Wayne Golf Course

Wayne Golf Course
16721 96th Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011
425 485-6237

Course Review Date: 09.03.2011
Course Reviewer – Ian

I’ve often found that golfers get caught up in the latest and greatest, the most premium equipment and the most pristinely designed and manicured golf courses. There’s nothing wrong with that and I am certainly one who loves a new driver or playing a course of the upmost quality and condition. Those perks in the life of a golfer come with a heck of a price tag though. And so, we buy equipment of the previous model year and we play golf courses that do not have the financial backing to offer us Augusta like conditions. Thus, our friendly local municipal golf courses offer us a track that’s not too expensive and hopefully some greens that do not make us cringe.

In the past two years of reviewing, writing and talking to people about golf courses, a couple specific ones have popped up that are slandered in those discussions. The first, Wellington Hills in Woodinville turned out to be a fun little track at a dirt cheap rate. A world beater? Oh no. But a fun little place to get 9 holes in and work on the swing. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit and have been back several times since. The second of these courses I had not ventured out to, until now of course, is Wayne Golf Course in Bothell.

Wayne Golf Course is a very short (4326 yards) par 65 right off the side of highway 522. No driving range or practice facilities to really mention minus a small wickedly sloped putting green. A small “trailer-esk” club house (that was a million degrees) and a respectable looking little restaurant for food and beer. After a tidy $12 greens fee for a Saturday twilight you make your way down to the first tee, eerrr, first mat that is. The first tee is a giant mat on concrete. Ok, that’s a new one. Minus that oddity the first hole is really solid. A long par 4 with ob right and a sparsley tree lined left side. Equally as impressive was the par 5 second hole, an average length par 5 with a tough false fronted green. Walking off the second green I had to mention to my group how surprised I was that the first two holes were pretty darn good.

The front nine continued that way back and forth. Some good holes, some really odd ball holes and a couple epically demanding approach shots. The greens were in good shape, rolled well and for $12 I thought I was getting a steal. The back nine did not dispel that belief, it does however play much different than the front. For example, a 172 yard par 4? The tee shot is to a blind pin that tucked behind some trees, but you can certainly hit a cut and go for it. The again that mistake will lead you to wonder how in the hell you just carded a bogey on a 172 yard par 4. Ugh. The next 3 holes, all par 3’s are crammed together so tight it feels like a turkey shoot out there. Honestly, a helmet might not be a bad idea for this 3 hole swing. None of the holes are bad really, just smashed together with teeing areas carved out of the side of the hill.

For a last minute Saturday round I was pretty satisfied with what I got. The greens were respectable, the price was right, and I was able to fill my quota of shirtless golfers. Yeah, that would be two. One in near spandex… No shirted spandex golfer. Wow. But to swing the sticks and drink a few beers with the buddies, you can’t go wrong at this place.

Golfchops.com rating: 14/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 3
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 5
Amenities: 1

Rating Notes:
– Not much to report on customer service.  Damn that club house was hot.
– Greens were definitely playable.  Not world class but they all looked and rolled fine.
– Can’t imagine they have a lot of money to throw at maintenance but nothing stood out as a hot mess.  New mats wouldn’t hurt.
– $12 for twilight!  We like.
– Small putting green and a restaurant, that’s it.

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