Loomis Trail Golf Course

Loomis Trail Golf Course
9565 Semiahmoo Pkwy.
Blaine, WA 98230

Course Review Date – 03/11/2011
Course Reviewer – Ian Favre

Usually I would open a course review up with some history, maybe splash the golf course designers’ name, or talk about the awards they received. For Loomis Trail we’re wasting no time and getting straight to the greens.  Ohhhhhhhhh baby!  Now these are some greens!  It’s the middle of March, during another peach of a Western Washington winter and Loomis has greens that are rolling quick, dead true, and not a bump in sight.  Honestly, they were so nice given the time of year I believe I shed a tear of joy on the back nine.  Hmmm, that tear could have also been the 3 water shots in a row that lead to an ominous 11 on hole #15.  I digress.  These greens were amazing my friends.  The thought of playing here in the summer when the sun is baking the greens had me giddy.

Loomis Trail is a Graham Cooke designed track that was rated the #4 public golf course in Washington by Golfweek in 2011.  Loomis Trail from the tips plays 7137 yards rating 75.4 and has a slope of 143.  Pretty gnarly on the difficulty rating and once you’re out on the track it’s pretty easy to figure out why.  Water.  Loomis features water in play on all 18 holes and really there’s no place to hide.  The recipe of poor ball striking, high winds, murky conditions and water on all 18 holes created what I can only call a perfect storm on the scorecard.  Buying balls at the turn is never good sign.

Keep in mind when booking a tee time that Loomis Trail is only open to the public on even days of the month.  Semiahmoo is open on the odd days. One of the cool things I noticed when out on the course is a plaque on the 13 tee box from the NCAA Div. II Championships that were hosted here a few years ago.  One of the players apparently aced the Par 4.  Umm that’s epic…350 yard ace!  Really all we need to say is go play this course!  I don’t think I would be stretching to say they have the best greens in the state (that we have played) and it’s an excellent ball striking test because there are very few “safe” misses out there.  Loved it.
Golfchops.com rating: 22.5/25
Customer Service: 4
Condition of Greens: 5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 5
Value: 4.5
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes: 
– Good customer service and they allowed us to play Loomis on the private day
– Greens were incredible.  If anyone can find better greens on a public course let us know!
– Murky due to heavy rains the past few days, but still in excellent shape
– $45 winter prime rate is darn good.  Consider we paid $37 to play Jackson Park the week prior.  I’d say that covers value 😉
– We didn’t hit the driving range as we went straight to the tee box, but the putting green looked really good and the clubhouse was amazing

One thought on “Loomis Trail Golf Course

  1. great course! I love it when there are wide fairways and zero houses in sight. I think the water hazard fear is over-played: half of the water on the course is by the tee box and is only in play if you have the shanks that day. wicked tough from the black tees! totally worth a trip to play here and Semiahmoo. the online deals of $45/$35 are a STEAL.

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