Taylormade R11

Do we really need to write an introduction to the R11? Probably the most brilliant marketing scheme the golf world has ever seen. I still marvel at seeing the white driver used on tour when the player doesn’t have a lick of Taylormade gear on. Home run for the Taylormade marketing department to say the least. This thing is more than a funky colored gimmick though as there is a tremendous amount of technology built in from grip to toe. Loft adjustability, face angle adjustability, and weighting options make this thing the space shuttle in a golf club. Brilliant marketing aside, this is one tricked out, great looking stick.
Reviewer: Ian
Club Name:  Taylormade R11
Club Specs:  Fujikura Blur 60


Longest Drive: 278.4
Average Drive Distance: 262.6
Average Ball Speed: 144
Average Swing Speed:Ball Flight Pattern:  Hook / Draw

Golfchops.com Score: 21/25
Look:   5/5
Sound:   4/5
Feel:   4/5
Distance:   5/5
Accuracy:   3/5

Reviewer: Jason
Club Name: Taylormade R11
Club Specs: Fujikura Blur 60


Longest Drive: 284.3
Average Drive Distance: 247
Average Ball Speed: 147
Average Swing Speed: 102Ball Flight Pattern:

Golfchops.com Score: 18/25
Look:  5/5
Sound:  3/5
Feel:  4/5
Distance:  3/5
Accuracy:  3/5

Reviewer Feedback:

Ian – This was very odd for me because just a month ago I demo’d the R11 TP and was overwhelmed by it.  I totally destroyed that club that day.  Today, hitting the standard R11 I couldn’t have been more lost with it.  Oddly enough my stinking eyes followed the club head a couple times in the back swing and I didn’t keep my eyes on the ball.  That obviously led to a very poor result on the old monitor.  Not sure if it was the shaft, or the fact it wasn’t the TP version, or maybe just an off day but I did not hit it well.  Take all that into account and then look at the numbers…I still hit it further than anything else all day.  The club just flat out hits bombs.

Jason – This was the second to last driver we tested and I was spent.  Out of the 5 balls I hit, I don’t think I had one good swing.  This club looked great at address once you get used to the white head and black face.  I had hit this driver prior to our test and it was great.

Pro Golf Discount Price: $399.99
MSRP: $500

Pictures of the Taylormade R11:

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