Willows Run – Coyote Creek

10402 Willows Road Northeast
Redmond, WA
(425) 883-1200

Course Review Date – 10/21/2012 (Photos Below)
Course Reviewer: Ian

Typically when we book a tee time at Willows we’re going to play Eagle’s Talon since we believe it to be quite a bit superior to the Coyote Creek course.  However, for the sake of updating an old review, we took one for the team and played the shorter and less challenging Coyote Creek.  One thing I’ve never understood about Willows is why are the greens fees the same at the these two course?  Coyote Creek is only 6344 yards from the tips and is clearly not the same course Eagle’s Talon is, yet they cost the same…doesn’t really makes sense to me.  As a side note to anyone at Willows, that certainly doesn’t mean we want you to raise your rates on Eagle’s Talon…. 🙂

Ok, that price comment might be a little mean, but location and facility have allowed Willows Run to inflate their prices quite a bit and they usually fall into the category of courses that we will only play in the winter when the rates are low (same as all the over priced Oki courses).  There’s no denying this is one heck of a facility though.  Besides a solid practice facility and the two 18 hole courses, Willows features an additional 9 hole, Par 3 course, an 18 hole putting course and a restaurant…..with excellent beer prices.  Throw those awesome amenities in with a great location and you have the recipe for some inflated greens fees.  However, after the 18 be knocked out at Coyote Creek I don’t think anyone in our group felt like they got ripped off or didn’t get the golf their money paid.  I think you are always going to cringe at $57 for greens fee, small bucket and rickshaw when its 43 degrees and raining.

Second hole at Coyote Creek

As for the golf course itself,  Coyote Creek is set up for higher handicapped players to find success.  The distance plays well for those who don’t hit the ball to far and the green protection is light at best.  You have to contend with a few spots of water hazard out there, but for the most part Coyote plays very straight forward.  A single digit handicapper should tear this place a new one, while a high handicapper should be able to get through a good round without donating a full dozen out there.  Greens had been punched a couple weeks ago, but the nice patch of weather that just ended has really helped local courses get their punched greens back faster than they normally would.  They were still bumpy, but not near what they would have been had it been pouring for the past two weeks.  As a side note, if you are playing Coyote Creek, the putting green is nothing like the greens on the course.  It was clearly punched much more recently.

Another shot from Coyote Creek at Willows Run

Sometimes picking your golf course is a battle of give and take.  You could play cheaper courses in the general area, like maybe Legion Memorial or West Seattle. These course in my mind are better golf courses than Coyote Creek, but they have no practice facilities and personally, I hate no range before golf.  When its 43 degrees outside and you have to walk to the first tee stone cold, without swiping any nuggets at the range…that’s a tall order.  In the end, Willows in general provides everything you need as a golfer; multiple courses with fairy easy to garner tee times, solid practice facilities, a restaurant, a large snack shack in the middle of the courses and the best beer prices of any course around.  The last one usually sells us on a course anyways 🙂

Golfchops.com rating: 16/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 2
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 2
Amenities: 5

Rating Notes:
– Service was pretty good, nothing to report really.
– Greens has been punched but were recovering nicely.  Fix your ball marks people.
– A noticeable improvement from when Jason reviewed the golf course a year and a half ago.  I though the course was in very good shape.
– They are not going to win any awards for value out here.  $42 isn’t the worst greens fee ever, but Coyote Creek shouldn’t be more than $32 in the winter.
– Excellent practice facility and good alcohol prices put Willows amenities up there with some of the best around.


Course Review Date – 4/10/2011 (Photos Below)
Course Reviewer: Jason

Willows Run Golf Complex is in a great location and they offer a lot of amenities for golfers on the eastside. With two 18 hole courses, large multi-tear putting green, covered driving range, chipping green, par-3 course, and putting course what’s not to like? I’ll tell you, poor course conditions and high prices. When I booked the tee time I was surprised that I had my pick of just about any time I wanted. At the time I just chalked it up to the fact that it was Masters Sunday and the weather was predicted to be poor.  When I arrived at the course I was greeted by one of the maintained staff pressure washing the front entrance. Did they have to do this on a Sunday at 9am? They couldn’t wait until Monday?

The staff in the clubhouse was friendly and after I paid my $56 ($48 greens fee, $4 small bucket, + tax) I was told we could tee off when ever we liked. As I was hitting range balls to get warmed up I noticed that the mat I was using was dirty.  After hit a few balls I noticed that it wasn’t dirt at all, it was tobacco spit from a previous golfer.  I am not sure who is more at fault; the hillbilly that was to incompetent to find a can or cup to spit into or the course for not pressure washing the mat? In this case I’ll give the course the benefit of the doubt an say the spit was to fresh for the course to cleaned it up. After the spit issue we gathered on the first tee.  As I walked down the first fairway I quickly realized why the course was not busy.

The first two holes had a drainage problem and were very muddy (see photo of #2 below).  After the par 5, 2nd hole the course was in a little better shape but still a bit muddy. The other issue was with the greens. All 18 were bumpy and slow.  After the first few holes I expected Bob Barker to jump out and give me chips to play Plinko. I am not going out of my way to slam the course but when I shell out $50 to play golf I expect certain things.  If the it was half the price I wouldn’t have taken the time to point out all the minor imperfections but to me $50 is a lot of money to play golf.  If travel time is not a factor play White Horse or The Home Course instead. The courses are far superior, far dryer, and a far better value.

Golfchops.com rating: 14/25
Customer Service: 4
Condition of Greens: 2
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3
Value: 1
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
– Staff was friendly and due to the fact that there was almost no other players on the course told us we could tee off when ever we wanted
– Greens were not in good shape, looked like they may have punched them recently.
– Course was not in great shape, holes 1 and 2 by far the worst (see photo of #2 below).
– $48 for Masters Sunday when the course is in poor shape is by no means a good value.
– Large putting green, covered range with multiple targets, chipping green, par-3 course, putting course, and good location make this one of the the better practice facilities on the eastside.

Course Review Date – 5/13/2010

Attempted to squeak in a late 18 at Willows Run yesterday, but only managed to complete 15 holes before it was too dark to play. Walked on as a two-some and was paired with another two-some of marginal skills. Pretty slow out there, however not too bad for a beautiful Thursday afternoon in which the course was jam packed. Coyote Creek is extremely short and really only requires you to play driver on the par 5’s and even then one of the Par 5’s plays driver – wedge to the green without too much trouble (unless like me you manage to find the hazard and double bogey). Course appeared to be in pretty good shape, but the greens were not so pleasant. All of them were very bumpy and none of them rolled true. Had an easy par putt hit a nasty bump and take a hard right up the break line. Didn’t appreciate that break one bit. A couple of them were in really sad shape with dead spots a half inch deep. One of the greens had a dirt ring that went all the way around it, as if they were trying to make the green bigger and screwed up really bad. Sounds like they have some new staff there as well as I heard the starter gripping about the new guys in the pro shop not knowing what they were doing. Overall, not to impressive, but man that weather was great and it was good to be on a course in general. Additional note: They have 25 Google reviews and most of them are people just hammering the course and their restaurant.

Golfchops.com rating: 14/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 2
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3
Value: 4
Amenities: 2

Rating Notes:
 They did get us out to play on a busy day with no tee time. Appreciated that.
– Greens were not in good shape, but they get a 2 because they were not near as awful as Snohomish.
– Course appeared to be in good shape but nothing really stood out to me.
– $24 twilight rate was pretty and it came with a cart if you wanted it.
– Putting green was mediocre at best and driving range closed pretty early. Had a buddy show up there at 7pm to hit balls and the pro shop was closed.

Course Photos

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