Titleist 910 D2

Pretty sleek, bad ass looking driver that comes with a whopping $449 msrp according to Titleist’s website. Packed into this golf club is the Titleist Sure Fit Tour hosel allowing the player to adjust the loft and lie of the club face. This stick, similar to the R11, allows you to adjust the flight of the ball to maximize performance and dial in your exact desired shot shape. The Titleist website also boast a variety of shaft options making this one of the most customizable drivers on the market.
Reviewer: Ian
Club Name:  Titeist 910 D2
Club Specs:  Project X – 7C3


Longest Drive: 260.68
Average Drive Distance: 236.6
Average Ball Speed: 140.6

Ball Flight Pattern:  middle left

Golfchops.com Reviewer Score: 21/25
Look:   5/5
Sound:   5/5
Feel:   5/5
Distance:   2/5
Accuracy:  4/5

Reviewer: Jason
Club Name: Titleist 910 D2
Club Specs: Project X – 7C3


Longest Drive: 288.3
Average Drive Distance: 277.5
Average Ball Speed: 156.1

Ball Flight Pattern:

Golfchops.com Reviewer Score: 23/25
Look:  5/5
Sound:  5/5
Feel:  5/5
Distance:  4/5
Accuracy:  4/5

Additional Feedback:

Ian – I really liked this club although the data doesn’t back it up.  I had a couple misses in there that killed the numbers, but when I hit it flush I felt as if I was killing it.  Fantastic looking stick, one you would show off to your friends for sure.  This is definitely a players club despite its large 460cc head.  It produces a solid sound at impact (when hit on the screws) which I think added to that “I smoked that one” feeling.  It didn’t travel very far for me, even when I caught one good, but keep in mind I didn’t make any adjustments to the club which would have likely helped.  Not sure I could hit this stick as consistent as others, but I would love to show it off to my foursome.

Jason – For me this was the best all around driver when you combined looks and performance.  I love the look of the black head and the SureFit Tour (SFT) hosel didn’t effect the look at address like other brands. Having multiple premium shafts as stock options is great and I was impressed by the performance of the Project X-7C3 that we tested. I averaged over 275 with this one and was able to swing it 2MPH faster than my average speed.  My favorite of the day!

Pro Golf Discount Price: $399.99
MSRP: $450

Pictures of the Titleist 910 D2:

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