Oregon Golf Club

25700 S.W. Pete’s Mountain Road
West Linn, OR 97068

Course Review Date: 01.26.2011
Course Reviewer – Ian

The start of our Seattle to Bandon Dunes mission led us to The Oregon Golf club in West Linn to take in 18 holes of private country club golf and pick up the golfchops.com professional Matt Favre. Unfortunately, our arrival in West Linn was greeting with a fog that rolled in out of Steven King movie. Visibility was about 50 yards on every hole and we only played one hole where we could see the pin from the tee box. On the bright side, when can’t see any of the dangers out in front of you, you really don’t get hung up on a swing thought of “don’t hit it right,” or “watch out for the water left.”

One of the highlights of this club that we must mention is its spectacular club house. Beautiful! The men’s locker room has a bar and food service in it and is larger than the majority of clubhouses you’ll find at local course. That’s just the men’s lockers room. Just using the restroom I thought I was in the swanky living room from a demo manufactured home or something.

Reviewing the course is a tough one because the fog was so darn thick we could barely see it. I can saw that for late January the greens we in fantastic shape. They had a very thick and extreme green look to them. They all rolled exceptionally well and you would be hard pressed to find ball marks or discoloration on them. The course itself presents a lot of challenging with tee shot placement, undulating fairways, and thick rough. With the fog we had the ‘hit and pray’ tee shot theory going, but even a perfectly stripped drive can find a side-hill or uphill lie.

We’d like to note some of our favorite holes and rave about the breathtaking views of Mt. Hood and the Willamette Valley, but unfortunately we could see any. We’ll take a pass on adding a golfchops.com score to the club until we can see it while we play.  A big thank you to the Oregon Golf Club staff for giving us the chance to check out their club!

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