Jackson Park Golf Course

Jackson Park Golf Course
1000 Northeast 135th Street
Seattle, WA 98125

Course Review Date: 12/30/2012
Course Reviewer: Ian Favre

Playing golf in the mud sucks…however, playing no golf sucks more, so we’ll take a murky 18 at Jackson over no golf at all any day of the week.  Very popular Seattle municipal golf course Jackson Park has been altering their track to accommodate a driving range that now resides where the tenth hole of the golf course once existed.  Jackson Park, along with West Seattle for years have been very highly trafficked golf courses that do not receive the income benefits of a driving range on their properties.  At West Seattle, the driving range topic is dead but Jackson Park is full steam ahead redesigning two or three golf holes just to accommodate it.

Here’s a list of the construction items at Jackson we noticed in our round:

1st & 2nd Holes – That old weird pulley systems that was on the back left of the 1st green and led you up to the second tee box has been removed.  There’s a lot of fencing going in over there and a separate walking path has been added for non-golf related traffic.  This path leads all the down the side of the par 4, 3rd hole.

10th Hole – Well, the old tenth hole is gone having become the landing zone of the new driving range.  The new 10th hole, now a par 3, is to the right of the driving range and at best guess is a 145 yard, par 3.  No idea on the yardage to be sure, nothing is noted by the hole or on the scorecard.  I guessed 145 and hit an 8 iron a touch short (I’m 140 with an 8 most of the time).  The green is obviously brand new and still growing in.  It’s not ready for play at all right now.

11th Hole – This was a short par 4, but has been changed to a longish and tough par 3.  As with ten, no idea on the yardage, but we guessed about 175 and it played a bit shorter than that.

18th Hole – This is where it got a little confusing because I don’t remember the 18th hole being different from it is right now…unless I am being a total space cadet…which isn’t a stretch.  The green is moved forward and it is clearly new, but it doesn’t look anything like the green on #10.  This one looks like it’s been there for 10 years.

Other Course Notes:

1.  It was pretty swampy out there, but could have easily been worse.  A couple areas of severe muck, but in general I thought the course played fine considering the amount of rain it has received.

2.  For not seeing any sunshine in 2 months the greens are all holding up well.  Some slight bumpiness, but all things considered, on a public muni, you can’t really ask for better in the middle of winter.

3.  Tips and tucked.  Was the course super all pissed off today or did we enter a ball buster tournament?  The blue tee boxes were pushed back as far as possible on every hole and every pin was within 3 to 4 yards of the fringe.  The pin placement set up appeared to be designed to keep people off major portions of the greens and keep them healthy.  Very craft on Jackson’s part, and very challenging to shoot at.  Well played Jackson.

4.  I’ve never been a big Jackson Park guy but the addition of the driving range, what looks like a new chipping area (the old 18th green) and an excellent putting green will make this one of the premier practice facilities in the city.

Construction Pictures (click to enlarge)

Jackson Park Driving Range  Jackson Park 18th Hole  Jackson Park 11th Hole

Picture 1 – New driving range going in at Jackson.  Former home of the 1oth hole.

Picture 2 – New 18th hole.

Picture 3 – Adjusted 11th hole, now a tough par 3 instead of a short par 4.

Course Review Date: 03.06.2011 – Pictures Below
Course Reviewer – Ian

Advertised on their website as the “driest golf course in the city of Seattle,” Jackson Park Golf Course is one of the 3, 18 hole, municipal golf courses managed by Premier Golf Centers inside city limits. Like West Seattle GC, Jackson Park does not have a driving range so keep that in mind when dialing in your tee time. They do feature a pretty large putting green to accommodate high tee time traffic in the summer and they have some mats with netting set up beyond the putting green for golfers to at least take a few warm up cuts before their round. Jackson Park has an executive 9 which, to be honest, I don’t know too much about. We saw it when we were driving around the entrance and it looked pretty furry. Not sure if it is still open. Off their website, Jackson Park is listed as 18 holes of championship golf at 6247 yards from the blue tee’s. By the way, who determines if it is “championship golf?” This is just your everyday muni….championship golf? Hmmmmm…

After a few days of no rain, literally an act of god in March in Seattle, Jackson Park played relatively dry. The group still had their fair share of plugged balls and no one had a drive that rolled out, but in general it played pretty dry with only a couple spots of major murkiness to watch out for.Jackson really is the definition of a big city municipal track. It plays pretty straight forward to cater to a variety of golf abilities, it’s not particularly long so the pace of play can stay somewhat respectable, and in the grand scheme of things it’s a pretty affordable round ($37 prime).

Jackson Park does have a few holes that take some strategy and are pretty fun to play. The opener is a short par 5, downhill that requires a lay up to avoid dropping one in the water. However, the layup leaves you a long approach over water and some additional hazards. It’s a tough ask when you haven’t hit any balls to warm up yet. It’s a solid first hole and playable by the beginner as well as the amateur. The third hole is also a fun layup play that leaves you a steep downhill approach shot with water right and a green side bunker on the left. In the summer if you’re feeling gutsy and can hit a pretty consistent cut, you can go for the green. It plays shorter than the 339 yards listed on the scorecard and at worst would leave you a chip and putt for birdie if you keep it in play. If you decided to play conservative on 3 you can save it for #4 which is a short uphill par 4 that is reachable with the driver. We played it from 260 out and the stick in our group drove the green while the group ahead of us was still putting. “Sorry I hit in to you! Didn’t realize I was going to drive the green.” Always the best apology you can give on a course.

All said it was a moist but solid day at Jackson Park. It’s a fun track in the summer and we’d expect the greens to roll much better when the sun finally gives them a helping hand. Oh, almost forgot, the greens were pretty rough out there. Very bumpy right now. In the summer they roll pretty good but putts would literally leap and break 5 different directions at time. Good luck!

Golfchops.com rating: 13/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 1
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3
Value: 3
Amenities: 3

Rating Notes:

– Not much to report on customer service, average.
– Greens are usually much better than they were on our visit.  Want to give them a pass based on past experience but have to be honest here.
– Hard to say…course looked ok, greens are hurting…going to say average.
– $37 for Sunday primetime is ok. Not a steal, but kind of the standard city municipal rate.
– No driving range is a killer, but there are warm up mats.  The mats are kind of hidden though, seem to be in the middle of the course.  Good putting green and a concession area that has Rainier and PBR tall boys.
Photos of Jackson Park Golf Course

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