Vic Meyers Golf Course at Sun Lakes

34228 Park Lake Rd NE
Coulee City, WA 99115

Course Review Date: 06/02/2012
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre
Pictures Below

In all these golf course reviews I like nothing more than finding that hidden gem.  That golf course that doesn’t have radio commercials, show up in magazines or have a $150 greens fee.  Sure, that particular description can be applied to hordes of courses in the Pacific Northwest, but I’m talking about the ones that leave their mark with you.  The ones where you plan an annual trip just so you can go back and enjoy it year after year.  I make a pilgrimage to Bandon Dunes, I have an annual trip to Alta Lake, but the little 9-hole golf course at Sun Lake State Park in Central Washington call Vic Meyers is my personal summer mecca.

Plain and simple, its 9 holes of fantastic desert golf only 3 hours east of Seattle.  The greens, while not particularly fast (bent grass) are always in excellent shape and you can tell that there’s a lot of care put into them.  The rough, if you can even call it that is a medley of hard-pan, sage, and misc. rocks (bring a rock club) that will swallow errant tee shots and have you on rattlesnake red alert while you search for your ball.  The fairways have good undulation to them where you are not necessarily punished for a good tee shot, but you might encounter a squirrely lie or two.  And best of all, BYOB!  Honestly, you tell me a golf course that you can drive to the first tee with a cooler of barley pops locked and loaded and not have someone scream bloody murder.

Yes, the beer thing is very cool, but this is a very well designed track that way to many people miss out on.  The first hole is a very aggressive, uphill, par 5 that plays up to a plateaued green sitting right beneath the edge of the canyon.  It’s a straightforward par 5, yet plays very long and sneaky tough.  3 good shots are mandatory for par and reaching the green in two is a very tough task.  The second hole back tracks parallel to the first and its a pretty short par 4.  A very good tee shot leaves you with a small chip to the green and in some windy conditions I’d say it’s drivable.  Hole three is highlighted by a huge concrete water tower that subtlety protects the green on the right hand side.  Yes, I have bonked that water tower plenty of times and the result is never good.

The 4th hole is probably the best hole on the golf course and one of the better par 3’s you will play anywhere in my opinion.  Recently, a new tee box has been applied moving the blue tees back to make it play as a very short, very demanding par 4.  The tee shot over looks the whole canyon, the wind is whipping around and the green is the size of a postcard.  It’s not particularly hard, but it sure is a fun tee shot to pull the trigger on.  Also, it has an odd ball local rule on the scorecard that anything you snap hook left is a free drop from the point it crossed into the junk.  This basically means we’ll all hit it right 🙂

Following up the 4th hole is pretty simplistic par 4 that plays slightly to the right.  It’s your average short par 4, but the entire camp ground to the left is in play.  I’ve been there on many occasions when a wayward approach shot comes bounding off a car or a tent.  It’s not a difficult par 4 but pretty hilarious to see campers scurry for cover when someone hosels one into their campfire.  After a short par 3, you get to boom a tee shot into one of the widest fairways you will ever play.  Wide and nearly impossible to miss, it challenges you with a blind second shot (unless you murdered a drive) into another smallish and sloped green.  This is definitely a birdie hole, just be aware that long is into the nasty high brush and it’s basically death.

Finishing up is another short par 4 and an uphill par 3.  The par 4, 8th features a very narrow tee shot but allows you to miss left or right and still have a play  from the bush…most of the time 😉  Nothing too fancy here, hit is straight and you get a tidy little chip to the green.  The closer is a short, semi blind par 3 where you only see the top half of the flag stick.  It’s another green that seems like it’s the size of a pool table, plays with a lot of slope and is super tough to hold.  Sneak a par of of this and I promise you picked up a stroke or two on your buddy.  Someone is making bogey here for sure.

As always the golf course was in excellent condition, offers a $4 replay for each additional 9 and accommodates players of pretty much every skill level.  I’ve been playing this little track for over 20 years now and it seems like every time I go the course maintenance and quality of golf get better and better while the price remains unchanged. rating: 21/25
Customer Service: 4
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 5
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
Solid ground of folks out here who really love their course.
– Furry bent grass.  Not particularly fast but in great shape and roll very true.  Lots and lots of slope.  Good luck.
– Excellent.  Just seems to get better each year.  Tee boxes are ok, fairways and greens are great.
– $15 greens fee (up a buck from last year I think), $4 replay for each additional 9.  Awesome deal.
– They’ve put some work in the little pro shop over the past year and its much improved.  Lots of available clubs (Wilson), near gear and refreshments.

Course Review Date – 7/17/2011
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre

Got in a nice early morning 9 holes at Vic Meyers Golf Course at Sun Lakes State Park yesterday. I would still put this little 9 hole up against any other 9 hole course in the state. Of the other 9 hole tracks we have reviewed, Ballinger and Wellington Hills, Vic Meyers just owns them in every category. Looks like the price has gone up a touch since last year, $15 for 9, and $19 for 18 holes, but that $4 replay is unbeatable. They also appear to have made some improvements around the course since I played there last year. First, the interior of the club house has been cleaned up and that feeling of being in a shack doesn’t linger. It’s still a shack, but an upgraded one!

They have also made a couple really solid improvements on the course that made it even more fun than usual. The first change is a new tee box on the long par 3, 4th hole. A new back tee allows this hole to be played as a short par 4 that you can challenge with driver. It’s not on the scorecard as of yet, but the clubhouse will give you a heads up on it. I stood on the tee with my driver for 5 minutes waiting for the green to clear…and of course as soon as it did I changed my mind and laid up with an iron. The second change is another new tee box, this one on #9. It’s a pretty subtle change but it puts a lot more of the dirt and sage brush into play than the original tee boxes did. A nice minor change that makes you think a little bit extra.

In the past I’ve taken some jabbing from others for calling this the best 9 hole course in the state. I have been visiting this place my entire life so I’m sure I have some bias worked in. However, the greens are fast and in good shape, the ball rolls for days, and the views are amazing. Oh, let’s not forget its $19 for 18 holes and you get to bring your own beer. Please, trump me on this one if you can. rating: 21/25
Customer Service: 4
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 5
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
They are always very nice at this course.
– Greens were very healthy bent grass. They are kept pretty darn slow, but it’s a state park that can attract a golf crowd you don’t necessarily want to put on lightening quick and delicate speed greens.
– Course is maintained very well. Seriously, this is a state park and the place is in better shape than most of the Oki courses.
– $14 on the weekend with a $4 replay anytime that day? Jackpot!
– Little putting green, no driving range or hitting mats. It’s a state park, come on. You get to bring you own beer, now that is an amenity!
Course Review Date – 5/23/2011
Course Reviewer: Victor Litz

*Editor’s note from Ian below

This may just be a state park course but without debate this is one of my favorite golf courses in the state. From fairway to green the course is always in tip top shape and comes at you with an unbeatable price of $14 for the first 9 holes, and $4 for each additional 9. Unlike your standard Western Washington golf course that features poa, Vic Meyers has really long bent grass greens. Throw some significant undulation in with uncut bent grass and you have a day-long putting adventure on your hands. Keep in mind that there are very little amenities on the golf so you would be wise to bring a cooler and plan accordingly.

The first hole is a ridiculous uphill Par 5 that requires a 300 yard bomb off the box and a great second shot to give yourself a shot at Eagle. Remember, the ball travels further out here than it does back home so you have a chance at it! The second hole is a pretty narrow fairway to a medium sized green. Hit a solid drive and you’re about 120 out. Hole number three is a tough uphill par 4 with an elevated green that features a nasty false front and an epic slope. This green will make you feel like you have never rolled a putt in your life! My favorite hole on the course is the long par 3, 4th. It’s a super tough tee shot that just makes my round when I can find the green.

I would go through every hole but it’s just not necessary, it’s that fun and nice to play. I have nothing but good things to say about this course, from the people that work there to the views you get as you play to the course itself, it’s always fun and I recommend this to anyone wanting a fun couple days away for some golf! Contributor Rating: 22/25
Customer Service
 – 5
Condition of Greens – 4
“Perceived” maintenance of course – 4
Value – 5
Amenities – 4 (bringing your own cooler is a bonus)

Editor’s Note – I couldn’t agree more with Victor on this place.  I do a couple trips a year out to Sun Lakes to get in some finshing and golf at this amazing course.  It’s such an oddly unique golf course that is always fun regardless of score.  Sun up to sun down golf for around $25 bucks and I get to bring my own beer?!  Winner winner chicken dinner!

2 thoughts on “Vic Meyers Golf Course at Sun Lakes

  1. Good call on Sun Lakes – fun track – Might add that if you stay at the state park – you can drive a golf cart to your campsite to pick up/drop off clubs, friends etc.

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