Meridian Valley Country Club

24830 136th Avenue SE
Kent, WA 98042
(253) 631-3133

Review Date – 07/28/2010 Pro Matt Favre is playing in the Taylormade TP Classic at Meridian Valley CC on July 29 so we lucked in to a practice round with him. Right out of the gate the staff is extremely friendly, waiting for you at bag drop and giving you instructions on where to go next. Assistant pro inside introduces himself and welcomes you to his course. “No tee times here so the range is that way, the first tee is that way, there’s a cart, play all you want and have a blast!” Thank you sir, don’t mind if we do! Stop one, ice cold beverages at the perfectly placed snack bar. Stop two the driving range. Nice pile of Taylormade range balls awaiting us with lots of targets to shoot at. Stop three is the putting green which surprisingly wasn’t rolling very fast. This was a steep contrast to Tacoma Country and Golf Club where even the top dressed greens were lightening quick. Perfect! Let’s play golf!

Right away you can tell that this course has character and with a 72.9 rating from the blues you know it’s going to be a challenge. The front nine was very interesting. The greens were surprisingly pretty slow for what we were expecting. It had been pretty cloudy all morning and they were likely growing them a touch long before double cutting and rolling them for the tournament. But still, this place hosted an LPGA tour event for some time so the speed was pretty surprising. Also, does no one fix their ball marks on the greens out here? Matt and I were shocked that most of the day we had to go “make one fix 3.” The front nine also delights you with the #1 handicap hole, the Par 4, 426 yard hole #5. Tough as nails to say the least and a beyond perfect drive is needed. Trees left, trees right, and a tree in the fairway on the left. It was a great looking golf hole regardless of the quad that went on the scorecard after playing it (the first 18 at least).

The back nine is when things get really interesting, especially with the sun finally showing up to the party.> Never in my golfing life have I seen greens change so much so quickly. From soft and slow to firm and quick in no time. All of a sudden we are blowing every putt 10 feet past the cup and the little benders from 6 feet are total knee knockers. The back 9 is also where we encountered some significantly slow play in front of us from a 3-some of walking gentlemen. Now, call us crazy, but is it not golf etiquette to let a two-some in a cart play through a 3-some on foot? The gentleman in front us refused to let us play through and played a 3 hour back nine. It totally felt like the “you don’t belong at my club” cold shoulder, and it was pretty disappointing. The kicker was no course marshal to push them along or say something. Very poor form gentleman.

In summary, this is a very nice modern course that with some fast and firm greens provides one heck of a challenge. The layout and use of undulation to make the course even tougher was excellent and we really had a great time out there, even with the terrible pace of play. Our many thanks to the Meridian Valley staff for letting us check out and review their course. rating: 19.5/25
Customer Service: 4
Condition of Greens: 3
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 4
Amenities: 4.5

Rating Notes:
 Golf course staff was extremely friendly and courteous.  No course marshal to ensure a good pace was a tragic misstep.
– Disappointed in the greens a bit.  Speeds were inconsistent and you would think that people at a pretty darn prestigious private country club would repair their ball marks better.
– Course was in excellent shape all around.  Beautiful layout and views, maintenance was good.  If the maintenance of the greens was better it would have been a perfect score.
– Tough to say here as we are not sure what the guest fee at the club is.  It’s not going to be cheap, but this is quality golf so we are going with a 4 by default.
– Beautiful driving range with nice Taylormade practice balls; excellent putting green areas; perfectly place beer/snack bar, didn’t see a practice bunker or specific chipping area.

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