Legion Memorial Golf Course

144 West Marine View Drive
Everett, WA 98201
(425) 259-4653

Course Review Date: 9/16/2012
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre

Ok ok, every once in a while you just don’t feel like writing ya know?  Coming back from a one month hiatus of writing course reviews and other tidbits of nonsense, our first update of many coming in the next couple weeks is from the old stomping grounds of Legion Memorial Golf Course in Everett.  Having a running tee time every Sunday morning regardless of whether or not you show up sure is clutch when you haven’t made any tee time plans and really have the itch to get out and swing the sticks (thank you Pete).  As mentioned previously, Legion is part of the PGC management portfolio that runs the show at West Seattle, Jackson, Jefferson and a few other tracks in the Puget Sound.  Gotta give these guys credit too for the condition they keep all these golf courses in.  Legion, West Seattle, Jackson and Jefferson all get a tremendous amount of rounds pumped through them every summer and year in and year out they always seem to be in excellent shape.

I’ve made 4 or 5 trips to Legion Memorial this summer and haven’t walked away disappointed from any of my rounds.  The greens are always in solid shape, minus the mowing mishap from a couple months ago on the first green that they seem to still be working back into shape.  Fairways are clean and not heavily divoted.  Minus what I thought was a bit of over watering the past month the entire tee to green area is good to go.  Pace of play has been excellent all summer as well.  We usually tee off at 7am Sunday morning and I’ve been back at home each time no later than 11:30.  For a $37 prime time rate I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the 4 courses previously mentioned.  Although I suggest West Seattle and Legion over the other two all day long.

A solid, straight forward if not easy track that is an excellent place to get out for a leisurely round.  My only issues, if you want to call them that, with Legion are the lack of a driving range to get warmed up and the ob stakes on the right hand side of the Par 5, 3rd hole.  Dogleg right, encouraging you to smoke it over the trees and cut off about 60-70 yards of the hole, but ob stakes to penalize you if you make a mistake.  I get the reason for them, I just don’t like being ob over there 🙂  Really, there’s not a whole lot to report here.  For $37 you can’t go wrong and I;d be really surprised if you left here unsatisfied with the gold that you got for your money.

Course Review Date 05/13/2012
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre

Things you should get up at 5am for:  free tacos, a meteor shower, a vacation flight, and sometimes, just sometimes a round of golf with a buddy. The awesome gentleman’s game at Legion Memorial was to good to pass up and frankly if you were not playing golf on a weekend of incredible weather in Seattle than you were missing out.   Legion is very much a, what you see is what you get kind of course golf course with a limited amount of danger and hole designs that are very straight forward from the tee box.  Being part of the PGC management portfolio you get about the same experience at Legion Memorial that you do at West Seattle or Jackson Park.  No driving range (always a buzz kill), a solid under $40 rate on the weekend and a wide variety of weekend warriors hoping to make 18 holes without losing the dozen balls they brought.

As expected, better than usual weather has made conditions at a lot of golf courses pretty solid in May.  Legion looked to be in pretty good shape minus someone’s accident on the first green.  Looks like a mower or something made a significant chewed up stripe through the center of the green.  Besides that the rest of the greens all rolled really well with a nice average speed and a very limited amount of ball marks.  There are a couple greens out there with quite a bit of undulation so it becomes a placement game on approach shots.  Keep that in mind when you play the 8th hole.  It features the most severe sloping of all the greens.

All in all for a local muni, you really can’t go wrong for $37 on a weekend prime time slot.  Course is maintained well, greens are in good shape and its set up for a wide variety of skill levels and players.

Golfchops.com rating: 17/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 4
Amenities: 2

Rating Notes:
Straight forward check in, these guys are pretty comical actually.
– Minus number one which has some scarring the greens were all solid.
– Fairways and rough were clean, everything looked pretty tip top.
– Always happy to pay $37 for good conditions and solid greens.
– No driving range is a real killer on the amenities rating for me, good putting green and small chipping area, cart service w/ $3 Labatt’s Blue (swill!)

Course Review Date: 02/12/2012
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre

It had been some time since we ventured up north to check out Legion Memorial Golf Course in Everett, but no rain and an invite into a $10 “gentleman’s game” was too good to pass up.  Legion has a reputation of being a pretty well maintained and fairly dry golf course in the winter months, and with a $33 green fee on the weekend you really can’t go wrong.  Legion is one of the many Western Washington municipals that is managed by the PGC group and over the years I think they’ve done a fairly good job with what they have in the portfolio.  West Seattle is always one of my favorites in the summer and while not world beaters at all, Jefferson and Jackson usually stay remarkably playable for as many rounds as they pump through them.

Legion Memorial is a very straight forward layout that allows you to spray it a bit and still maneuver your way around without to much trouble.  You do have water in play on a few holes but it doesn’t present any major threat out there.  Your biggest challenge if you are not pumping it down the middle all day is going to be punching out a trees or playing out of the wrong fairway.  There’s a very limited amount of out-of-bounds and minus a couple holes, specifically #3, the bunkering is pretty light.  For the most part, it’s your run of the mill, good for all skill levels city muni.

Of the more memorable holes at Legion, the previously mentioned par 5, 3rd hole might be the best.  A sharp dogleg right that allows the player a straight hybrid to the turn, or play the driver over a somewhat thin but tall tree line that challenges your attempt to cut the corner.  Your approach is protected by long bunkering all the way up the right hand side, limited bunkering to your left, and greenside water to the right.  It’s a really well designed par 5 that can easily be birdie and easily be double.

Most surprisingly, for mid-February the greens were in very good condition.  A touch bumpy at times but smooth and healthy for the most part.  Seems like a lot of our local courses are having a much better winter this year.  I’m thinking they learned a thing or two from the disaster of a winter we had a couple years ago.  All said, solid day and solid conditions.  At this rate, its going to be a hell of a summer at our local muni’s….now, can we get some driving ranges added at these things already?!

Golfchops.com rating: 17/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 3
Amenities: 3

Rating Notes:
Not much to report, check in was the usual, starter the usual.
– Pretty impressed really.  February at a high traffic muni and they were pretty solid.  A couple jumps here and there but over all really good.
– Pretty clean out there.  Bunkers in good shape, no g.u.r that I noticed.
– $33 bucks for Sunday morning in the winter, not too shabby really.  Pretty average for any of the city muni’s.
– No driving range is a buzz kill like always, but at least they have a warm up mat by the tee box.  I’ve always loved their big 3-teired putting green.

Course Review Date – 6/02/2010
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre

Well the skies decided to clear enough for us to get an afternoon round in at Legion Memorial up in Everett. Always enjoyed this place so it was good to get up there and check out how the course was playing. First, Legion has one of our favorite putting greens. Really big with a bunch of different breaks and slopes. It’s one where you and your buddies could grab a few beers and have a great putting contest on it. They also have a bunch of random practice areas littered around the clubhouse and in between a few holes. It’s an excellent place to practice so long as you don’t want to hit balls (no range). The course itself played really well. The greens were in really good shape. They were really really slow, but they were very health. No dead spots or sand anywhere. Course was really clean too. No debris laying about or 4 days worth of junk on the tee boxes. Honestly it kind of looked like no one had been playing it for a few days. For the most part Legion is pretty straight forward and allows you to miss but still scramble your way to the green. As noted by one of the players in our group, “they want you play to specific parts of this course to score well. Approach angle to the green and ball placement on the green are very important.” After looking at my four 3 putts today, I will concur with that statement.

The one thing about this course is it’s not much of a “character” so to speak. None of the holes are particularly memorable and you don’t get any wow factor when you finish a round there. It is a fun track to play, but sometimes I think it came in a plain white box that says “golf course” on the side. Someone just opened up the box and poof, there was Legion.

Golfchops.com rating: 17/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 3.5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4.5
Value: 3
Amenities: 3

Rating Notes:
 Nothing major to report here. Did lose a cell phone on the course which the club house had waiting for us.
– Greens seemed to be very healthy, and smooth. Slow as slow gets but all in one piece.
– Course appeared to be maintained very well. Clean as can be.
– $30 for Wednesday at 4pm isn’t bad, but didn’t make us think we got a steal either.
– Putting green is excellent! No range. Random practice areas with temp greens and flags is cool. Can’t really rate a course more than average if you can’t hit some balls to get warmed up.


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