Mount Si Golf Course

9010 Boalch Ave SE
Snoqualmie, WA, 98065

Course Review Date: 4/21/2012
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre
Pictures Below

The first 70 degree day of 2012 equals some crazy packed tee sheets across the Northwest.  Wanting to sample something new (to me at least) we ended up at Mount Si golf course, up I-90, past Snoqualmie Casino (which is where we should have gone instead) and near North Bend.  Mount Si is a track that appears to be basically laid out in a pasture at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.  Not that it would be a concern today, but it seemed like the kind of place that would be a swamp in the winter, but I’ve heard that it actually drains pretty well and plays respectable during the mucky months.

Check in was pretty standard for a busy Saturday at the golf course, but I didn’t notice the receipt until after I walked outside towards the driving range.  $54 for a round and medium bucket in April?  At a course that’s only 6200 yards from the tips?  Rip Off.  They have no right to charge that much to play here.  Absurd.  Not that I’m bitter or anything 🙂  Driving range is pretty solid…lots of spaces, ok mats, nothing out of the ordinary or special to report.  Putting green is fairly small but so is the golf course so they match each other well.  Pictures of the driving range and putting green are featured below.

On to the golf course where the first tee box is literally in the proshop.  Seriously, the teeing ground is backed up right to the window of the proshop.  They could darn near open the window, reach out and grab the club in my back swing.  After chopping through a couple holes this golf course establishes a theme that continues for all 18 holes.  First, the greens are tiny little postage stamp style targets.  I wasn’t expecting such a precision driven round of golf coming my way, but whew, these greens are tiny.  Because of this there is very little bunkering or green side protection to worry about out there.  The greens are all the same; small, very slightly elevated so the ball won’t hold around the fringe and bumpy.  Very bumpy.  The greens had obviously been punched a while ago, but seemed to be all recovered.  Yet, they hadn’t been smoothed or mowed recently so you had two different lengths of grass going.  Where ever there was plug scars, the grass was a little bit shorter.  The problems with this?  The ball goes all over the damn place when you putt.  It wobbles, it dives left, it dives right, etc.  It was very reminiscent of watching Plinko on The Price is Right.  Frankly, I did not enjoy myself on the greens one bit.

The second very common theme at Mount Si is narrow driving holes.  It’s not a very forgiving golf course at all and slight pulls or blocks that might be ok at another golf course, say Chamber’s or The Home Course for example, are in the trees or on another hole at Mount Si.  Hit it straight and you don’t have a problem I guess but just something to note.  The last thing, and easily the most random is super wasted golfers at noon at Mt Si. We’re on the 17th teebox trying hit our tee shots into a 203 yard par three and we had a group to the side of us screaming across the golf course to the cart girl, “Beer Me! Beer Me!”  Now hey, I had a few barley pops out there on the links, but shouting at the top of your lungs across the golf course for beer service is only going to get someone angry.  And when you do it at the top of my back swing, that someone is going to be me.  Jeans on the golf course, beer belly, shouting for beer service….(insert deep sigh).  We saw a few course marshals out there, but I guess these guys hadn’t tripped their radar yet.

On a positive note, the golf course did seem very friendly to ladies and we saw more women playing out there than we have anywhere else.  That said, I don’t see myself returning here unless the conditions of the greens improve and the greens fees are dropped to a much more appropriate $35. Rating:   11/25
Customer Service – 3

Condition of Greens – 1
Perceived maintenance level of course – 3
Value – 1
Amenities – 3

Rating Notes:
– Nothing to report on customer service.  Average day at the track.
– Sorry Mount Si, but I hated the greens.  Small greens are fine, when they are in good shape.  But a bumpy hot mess was not welcomed.  Cut and roll those things….especially when you have a full tee sheet.
– Rest of the golf course seemed in good shape, minus the greens.
– $54 for a medium bucket and a round…in April? Shut the front door.  Way way way over priced.  Classic example of why less and less people play the game every year.  No one in their right mind should pay that much to play here.
– Solid restaurant and food services, cart service a couple times out there, although a double Vodka tonic was $14!

Pictures from Mount Si Golf Course

Course Review Date – 8/3/2010 contributor – Victor Litz – Handicap 17

Let’s just start with the fact that the backdrop at this course is the Cascade Mountains and is beautiful.  Roll up to the first hole and you see a fairway as green as can be and pretty straight shot to the green and about 353 yards away, not a bad way to start the round.  (Hit it right down the middle of the fairway) So we finish 9 holes in about 2 hours and I just can’t complain, the front 9 was fun and had a couple challenging holes, dog legs seem to the theme here, which I feel challenges any golfer.  What I didn’t like is that the greens seemed to be lined with grass bunkers instead of sand, just doesn’t make sense to me, just put in sand!  Yes I did have to hit out of a couple but it wasn’t nearly as challenging as hitting out of a sand trap.

So then the back 9 starts out with a 300 yard par 4, looks drivable from the tee but if it wasn’t for the pro shop tip to layup I would have put it right into a creek with long grass.  You lay up about 20 yards from the green, just a 4 iron, that green is the only green which I didn’t like, very small and just didn’t have a green feeling to me, almost like it was put together last minute other then that the greens were green as could be and a bit hard from the dry weather and were very fast.  I would like to mention that it took just about 45 minutes to finish the first 2 holes on the back 9, just didn’t have very good speed of play, lots of foursomes then a couple twosomes, they don’t seem to fill up the tee times like most other courses do and it really did seem to slow down the round.  So after starting at 4:30 we got through 13 holes and well then the rain came, remembered that I was in the Cascade foothills and the cloud just didn’t budge.  We got rained out after 12, I do recommend checking the foothills forecast before playing, it can easily ruin your round and from the looks of it, this course doesn’t seem to hold rain very well.  All and all it’s a fun course with some challenging holes and if you are ok driving about 45 minutes from the Redmond/Woodinville area then I think you should go.  Twilight fee with a cart is 36 bucks or 22 to walk which I think is worth it but the full price on the weekend is a bit steep 49 on the weekend to walk and 63 dollars on the weekend to ride, just a bit to high for this course.

Golfchops Contributor Rating:  16/25

Customer Service – 4 (thanks for the tip on 10)
Condition of Greens – 4
Perceived maintenance level of course – 3
Value – 2
Amenities – 3
Extra Points:  great twilight rate, driving range and restaurant on site, course was green as could be and seemed to be in great shape, putting green was ok along with range


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