Rogue Valley Country Club

2660 Hillcrest Road
Medford, Oregon 97504
(541) 772-5965

Course Review Date – 9/21/2010 (one picture below)

The team was sent on a mission by our day jobs employer to play in a fundraiser for Southern Oregon University at Rogue Valley Country Club in Medford, Oregon.  Get flown out by the company to shake hands, play golf at a private country club, and drink free booze?  Don’t mind if we do!  This was a monstrous tournament put on by the Lithia Automotive Group that featured 72, 5 person teams and raised somewhere around 150k for the university.  It was a heck of an event and did we mention…there was free booze?

Rogue Valley had recently hosted the Southern Oregon Championship and we heard before the tournament that the greens were lightening quick for it. Unfortunately, when we got there we discovered they had been punched about two weeks prior.  Putting turned out to be a struggle all day and in a scramble, when putting is the most important part of the game it was a bit frustrating.  There were many putts that hit bumps, divots, pieces of sand, etc that just diverted off of their original line.  We talked to others at the tournament that had played the course before and they said that normally the greens are excellent, so just a little bad timing I guess.

At check-in we received a Nike Storm Proof jacket, a $25 Nike Gift Card to be redeemed at a Nike store they had set up in the club house, a new golf towel, and a new golf club….and they we still giving us free booze.  Down to the driving range we went where they had the cool pyramids of range balls set up at each station.  They had us on mats which were not huge fans of, but in a 72 team tournament we can understand why you don’t want your range getting hammered by the crowd.  The course featured a couple different putting and chipping areas, which were also recently punched.  Nothing to over the top, but what you would expect from a nice country club.

The course itself is a 27 hole championship caliber facility that was design by H. Chandler Egan, who also designed our local West Seattle Golf Course.  It does have that old world feel to it similar to what we saw at Tacoma Country Club, just not quite that money in our opinion.  We thought it was going to play fairly narrow but you can actually get around this track ok if you are not throwing darts out there.  There’s a touch of water and some trees, but nothing that really stood out and said “do not hit it here.”  For the most part a rocket ball the wrong way would either find a different holes’ fairway or someone’s back yard.  Our apologies to the older gentleman who house took the brunt of a sprayed hybrid on #8.  With some solid greens this place would be a blast to play.  Overall it was a great experience at a really solid course.  The team (two of us, playing with 3 others) managed to shoot a respectable  -10.  We left a couple frustrating putts out there but came in 7th out of 72 teams. -15 took home the win. rating: 21.5/25
Customer Service: 3.5
Condition of Greens: 3.5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 5
Value: 5
Amenities:  4.5

Rating Notes:
 Nothing too over the top but everyone we encountered was friendly and accommodating.
– As mentioned the punched greens were choppy, but we have heard this is far from the norm so they get a bit of a pass on this one.
– Course was in excellent shape as you would expect from what appears to be a high end country club.
– Hmmm…no idea on the guest fees but we hit range balls all day, played free golf and drank free beer.  How could it not be a five?  In reality this course will cost some bucks if you have to play to play.
–  Nice driving range and putting areas.  Beautiful club house and facilities in general.  Nice place for sure.

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