“Within a hundred yards…”



Congrats on your achievement, My issue is that i can rip the ball down the pipes, but anything within 100 yrds i choke,shank,duff, you name it i do it…what can i do so i can compliment my long game with short and stop hearing my friends echo ” Can’t close the deal huh? ” – R.M.


This is a tough one as I have not seen your swing but I will give you a little advise on a few things that can help.

  1. Go to the course  when it is slow and play 9 holes with only your wedges and a putter. The wedge is the most versatile club in your bag and this will teach you to hit it in many different ways.
  2. Get fit for proper wedges. Most amateurs don’t know if they are a “digger” or a “sweeper” with there wedges and there is a big difference in what you should be using if you are one or the other.
  3. Challenge yourself by making goals with the wedges. For example if you like to have a beer when you play tell yourself you will not crack that first one until you hit a wedge inside 20 feet. It is amazing how this works because you are no longer thinking about what your friends are thinking but about how good that cold beer is going to taste when you hit it inside 20 feet.
  4. Last and most important BE CONFIDENT your email you sent oozed confidence with your driver. Try to focus on being that confident with your wedges.

I hope some of this can help. Feel free to send in a video of your swing and I can help more.

Matt Favre
Golfchops.com Director of Instruction
PGA Apprentice

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