Taylormade RocketBallz

Wow, what a name for a golf club.  I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw the release from Taylormade this week about their new line of clubs, RocketBallz.  After watching Dustin Johnson drill one of the fairway woods 330 yards, I am just twitching to demo these puppies.  Here’s some of the information that is floating around the web on them so far:

1.  Via Taylormade Website: 

Technology so advanced.
Distance so extreme.

Introducing the ridiculously long RocketBallz drivers, fairways, Rescues and irons. Drivers that defy physics. Irons born from metal wood construction. Fairways that deliver 17 extra yards. There’s long and then there’s RocketBallz long.

2.  Images of the Sticks Via Talyormade’s website:

3.  Video of Dustin Johnson crushing the new 3 wood:



Intitial Thoughts:

Well, I haven’t been an overwhelming fan of the white headed club, but I am a fan of any stick that is going to add 17 yards to my fairway metal.  That’s a big number to tack on to any club so we’re pretty excited to give these a whirl.  After gushing over the performance of the G20 just a couple weeks ago you just had to know something else would come along and grab our attention immediately.  I smell $400-$500 right out of the gate which is a wallet dagger for the weekend warrior.  Ah, the price we pay to have something splashy in the bag.

For more information on these clubs, Talyormade has a info sign up on their website:  http://www.taylormadegolf.com/

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