Maplewood Golf Course

Maplewood Golf Course
4050 Maple Valley Highway
Renton, Wa 98055

Course Review Date: 06/05/2011
Course Reviewer: Ian

Miraculous 75 degree weather in Seattle greeted us for our first review of Maplewood Golf Course.  Maplewood is a fairly short (6112 blue tees) and very tight, city ran municipal golf course right off of a very traffic laden Maple Valley Highway.  How they manage to squeeze a par 72 golf course into such a small amount of space is truly a miracle.  To accomplish this feat, Maplewood lines a few holes literally right on the highway as well as puts you through a back and forth march on the back nine to use every acre of land possible.  Given the space they had to work with and the constraints of a city golf course budget I think they have done a pretty good job of making a fun track that plays to all skill levels.  That “play to all skill levels” bit is a huge thing to keep in mind out there as you maneuver from tee to green.  Balls are flying everywhere out there and you would be wise to keep you head on a swivel.  Specifically on the back nine, which I’ll touch on in a bit.

One very noticeable thing about Maplewood is that it definitely caters to the female golfer which is a nice change to see.  We saw more women playing golf at Maplewood today than we have ever seen on a golf course at one time.  Maplewood, and its lack of a dress code also mean that it will bring out some of the most unique golfing outfits you’ll ever find….which makes for some excellent people watching on the golf course.  Yes tank top and strappy sandals guy…we’re talking to you 🙂 and yes sir you are correct…I did sneak a picture of you for my website.  Surprise!  He probably shot 80 and made 4 more fairways than me.  I digress.

All tanktop jokes aside, the course plays much tougher than the 69 rating it has on the scorecard from the blue tees.  It’s primary challenge is its extreme narrowness on the back 9.  Take the first sunny weekend of the year, very narrow fairways, and a lot of casual fair weather golfers and missiles were flying all over the place.  It was very common to be standing on your tee box while in the middle of the fairway, two different golfers were playing shots back to two different holes.  Honestly I don’t think I have another golf course that I can compare it too.  As for some advice on how to play this place?  Well, driver is hardly necessary out there so if you have a tendency to spray it, or you’re just not feeling it that day, I would suggest putting it away.  If you’re off a bit you’ll be punching out of the trees all day.  If you’re dialed in…really dialed, in you’ll have a few chances to drive the green on a par 4 or have a small chip at the least.  Lastly, check your yardages out there.  There are a lot of holes where placement of the tee shot is a heck of a lot more important than distance.  Several tee shots require you to hit a 3 iron or a hybrid to an optimal spot so that you have a good angle to attack the green. rating: 16/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 3
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3
Value: 4
Amenities: 3

Rating Notes:
 Service was ok.  Tee’n off is a bit of chaos with so many people packed around the first tee.  We got off about 10 minutes late.
– Greens were in very good condition and probably kept a bit thicker to handle heavy play and casual golfers.  Not very fast.
– Course was in good shape.  nothing stood out either way really.
– $44 for a greens fees and a large bucket.  Not bad at all, standard municipal pricing.
– Small range that you can hit out of, fairly small putting green, no where to chip too.  One appearance from the cart girl, who did have PBR 🙂
Pictures from Maplewood Golf Course

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