Meadow Park Golf Course

7108 Lakewood Drive West
Tacoma, WA 98467

Course Review Date – 4/23/2011
Course Reviewer: Ian

Finally had the opportunity to one play golf in the sunshine (sweet!) and two, get 18 in at Meadow Park Golf Course in South Tacoma.  Seriously, if you didn’t play golf today you missed an exceptional day to be on the links.  From the looks of the parking lot when we left, we certainly were not the only ones who had the same brilliant idea.  Where were you in January you sissies!!?  Ok, uncalled for…but still fun.

First thing that I will note about Meadow Park is that they have an excellent practice facility.  MP features good sized putting green, a similar chipping green, and a good driving range with plenty of targets.  It’s all framed in really well.  You don’t have to walk more than 10 feet to go from driving range, to chipping green, to putting green.  Brand spanking new range balls to boot. I was liking what I was seeing.

Out on the links I couldn’t have been more delighted to actually see my first tee shot run out after I hit the ball.  I’m actually still tingling just thinking about how awesome it was to see drives bounce and roll forward in the fairway for once.  Quick side note, you ever do one of those online fitting gigs for balls or clubs? They ask, “how far do you normally hit a drive,” then “how far with roll.”  I always laugh…with roll?  Are you kidding me?  Have you ever played golf in Seattle? Ok fine, 250 yard on the fly and 248 with roll.  Fit that!

For all 18 holes Meadow Park played really firm and dry.  I was surprised how firm the greens were since it had rained during the past week at times, and pretty much nonstop for the past 7 months.  All the greens were in excellent shape and I rarely found a ball mark that needed some extra love.  South Tacoma municipal golf course and there were barely any ball marks….I know, I still can’t believe it.  Meadow Park isn’t over long but challenges you with tee shot placement, fairly narrow fairways and trees.  Realistically you could get away with playing driver only on the par 5’s and manage to still make a solid score. Minus the lack of Meadow Park selling any beer or having a restaurant this place is excellent. rating: 17.5/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3
Value: 4.5
Amenities: 3

Rating Notes:
 Service was average.  After we paid they forgot to put our twosome in the men’s club list, wanted to send us out as a 5-some.  Marshalls roll up on you when hitting shots in the fairway….well, one it particular numerous times.
– Greens were in excellent shape, firm, pretty quick and very smooth.  Me likey.
– Course was in good shape, but hitting off thumped and weathered range mats on a Par 3 and a Par 4 on the back sucked.
– $36 for prime time Saturday is solid.
–  Practice facility is solid, but no restaurant and beer sales was a downer.
Course Review Date – 6/20/2010
Course Reviewer: Jason

Meadow Park has something for every golfer in the south sound area. They feature an 18-hole course, a 9-hole par 3 course, covered driving range, chipping green, and large multi tear putting green. We have played this course many times over the past 6 month and the customer service is always great. The clubhouse staff is friendly and informative and wait staff in the grill is always spot-on. Speaking of the grill the food is very good (We recommend the club sandwich). The 18-hole course measures in at 6,145 yards and is a par 71. In the winter months the course stays dry and firm especially when compared to other Puget Sound courses. In the spring and summer the greens roll very quick and are in very good shape. My favorite stretch of holes is 12 – 15. 12 is a 340 yard par 4 with a steep drop in the middle of the fairway. The great thing about this hole is it gives you choices, lay up short of the hill and leave yourself a long second into a small turtle shell-like green or hit driver to the bottom of the hill and risk leaving yourself an awkward downhill lie out of the rough. 13 is a 160 yard par 3 with a large crevice between yourself and the green so you better club-up. 14 keeps the crevice in play with a fairway that shoots out to the right. You better be able to hit a fade otherwise you’ll end up in the woods. 15 is a drivable par 4 but at 275 yards straight uphill your tee shot is blind to a small green so be careful. Overall Meadow Park is a great golf facility that has a lot to offer. The practice area and range are great, the course is dry and firm, the greens are good, and the staff is friendly. rating: 20.5/25
Customer Service: 4.5
Condition of Greens: 3.5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3.5
Value: 4.5
Amenities: 4.5

Rating Notes:
 $35 Weekend Primetime green fee is a great value..
– In the winter months the greens at 12, 13, & 14 can get a little rough due to a lack of sunlight.
– The covered driving range is great but it lacks a grass hitting area. (all stalls have mats)
– The food in the grill is excellent and the staff is great.

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