Kenwanda Golf Course

14030 Kenwanda Dr.
Snohomish, WA 98296

Course Review Date – 8/25/2010
Course Reviewer: Sean Charlton

For those that are just starting to play golf, this is one of those coursed designed for you; Very little rough, very few places to lose a ball, wide open fairways and virtually no bunkers.

The Kenwanda golf course is located off Hwy 9, just south of the Snohomish Valley.  This golf course offers nice views of the Snohomish River,Snohomish Valley and occasionally some skydivers floating down to the local airport.

The course is cut into the side of the foothills leading down to the Snohomish Valley.  You would think that would be a great location for a course, however being cut into the side of a hill means that you’re actually playing on a hill.  I don’t think I found a ‘flat’ spot anywhere on this course. Fairways, greens, and tee boxes can all be described as a mound, or a bump, or a hill, or sloped.  Not since the Michelin Man have there been more rolls, curves and crevasses.

The rolling fairways, this time of year and more often than not, are faster than the greens.  Just about every fairway is slanted to the right, or left, or both, and rock hard.  Hit your tee shot down the middle and you’ll be surprised to find it still in the center of the fairway.  For those of us that tend to push the ball one way or the other, watch out.  Your ball will roll 50 or 60 yards into the next fairway… but again, with no ruff and only a few trees lining each hole, your ball should be in plain sight on the adjacent hole.

Each hole offers its fair share of blind shots.  Even some of the par 3 greens are tough to see from the tee box.  One of the toughest holes on the course is the par 3 6th.  Only 121 yards, but 50 feet up hill to a 20 foot wide bean shaped green that’s more of a mound.  Hit it dead center and it will roll off to one side, short and you could end up back down the steep hill.  Long is your best play here with a backstop just behind the green.  My father-in-law calls it the ‘shortest par 5 in Washington’.

The greens are quite perplexing to the seasoned player.  They look slow, feel soft but are quite the opposite.  They are molasses slow in some directions, lightning fast in others.  There’s no amount of back spin that will keep your ball on the green, they don’t hold anything, not to mention most of them are nowhere near flat.  A thin quarter inch of lush over watered grass just above the ‘hardpan’ dirt isn’t the ideal putting surface.

If you’ve been playing Wellington hills and are in need of a little change of scenery, this is the course for you.  Keep your eyes open for players coming the wrong direction down your fairway, don’t be surprised if you ball rolls an extra 75 yards after it lands, and for you big hitters out there, leave your drivers at home.  With only two par 5’s, both only about 450, most holes can be reached in 2 with a strong long iron shot and a short wedge… contributor rating: 13/25

Customer Service: 2
Condition of Greens: 2
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3
Value: 3
Amenities: 3

Rating Notes:

– Angry little man in the proshop can sometimes be a bit off putting, as some other golfers mentioned, his mood changes by the hour.  Try not to look directly at him while paying for your round.
– Fairly inexpensive – 18 holes for $28 weekend, $24 weekdays and a $15 twilight starting at 5.
– As ‘hilly’ as this course is, it’s an easy walk, or you can opt for a $12 per person cart.
– No beverage cart but if you can get someone’s attention in the bar, you can get a beer, Gatorade, or little snack.
– There is a putting green but no driving range, but heads up if someone is going for it on #9, you may take a shot to the back of the dome.
– Only one tee box for each hole so the tend to be a little beat up and sandy but looks like they move the tees around daily.


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