Sumner Meadows Golf Course

14802 Golf Links Drive,
Sumner, WA 98390

Course Review Date 10/27/2012
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre

Man, has it really been two full years since we’ve motored down south to play Sumner Meadows?  In another life, Sumner Meadows was a staple in our golfing lives.  Inexpensive greens fees, solid conditions, good and beverages prices and so on.  Then, during another peachy Northwest winter the Green River flooded and just annihilated the golf course and literally ashed away the club house.  Since then, we had found the course conditions to be terrible and every other variable to be basically below par.  Well, every place should get a second chance right?  And why not in the middle of an ugly rain storm…..ok the $16 greens fee on Golf Now is the honest reason but what the heck.

As just mentioned, Sumner Meadows has some epically low greens fees right now and a $16 greens fee is certainly enough to us get out and playing some golf, regardless of the weather or the drive.  Minus the regular marketing emails that Sumner Meadows sends I really haven’t heard to much about the happenings down there so this whole trip was a wild card.  Clubhouse and facility wise not a whole lot has changed.  The clubhouse is still just a high school portable that replaced the previously washed out clubhouse.  The range and putting green looked pretty good as they always have and at first glance this was the golf course I gave a pretty poor review two years ago.

On to the course that impression of same old same old was reversed immediately.  Once we got towards the green of the second hole you can see that a lot of new landscaping has been done on the course.  Specifically on the side that runs next to the green river.  There a large new fence, walking path and a bunch of bark landscaping.  Looks a heck of a lot better than it used it.  Also, the total curve ball of the whole day was that the greens were excellent.  I mean, no kidding, the greens were really fantastic.  I’m still a bit blown away by it.  Minus the occasional ball mark that some local hack was too busy to fix up these really were some of the best greens I’ve seen for a while (can’t believe I’m writing this about Sumner Meadows!).  Fairways and tee boxes were all manicured well and minus some casual water, due to the heavy rain of the past 24 hours this might be the best $16 on golf I’ve ever spent.

Sometimes your driver should be tossed a lake, even when the lake is on the tee box. The only obstacle of the day was some standing water. This being the worst of it.

Wow, I gave Sumner Meadows a 12 out of 25 two years ago!  Total shocker.  Without debate the biggest turn around for a course we’ve seen…even more than Snohomish.  Just noticed they are now managed by Billy Casper Golf who also runs Salish Cliffs.  That helps explains the epic turn around. rating: 20/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 5
Amenities:  3

Rating Notes:
Not much to report on service.  Guy at the front desk was cool enough and encouraged us to get on the first tee and get in front of the group of 8 guys socializing in the club house.  Appreciate that.
– Let’s see, 2 years ago the greens looked like a dog park, today they were awesome.  Looked in great shape, rolled dead true and with good pace even in the rain.  Can’t over emphasize how surprised and impressed I was.
– Tee boxes and fairways looked good.  New landscaping was obvious and makes a difference.  Additional work still being done on the 18th.  Former water hazards that appear as though they are being converted.
– $16 for Saturday at 12:15pm via golf now.  Awesome deal.  Website shows a $28 prime time green fee.
–  Average sized putting green and a good driving range.  No club house or beverage service on the course.  Understandable in these conditions.

A look back on the very long par 5, 7th hole with the Green River running along side.

Course Review Date – 8/22/2010

Got to enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon at Sumner Meadows Golf Links.  Sumner Meadows advertises itself as a links course and with the rolling terrain and undulation you can buy that.  The whole lack of it being on the water and trees on the course pretty much blow that theory up though.  A few years back this place was a fun and inexpensive place to play, but since it got flooded out a few years ago it just hasn’t been the same.  We were playing in a scramble for a friends church (yeah, he called in the ringers 😉 so the profanity, heavy drinking, and club tossing was kept to a minimum.  We were making birdies for Jesus my friends!

Sumner Meadows does have a grass driving range and their putting green was rolling pretty well so this round was starting off on the right foot.  They lost their club house in the flood a few years back so check-in is in one of those portables you prayed you didn’t have a class in during high school.  A nice little gift bag from the folks at the church and away to the first tee we go.  Right on the first hole we have a cool little experience when deciding which drive we were going to play.  A huge Blue Heron was posted up maybe 20 feet from where we were standing.  Never been that close to one and he was one cool sight to see on the first hole.

Once you get to the greens at Sumner is where things get a bit dicey.  Ball marks galore!  It was rough, real rough.  We had jumpy putts, bumpy putts, and even a couple that were just completely thrown offline.  It was pretty frustrating really.  Things got even worse on the par 3’s.  They basically looked like target practice for a machine gun.  Another thing that really stood out to us was the amount of tees that were littered around the tee boxes.  They were everywhere.  Never even took a tee out of the bag the whole day because we were just able to pluck them off the boxes.  It was a broken tee grab bag on every hole.  The fairways were in ok shape and the rough played pretty fair.  Sumner Meadows has that kind of rough that always seems to give you flier lies.  Yeah, we hit a few moon shots out there including an 8 iron that somehow managed to cover all of 175.  Sumner Meadows also features a real bonker of a Par 5 coming in at 638 yards.  Dustin Johnson went driver, 6 iron on it, but got DQ’d for grounding his club in the Green River.

Everyone seemed to have a great time out there and of course that’s what’s important.  Besides, they had no idea a snotty, picky, writer was in their midst auditing the heck out of the course 🙂  Would we go back?  Not sure.  The course appears to be hurting right now and we are pretty darn picky when it comes to greens.  We’re going to have to leave Sumner Meadows on a wait and see status.  We’d like to thank the Eubanks family and Calvary Church for having us out at their tournament.  Sorry no pictures for this one.  Forgot the stinking camera. rating: 12/25
Customer Service: 1
Condition of Greens: 2
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 2
Value: 3
Amenities:  4

Rating Notes:
 Went to the club house to get my debit card after the round and the kid at the desk couldn’t find it right away.  He dropped three profanities while looking for it, including “Jesus Ch…..where is that card.” Call me crazy but I was just playing in a church golf tournament dude.  They might not like that too much.
– Greens were in poor shape but it looks like it’s from play, not from health.
– Whew, tee boxes were a mess.
– $38 for a prime time rate, and $5 for a bucket of 30 balls.  I would fall over dead paying $43 to play here.  However, their weekday and twilight rates are pretty good.
–  Pretty good practices facility with a nice putting green, grass tee driving range, and a little chipping area.  Cart girl came around 3 times during our round (seriously, how could there be no PBR at a golf course in Sumner?)

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