Redmond Ridge Golf Course (Trilogy)

11825 Trilogy Parkway NE
Redmond, WA 98053

Course Review Date – 3/18/2012
Course Reviewer – Ian Favre

Weird weird weird.  In a new PR move for the Oki Golf team, they advertised a free day on March 11th at all their course except for Coal Creek.  All tee times had to be booked online, no sooner than 7 days in advance.  What’s that mean?  Well, it means that hundreds of area golfers including myself went online on Saturday at midnight to hook themselves up with some free golf.  Maybe I was being a cynic, but “too good to be true” was crossing my mind and poof, we all crashed their website.  The funny part of that is I just attempted to go to Oki’s website to post my score from today’s round and all their websites are down again.  Someone call tech support, stat.  Too Oki’s credit, after the website fail they followed up with the Golfchops team and offered us a round at any of their courses.  Being close to home and way to expensive in the summer we chose a little diddy at Redmond Ridge aka Trilogy.

How much does this winter suck?  Snow on the first tee and a blizzard on the second.  Ugh.  Freaking March 18th and we’re playing in a blizzard.  As you can tell by the pictures below the course was very very wet.  The ultra tough 3rd hole, which is the number one handicap hole on the course was just impossible with all the water.  The cart path was completely washed out and the water hazard on the left was swollen into the fairway.  That was the worst of it though and even though the course was soaking wet it played pretty darn well.  There clearly wasn’t going to be any roll on a drive, but we didn’t encounter any major plugged lies that required digging to get your ball free.  The greens were slow, but we tee’d off in a freaking blizzard…what can you expect?

As for memorable holes, the previously mentioned Par 5, 3rd hole is one of those golf holes makes me curse when I walk on the tee box.  Long, narrow, and dangerous, if you’re not straight you’re either on the driving range or in the drink.  The 4th is your average, over water, short par 3, but the wedding venue on the right adds a nice touch oi the summer.  I watched a guy on the 4th tee get boo’d last year by a huge group of wedding go’ers (me included) when he splashed his tee shot in the water.  How much would that suck?  You’re a single, playing twilight…you pull the corner and 100 people are seated watching you tee off. Ha!

General Summary:  Always liked this place even though it usually gives me the business.  Greens we’re in solid shape for the winter, it played pretty good for as wet as it was and the GPS in the carts is a nice, high end touch.  The tough part is the price tag.  $100 in the summer is just ridiculous.  I know it’s in the middle of Redmond and a better than average course, but whew, $100 is $100.  You can do a muni for $40, get a dozen balls, a fifth of liquer for your bag and have lunch at Dicks for that price.

A big thank you to the Oki Golf Marketing folks for reaching out to us and dialing us in to play at Redmond Ridge.  Another very enjoyable round at a great facility.

Course Review Date – 6/25/2011
Course Reviewer – Jason

A good friend’s Bachelor Party got me out to Redmond Ridge against my wallet’s better judgment.  When I first got the request to play Redmond Ridge the first thing I did was check the Oki website for the current summer rate and I was greeted with the sum of $92 plus tax.  Having played this course a number of times over the past few years I knew that the value rating of the review was going to drop. Don’t get me wrong I am more than willing to pay a premium price for golf but it has to be a premium golf course to warrant the price.  In my opinion Redmond Ridge is a solid track with better than average greens but in no way does it warrant it’s $92 ($99.91 after tax) greens fees.

The next issue was the price of range balls. If the $92 green fee wasn’t a slap in the face then the $6 small bucket of 30 balls is. Once we got to the practice area I rolled a few putts on the green which is great. It’s very large and has a ton of holes that offer every putt you can think of.  They also have a chipping green and practice bunker. The chipping green was fine but the practice bunker was in very poor shape with hard compact sand and a large puddle of water at the bottom.

As mentioned in Ian’s reviews below the course is narrow and if you struggle off the tee you’ll be adding the price of lost balls to the already hefty $105.91 tab. The course offers some of the better greens I’ve played this summer. They rolled great and held well placed shots. The course itself is in good shape with nothing standing out good or bad. rating: 17/25

Customer Service: 4
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 0
Amenities: 3

 Rating Notes:

-Staff was friendly.  All the Marshalls repeatedly thanked us for playing there.
-Greens in great shape and roll fast and true.
-Course was in good shape.
-$100 after tax for green fees is a joke if you ask me.  You can The Home Course or Kayak Point for half the price and the courses are better.
-Putting green and range a good but the practice bunker needs help ASAP! $6 for a small bucket is a slap in the face.

Course Review Date – 02/19/2011
Course Reviewer – Ian

Knowing I was playing Redmond Ridge I took a look at the previous review I wrote and sighed.  Harzard, harzard, and then possibly a hazard or two.  Redmond Ridge is a dangerous track if you are spraying it around so we took some extra range time before we tee’d off and hoped for the best.  We were greeted by an hour and twenty minute frost delay to keep the greens protected from the freeze, which at about 31 degrees was surely expected.  Our other curve ball was teeing off on the 3rd hole to accomidate a tournament with a shotgun start that was starting at the same time as us.  Hole #3 is argueably the best hole at Redmond Ridge and is the obvious #1 handicap hole on the course.  A 613 yard par 5 (blue tees), it plays pretty narrow the whole way down with driving range on the right and water and trees left.  Danger central really.  Marking an 8 and moving on to the next hole was a real peach.

The following hole is a 160 yard par 3 over water, with bunkers front and back.  It’s a pretty straight forward hole, but in the summer, if you catch it at the right time it can be as nerve raking of a shot as you will come across.  To the right is a clubhouse patio area where a lot of weddings take place.  I was a lucky guest at a wedding there last summer when waiting for the bride and groom a single came through to play.  80 people solely focused on watching you hit an over the water approach shot to a medium length par 3.  Challenging to say the least.  Poor guy pulled it in the bushes by the way.  The rest of the course is lined with some well layed out and very playable holes.  As noted in the previous review, most holes at Redmond Ridge play pretty straight forward and if you can hit the ball straight you have a chance at putting up a good number here. rating: 19.5/25
Customer Service: 4.5
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4.5
Value: 3
Amenities: 3.5

Rating Notes:
 Staff was very friendly, came out to the parking lot to advise us of the frost delay and giving us clear timing instructions
– Greens were in excellent shape for winter golf, a little slow, but still solid
– Course was crystal clean, impressive
– Value is challenge at Redmond Ridge as its pricey.  $59 on the weekend if you do not have an Oki card.  Spicy.
– Very nice driving range w/ grass tees. Putting green and chipping area are pretty good, nothing out of the ordinary. No beverage cart, which was a little weird since there was a tournament going.

Course Review Date – 6/06/2010

Let’s play, “How many times can you find the hazards at Redmond Ridge.” Wow they want you to be accurate at this golf course. There is basically no out of bounds here as everything is red staked, presumably to keep the pace of play good. Ok, now that the hazards comment is out there, let’s go ahead and give you the review of the golf course.

Redmond Ridge is an upscale Oki course that welcomes you with a $90 slap the wallet once you arrive. The $90 does include a cart with GPS however it’s an additional $6 for shag bag of 30 range balls. The practice facility isn’t anything out of the ordinary but the grass tees driving range is nice. Customer service staff was very friendly before the round advising us of pin location and shot specifics on some of the challenging holes. It had rained pretty significantly the night before so we hit the first tees praying we wouldn’t find a soupy mess out there.

The white tees appeared a touch short for our eyes at 6026 yards, so we went for the 6503 yard blue tees. This in the end might not have been the wisest decision on our part. Our hopes of a somewhat dry course we’re dashed pretty quickly as there was a lot of casual water out there, but the course still managed to play ok. “The Ridge” does have some very nice holes that just look good to the eye from the tee box (#14 was our favorite) and others that are just, hit a straight drive, hit a straight wedge, 2 putt and move on the next hole. The greens were kind of a ho-hum experience for us. They were a bit inconsistent in regards to speed and most showed discoloration. They were fairly smooth but at this point they appear to be a work in progress. The course itself is a hazard fest if you are not very straight all day and really that is all the course asks of you. You do not have to be a shot shaper to score well out there, just hit the ball straight and the course plays pretty straight forward. If you play here and can’t stop hitting big fades or draws, just start drinking and have fun…it’s going to be a long day. The majority of the course is lined with houses that have windows most of us cannot afford to replace. Keep that in mind if you’re not an experienced player and decide to play here. One wayward snap hook can cost you a cool $600. Overall we liked the course, even though all the hazards are annoying we see this course playing much better as we get into the summer months. rating: 16/25
Customer Service: 4.5
Condition of Greens: 3
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3
Value: 2
Amenities: 3.5

Rating Notes:
 Very friendly staff, also left two Vokey wedges on #7 which the marshal delivered. Thank you!
– Greens appear to still be in recover mode, they were smooth, but speeds were inconsistent.
– Tee boxes were oddly “furry.” At $90 a round we expected a bit more.
– $90 is a wallet dagger and likely the product of course location. We keep saying it, but The Home Course is $50 for prime time and the greens are excellent.
– Very nice driving range w/ grass tees. Putting green and chipping area are pretty ho hum. Cart girl came around alot which was nice.

Pictures from Redmond Ridge

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