Port Ludlow Golf Course

The Resort at Port Ludlow
751 Highland Drive
Port Ludlow, WA, 98365

Course Review Date – 10/06/2010  (See Pictures Below)

To give Port Ludlow a fair shake we must first address the EZ link tee time scheduling system they use.  EZ Link is a company that courses can use so that when someone calls a golf course after hours, they still get a live person to assist them.  Apparently we scheduled our 7am tee time through them, but were later called back by the course themselves and advised out tee time was moved back to 7:27am to await more day light.  We hit the parking lot about 10 after 7 and found a ghost town.  Not a single car in the lot.  We called the pro shop, which with no one there to answer the phone was routed to EZ Links again.  EZ links told us we were at the wrong pro shop and that Port Ludlow had two.  Back in the car we went attempting to find the mysterious second pro shop, but alas, there is only one stinking pro shop at Port Ludlow my friends.   The pro shop finally opened at 7:35, which was about 10 minutes after our tee time.  Here’s where the story gets really interesting.

EZ Links told us that Port Ludlow had punched their greens two and half weeks ago and that they were playing great!  Ummm…not so much.  Of the 27 holes that Port Ludlow Golf Course has, 9 of them have been closed for a couple years apparently.  Another 9, called the Timber Course was being punched today and we could not play it.  The other 9, the Tide Course, had been punched yesterday and was the only 9 we could play.  The problem with that being that no one had punched holes or put flags out yet.  We were advised that there would be a 20 minute wait, on top of our initial wait just to get to the first tee.  Needless to say, we had never experienced a “check-in” at a golf course like this in our lives.

Finally we get to some golf where we were being allowed to play the Tide Course twice for our full 18 holes of golf.  Given our auspicious start we said, “what the hell, let’s play from the tips,” which usually isn’t a wise decision for two 14 handicaps.  Playing the tips wasn’t too lethal for the Tide Course and came in at a touch over 6700 yards for 18.  After we had pumped a couple tee shots out there we waiting for a few minutes while the grounds crew finished dragging sand and putting a flag in the hole.  Never had to wait in the fairway for a flag to be place by the grounds crew before.  This is a theme that would continue for the first 9 we played.  Our twosome and the grounds crew in a race for who can get there first.  We generally won this battle (see picture below).  All of the greens were completely covered in sand…completely.  However, we must note that for greens that looked like a total sandbox they rolled pretty damn well.  It wasn’t a bumpy hot mess out there, rather a very smooth, thick layer of very fine sand.

For the 9 we played we were actually impressed.  In it’s prime season this place appears to be a very nice golf course (at least this nine) and a challenging one.  Anything more than a tiny miss out here and you are in a world of hurt.  Houses, trees, and water greet you in almost every situation.  It’s the kind of course where you can have a pretty good ball striking day, miss about 5 shots total, and you lost a ball on every miss.  Do not come out here with a dozen ProV1’s unless you’re a single digit handi or your wallet will not be happy.  We really enjoyed the design of the 9 we got to play.  Lot’s of elevated tee boxes and dangerous approaches.  The Tide Course is a thinking players course.  Yeah, you can whack away with a driver out there, but should you?

To be fair, we’re going to take a pass on giving this course an official golfchops.com score.  We’ll just add a few notes and take a pass until we can play the full 18, without the sandbox effect.

Golfchops.com rating: NONE AT THIS TIME
Customer Service:
Condition of Greens:
“Perceived” maintenance level of course:

Rating Notes:
 Customer service was not good at all.  Very unorganized, somewhat aloof, and one greens keeper guy who was flat out unpleasant as if we were an inconvienence to him.  Did encounter another employee on the course (green titleist hat) that was very friendly and extremely apologetic.
– Greens were all sand.  No idea how they are day to day at this time.
– Maintenance – Taking a pass on this one.
– This place is a bit pricey, but no idea what we are getting for out money at this time.  Taking another pass.
– Had a very large putting green and a solid driving range.

One thought on “Port Ludlow Golf Course

  1. I played here in september and loved it. Was able to play all 18. The back 9 (whichever it course it was ) was the better 9’s I think. Greens were recently punched, but sand didn’t affect putts too much for me either. I will definitely be back.

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