Snohomish Golf Course

7805 147th Ave SE
Snohomish, WA 98290
(360) 568-2676

Course Review Date: 7/26/2013
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre

A few general updates on Snohomish as we’ve played a few rounds out there in the past month:

  • Hardpan fairways equal some big time drives.  The fairways don’t get a lot of water out there so everything carries a bit extra.  You can lay down some big boomers from the teebox with the extra catapult action.
  • Played this morning and the greens were easily in the best condition we’ve ever seen them in.  Definitely a lot of fun to putt on and hit approach shots too.  Surprised by the pace, because man were they fast.  For public muni golf they were really slick.  Seems like the majority of public muni’s are having a heck of season with the condition of their greens.
  • Pace of play is a terrible issue out here.  Marshal had things moving the first 4 holes but once we hit the 7th everything came to a grinding halt.  A 4 hour, 50 minute round always sucks, but on a Tuesday morning?  Almost 5 hours on a Tuesday morning?  Played a weekday afternoon round a few weeks ago and had to walk off after a 3 hour front 9.  They were nice enough to give us a rain check for the back nine, but that pace is just miserable.
  • Excellent staff of people working out there.  Everyone is always friendly and accommodating.
  • Putting greens are in very good shape and it’s nice to see them at the same speed as the greens on the golf course.  Range is ok, but choppy and really doesn’t have any direction to it.  The range set up has you hitting the ball to the right instead of straight…then you go out and hit fades all day…
  • Shirtless golf.  Yes, we had a shirtless golfer sighting out there today.  Seriously, put a damn shirt on.  Why is it always the guy with more hair than muscle on his body that goes shirtless at the most inappropriate times.  Sir, here’s a checklist.  Times when you wear no shirt: When you are completely in private and not even your dog can see that Persian rug you are growing.  Times you wear a shirt: Every other moment of your life, and especially on the damn golf course.
  • Random heavy watering on the par 5, 7th hole today turned it into a swamp.  The guys were not to pleased to smoke drives down the middle of the easiest birdie hole on the golf course and have to play their approaches out of the everglades.  Apparently the trick was to hit a huge accidental fade that barely stays in bounds.  Then you have a nice dry landing area to hit out of of 🙂
  • Great greens fees, $27 weekday, $34 weekend walking.

Course Review Date: 4/7/2012
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre

When you get a text at 11pm that says,”Dude, let’s play early as hell tomorrow, where can we play?” you know a real curve ball is coming your way.  We’re in a batch of good weather in Seattle and that means tee sheets are overflowed with hibernating golfers coming our of their caves to lose a dozen or so Nike Mojo’s at their local municipal.  The late night tee time search lead us to an Echo Falls 7:03 tee time at an ok price of $40 for a Saturday morning.  However, waking up to a significant frost delay really sent us scrambling.  Who wants to wait around 2 hours tee off?  A random call to Snohomish turned out to be the brilliant idea of the day as they had no frost delay and space to get us on at 7:20am.  Saturday morning tee time, 30 minutes after we call, and no frost delay?  Well played Snohomish.

It’s April and Snohomish is a sentimental play for us anyways as we started this little website 2 years ago this month after a round at Snohomish.  To their credit, they really seem to have transformed the conditions at their golf course since that day and minus that just downright wrong 240 yard par 3 on the front 9, it’s a fun and scoreable track at a pretty good price.  Its punch season at most courses and Snohomish had just punched 2 or 3 days prior to our tee time.  Never fun to putt on punched greens, however for just punching 3 days ago I thought they were pretty darn good.  The sand had settled in pretty well and while not putting on a pool table we only had a couple moments where we cursed the punched greens for sending a ball sideways.

I know over the past couple years they have put a lot of work in, trimming trees to allow more light to hit the greens but I was most surprised with how dry it played.  There were only two holes on the golf course where we hit any muck, and considering the amount of rainfall we have had recently, that was a very pleasant surprise.  When we had booked Echo Falls I though, “eh, going to be a swamp, but what the heck.”  To be treated to a drive that bounced and a fairly firm fairway to hit out of was fantastic.  It’s just the start of the season but I think at the price, Snohomish is going to be a solid play this summer as the conditions get drier and drier.

A shoutout and thank you to Kyle and the staff at Snohomish that are always so friendly and welcoming.  Oh, and one more note, while delicious, do not eat the Wilbur breakfast sandwich before your round. Whew…that thing is evil….and sooooo good. rating: 18/25
Customer Service: 4.5
Condition of Greens: 3
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 3
Amenities: 3.5

Rating Notes:
Very friendly group of folks run this place.  Kind of like the Cheers of golf courses.
– 3 days after punching and they appear to be recovering nicely.  We’ll see what the summer brings.
– Very clean course and the work they have done over the past couple years is noticeable.
– Average municipal prices, not to high and the golf is worth the price.
– Grass driving range, two good putting greens and a very tasty homestyle restaurant/snack shack.  Only thing I am not a fan of is the location of one of the putting greens.  I still have nightmares about the snap hook drive I almost ate off the 4th tee a year ago.

Course Review Date: 10.9.2011
Course Reviewers: JR Falkenhagen w/Dane Odden

The 2011 Tipped and Tucked Tournament – Tournament pictures at the bottom

The Golfchops team was invited out to Snohomish Golf Course (SGC) on Sunday October 9th to compete in their 2011 “Tipped & Tucked,” two-man scramble tournament.  The Tipped and Tucked tournament at Snohomish is one of their signature events when they trick the golf course out to play at over 7000 yards and play to flags that are tucked in the most difficult locations on the greens.  It’s your basic weekend warrior beat down, where you have to bring a buddy just to laugh at the amazing set up.  Imagine the 20 handicapper playing the back tee’s at Chamber’s and you have an idea of what this set up at Snohomish is like.  In addition to the tournament format they included a catered lunch, an optional long drive contest, putting contest and skins game.  There were also some nice payouts for gross/net scores for high and low handicappers.

Needless to say we were up for the challenge!  We have not played in many two man scramble formats, which is a little tougher then a four man scramble for obvious reasons.  There is a bit more pressure to pick each other up as you only have two shots to score. Plus, each player is required to contribute at least 3 drives and 3 second shots, so the pressure mounts if you get off to a slow start!

After firing off some time at the range (which was included in the tournament fees) we headed to the practices green and eavesdropped on some of the chatter between the gents that are a part Snohomish’s men’s club.  Our bit of intel uncovered the fact that the greens were cut the night before and cut and rolled again on the morning.  Sounded like we had some pace to get after out there.  Snohomish also appears to have a very strong men’s club following that were very welcoming to us. Good company makes it easier to enjoy such a challenging course set up.

We started the tournament on the longest Par 3 (Hole #8) on the course playing over 230+ yards with an elevated tee box and an audience to back it up.  I pegged my ball into the tee box that was marked with pumpkins (see photo).  All the tee boxes were marked with pumpkins as the tee box markers.  I thought that was a nice touch!  I took a few practice swings which felt pretty good.  I took a decent cut with my 5-wood and proceeded to pull it left dead center into a tree.  Not a good way to start, but I was able to get a few laughs out of it!  HA!  My team mate though proceeded to flush one down the center just short of the green and off we went!  Did I mention he is a low handicapper.  The first rule of a scramble…make sure your partner is better than you!

Throughout the day we were continually challenged with epically long Par 3’s and even longer Par 4’s and 5’s. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever used my 3 iron more in a round, but that’s what makes this format so fun.  You certainly have to be accurate off the tee box since most if not all the fairways are lined with trees.  Getting loose in this format could lead to some serious big numbers.  With the pins tucked in the tightest possible locations and speeds all juiced up, putting was serious challenge out there as well.  Even trying to play an approach at the stick you would have to consider bunkering, trees, tiers, etc.  Ultra tough challenge on the short game.

No question we will be playing in this tournament again next year!  It was INSANE!  After a valiant effort and a handful of missed opportunities we finished +1, missing a nice birdie opportunity on the 550+ yard, par 5, #7, to kick it back to an even round.

A big thanks to the Snohomish Golf Course staff and Kyle Jacobsen for hosting us and putting on an excellent and unique event!

Here’s a link to the results from the tournament:

Review Date: 11/13/10  (See Pictures Below)

Late April of 2010 brought us to Snohomish Golf Course and our first real taste of how rough of a winter some of the Western Washington golf courses had. Snohomish’s greens were in dire shape, we weren’t expecting it and it lead to a terrible round for our foursome and frankly a scathing review from our website. Snohomish GC reached out to the team and invited us to give them another run, and we were happy to oblige. A little pre-round research and we were able to discover that they had been doing a lot of work to recover the greens. Their Facebook page even features a winter improvement video series showing some of the improvements being made. We’ll touch on that later, let’s get on to the review.

If you’re heading out to Snohomish and you’re not a regular player out there, make sure you bring the GPS as it can be pretty tough to find. Prime time winter rate is $29 which isn’t bad, pretty much the norm for a muni at this time of year. Practice facilities are pretty solid featuring 2 putting greens, a separate chipping area, and a grass tee driving range. November and a grass tee driving range are a pretty rare combination in Western Washington so even though we chunked the first one and splatter painted ourselves with mud we enjoyed the surprise. We noted this in our previous review, but if you are using the lower putting green make sure to keep your head on a swivel for golfers on hole #4.  A snap hook off that tee box could end your day real quick.

As we got through the first couple holes out there it was obvious that the course, specifically the greens, were in much better shape than they were 7 month ago. The areas of dirt and sand that had really had taken hold were no longer visible and the only thing you could see were ball marks and remnants of fall punching. The ball rolled well and speed was consistent. Obviously given the amount of rain in the past week the speed wasn’t quick but it was good for winter play. This would be the theme for the whole round really. This brings us to another topic which is the drainage at Snohomish GC. It had really poured a lot at night this week and we were surprised at how well the course played given the amount of water. A couple spots on tee boxes were a bit soggy but we only took casual water relief once the whole round. All things considered it felt like we were playing a different course than we did 7 months ago.

For a beginner or high handicap player this would be a solid and safe track to come out and play. There are some wide fairways to shoot at and not a tremendous amount of trouble out there. Trees line the majority of the fairways, and there are only a couple of holes where water is in play.Also the people playing the course we’re all pretty friendly and 3 separate groups offered to let our twosome play through. The biggest playing challenge out there seems to be undulation on the fairways. The majority of holes play pretty straight forward, but there are a lot of side lies waiting.  A lower handicap player should take note on club selection to avoid approach shots where the ball is above or below their feet.

Our favorite hole is the finishing hole at Snohomish, a 541 yard par 5, from the blues that doglegs to the right. A solid drive gives you the option of going after it with a 3 wood but you would have to crush it to get it there. A tidy layup give you a wedge in and a chance for a birdie putt. It’s an excellent risk/reward finishing hole.

Altogether it ended up being a great day for golf at course that played really well. Improvements and work on the course are obvious and the staff cares about delivering a quality product to its customers. Nice work Snohomish Golf Course on recovering your greens and having a very enjoyable course again. We’d like to thank Kyle and the staff at Snohomish Golf Course for having us out to play. We’ll be back soon….especially this winter if the course plays this well when wet. rating: 18/25
Customer Service: 4
Condition of Greens: 3.5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 3
Amenities: 3.5

Rating Notes:
 Proshop staff was friendly with us at check in and we had a good talk about course maintenance, greens health, etc.
– What a difference 7 months can make!  Nice work Snohomish.  No dead spots, just a few ball marks here and there.
– Obvious that a lot of maintenance and work is going on here.  There’s even equipment off the side of one of the greens.
– $29 primetime rate for a municipal in Western Washington is pretty standard.
– Grass driving range in November was great.  Two putting greens and a chpping area.  Small proshop.

Review Date: 4/27/2010
12 of their 18 greens are dead and are unplayable. Proshop makes no mentoin of this and still charges full price. Large patches of dirt, bumps, sand chunks, a mess. Should be playing on temps or atleast advising their customers of the situation. Made a post on their blog about it, which they filtered, they only added a note about their greens being “in recovery” and about a guy shooting 68 there the other day. Here’s the link to the blog:…/ I don’t know about that 68, but my foursome took auto-2 putts on over half the greens and won’t be heading back. rating: 06/25
Customer Service: 1
Condition of Greens: 0
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 1
Value: 2
Amenities: 2

Rating Notes:
 Can’t compliment the customer service when they don’t mention the dead greens.
– A herd of elk could trample the greens and they wouldn’t be any worse.
– No sprinkler system so its like playing off of concrete in the summer.
– $2 greens fees would have been too expensive,
– Driving range is ok, but the putting green is right next to the #4 tee box so snap hooked drives will missle right next to you. Not pleasant to almost die during your warm up. Twice.

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