tendency for taylor made, but I am moreover not sure what type of club should I look at. (Blade/balanced etc) Likewise my current driver is a taylor made bubble 2 titanium, turbo stiff 120 shaft that is 9 degrees.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards,

First thing you need to do is go hit as much stuff as you can. Go to a local Golfsmith or Golf Galaxy and spend a few hours trying everything out. When you narrow it down to 3 or 4 print out the spec. sheet for your old irons and the new ones you are considering. Compare the important things like lie angle, length, loft and offset. You don’t want to find something that is drastically different then what you currently have. After all this, schedule a club fitting with a PGA Professional (this should be free especially if you buy clubs). They will be able to educate you about the fitting process and which clubs will achieve the best results for you.

Matt Favre Director of Instruction
PGA Apprentice

Editors note:  Golf equipment tech has come along way since those Lynx were made.  A new cavity backed iron is going to feel like a trampoline to you.  Going to a club center or range is going to be a blast.  When I made a switch years ago from some old used Hogan Apex irons to my Taylormade R7’s I was blown away by the difference.  I remember banking an 8 iron of the club house roof of a local course and thinking, “damn these go far!”  – Ian


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