Stone Creek Golf Club

Stone Creek Golf Club
14603 South Stoneridge Drive
Oregon City, Oregon 97045

Course Review Date: 5/08/2011
Course Reviewer: Jason w/notes from Ian

A trip to the Portland area gave us a great excuse to review another Oregon course. Golfchops pro Matt recommended a round at Stone Creek Golf Club in Oregon City because of it’s great condition and value. Stone Creek was designed by Peter Jacobsen and Jim Hardy and opened for play in June of 2002. The course is said to offer spectacular views of Mt. Hood but due the cloud cover we missed out. Stone Creek is laid out over 165 acres of land with old-growth Douglas Firs, lakes, four wetlands, and forty-three bunkers.

When we arrived at the course we where greeted with a nasty downpour that made our warm-up session less than comfortable. The range itself was ok but after about 100 yards it goes strait uphill which makes it difficult to gauge your distance. The putting greens are good size and located next to the first tee, which is nice.

My first impression of the course was that it reminded me of The Home Course in DuPont, WA due to the wide open tee shots and large undulating greens guarded by bunkers. When I got to the back nine I was given a much different impression. The course played much tighter off the tee and the greens seemed to shrink a bit, reminding more of The Classic Golf Club in Spanaway, WA and Bandon Trails. The days leading up to our round had been very rainy so I was surprised by how well the course held up, no plugged balls or standing water to speak of.

This was a round that I will not soon forget due to a par that Matt made on the par 3 14th hole. The fact that he made a 3 wasn’t the memorable part, it was how he made it. He thinned his first shot into a lateral hazard in front of the green and had to retee. He then proceeded to hole-out for a 3 with his second tee shot (see video below for his reaction). It was a par that even Freddie Couples himself would be proud of.

Notes from Ian:  Peter Jacobsen really has his name on some nice golf courses these days and Stone Creek is surely one of them.  This was my second run at the course in the past couple of years and Jason is spot on with liking it to The Home Course in Dupont.  I think the speed of the greens at The Home Course is a bit quicker, but in design and general layout they are first cousins.   I was surprised how well it played for as hard as it rained the whole time we were there.  Sure we had a couple spots where there was water on the green and areas of squishy fairway, but in general it was an excellent wet weather golf course.  My one thought, and maybe this is for golf courses in general, but frankly when its pissing down rain as it was that day…how about a discount.  I mean, the majority of your business is going to no show on you so why not intice the customer to stick it out by dropping your greens fee from $57 to say $40.  I understand golf courses have a business to run but it makes more sense to get twice as many golfers on the course buying range balls, food and drink.  $57 to play in a monsoon just sucks. rating: 19/25
Customer Service: 4
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 4
Amenities: 3

Rating Notes:
-Everybody we encountered was friendly and accommodating.
-Greens where in great shape and rolled well despite the weather.
-The course was in excellent shape and held up in the rain very well.
-$57 with a cart on the weekend was a very good value given the quality of the course.
-The practice facility was ok. Uphill range was strange but better than nothing.

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