Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0

The second of two white driver offerings from Taylormade, the Superfast 2.0 is played by the likes of Camilo Villegas and Jason Day.  TM advertises this club as the lightest driver they have ever made coming in at 279 grams.  High launch, low spin, lighter club, and more speed all equal longer drives.  Sounds reasonable to us.
Reviewer: Ian
Club Name:  TM Burner Superfast 2.0
Club Specs:  Matrix Ozik 4.8, S


Longest Drive: 272.85
Average Drive Distance: 245.2
Average Ball Speed: 141.1
Average Swing Speed: 97

Ball Flight Pattern: All Over

Golfchops.com Score: 13/25
Look:  2/5
Sound:  4/5
Feel:  1/5
Distance:  3/5
Accuracy:  3/5

Reviewer: Jason
Club Name: TM Burner Superfast 2.0
Club Specs: Matrix Ozik 4.8, S


Longest Drive: 314
Average Drive Distance: 286
Average Ball Speed: 149.5
Average Swing Speed: 103

Ball Flight Pattern:

Golfchops.com Score: 21/25
Look:  3/5
Sound:  4/5
Feel:  4/5
Distance:  5/5
Accuracy:  5/5

Reviewer Feedback:

Ian – After watching Jason just rip the absolute cover off of the ball I was optimistic that I would find some success but like my first demo with this stick I was all over the place with it.  The head shape throws me off and I just cannot feel the club at any point in the swing.  I really wanted to like it and I think this would be a great stick for much slower swing speeds, but just not one that fits for me.  That being said, Jason swings it faster than me and he was able to just smoke this thing!  Who knows…

Jason – For me this was the longest club of the day.  It’s funny because this was one of the last sticks we tested and I was swinging 2MPH slower and I was still able to average 286 yards and a long of 314.  I must admit that I’m not a big fan of the head shape of the SF series but when its 280+ every time I quickly forgot about that!  The bottom line with this club is it flat out performs. Long and straight every time!

Pro Golf Discount Price: $299.99
MSRP: $360

Pictures of the Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0:


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