Nike Machspeed Black

The Nike Machspeed Black is another driver advertised to have optimal aerodynamics to generate as much club speed as possible and in turn allow you to tear the cover off the ball.  The Machspeed also features adjustability to the face angle to generate a golfers preferred ball flight.  Nike’s website goes as far as to say the adjustability will “help correct some of the most devastating hooks and slices.”
Reviewer: Ian
Club Name:  Nike Machspeed Black
Club Specs: Mitsu Fubuki S, 50g


Longest Drive: 264
Average Drive Distance: 261.7
Average Ball Speed: 145.6
Average Swing Speed: 100 Score:  25/25
Look:   5/5
Sound:   5/5
Feel:   5/5
Distance:   5/5
Accuracy:   5/5

Reviewer: Jason
Club Name: Nike Machspeed Black
Club Specs: Mitsu Fubuki S, 50g


Longest Drive: 277.6
Average Drive Distance: 247.6
Average Ball Speed: 150.7
Average Ball Speed: 104 Score: 20/25
Look:  4/5
Sound:  4/5
Feel:  4/5
Distance:  4/5
Accuracy:  4/5

Reviews Feedback:

Ian – A few months back I had the opportunity to buy one of these for half off at the Nike employee store in Beaverton. Having never hit the club I decided that might not be the best idea and now after the demo, I am kicking myself for that bone headed decision. 5 drives, virtually the same exact distance on the same exact line. Yeah, that will work just fine. It was so easy too…felt like I was hitting a 7 iron and buttering it. Being primarily a Taylormade guy for years now, I have to give Nike credit for some of their latest offerings. I had a lot of success with the Dymo from 2009 and now I’m just twitching to put this in the bag.

Jason – Good looking club that performed ok for me.  It felt light but very controlled. I was able to keep this one on my target line almost every time which for me is huge!

Pro Golf Discount Price: $299.99
MSRP: $360

Pictures of the Nike Machspeed Black:

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2 thoughts on “Nike Machspeed Black

  1. Just bought this driver, Tested R11 and Ping G20, Hands down the machspeed was long, not as long as the G20 but more accurate and had a buttery feeling, not to mention the look of the driver gave me a since of ” oh yeah “…. when i took it to Maplewood GC range, I bombed it over the net constantly 6 times in a row!!!!!! when i slowed down it reached a bit above halfway point in the net, and where all accurate… it!!!!!

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