Inglewood Golf Club

Inglewood Golf Club
6505 Inglewood Rd. NE
Kenmore,WA  98028

Course Review Date: 04/01/2013
Course Reviewer: Ian

Well well, just as I was starting a new review for Inglewood Golf Club I remembered Jason had weazeled his way out there a couple years ago.  Well played my friend, well played.  Playing in another tournament provided me the opportunity to soak up some private country club golf, this time right in my own back yard (well almost) at Inglewood Golf Club in Kenmore.  So crazy that such an amazing piece of property is just sitting a quarter mile off the side of Lake City Way.  Bowling alley, Salvation Army, dive bar, Kidd Valley, amazing country club, wait what?

Inglewood GC is a golf course and facility that easily wins you over as soon as you step out of your car.  The grounds are immaculate, the club house is just amazing and unique looking and you get great visibility to the practice facility and the 1st and 18th holes.  As someone who’s a total nerd for nice golf courses, my wow factor was pretty high as I toted my sticks to the driving range.  After attempting to hit a few balls in a some what straight line and rolling a few putts, off to the first tee we went for a high stakes game of, oh my god can I please find a fricking a fairway!  Sorry, the flashbacks are hard to keep out of my head.  Nothing says recreational golfer like snap hooking your opening tee shot on to the driving range that 20 golf professionals are warming up on.  Stay on your toes boys!  I gotta hit another!  Ugh.

Inglewood Country Club 1 Inglewood Country Club 2 Inglewood Country Club 3

Picture 1 – This is a heck of a clubhouse.

Picture 2 – View from the 18th tee.  A very nice, reachable par 5 that feels a lot more like a long par 4.  Everyone but the chump in the left rough had a long iron into the green.

Picture 3 – Medium length par 3 on the back 9 with the Sammamish River in behind the green.

On to the golf course it takes you about 3 or 4 holes to realize that this place is going to ask you to hit every shot in the game regardless of whether or not that shot exists in your bag.  The second hole, an uphill par 5 requires a draw for any chance at birdie.  The 3rd hole, a short par 4 with a green the size of a drink coaster requires a fade.  Then the 4th hole demands a draw.  Back and forth you go trying to carve tee shots into the appropriate areas, while trying to avoid fairway bunkers, trees, side hill lies and fairway undulation.  Honestly, of the 70+ plus courses we have reviewed on Golfchops, this is one of the better designed tracks I have had the privilege of playing.  I stunk the place up to all high heaven and still enjoyed myself out there.

Inglewood just had so many cool design features I’m trying to rack my brain to mention them all.  It’s a real back and forth jaunt where at times you think you are climbing Mt Rainier not playing a mean uphill dogleg.  Then, once you’ve finally crested the peak, you get to tee off to a downhill par 3 and walk down the other side of the mountain.  One of the more unique features, and they mention this on their website (great website by the way) is that the front of almost all the holes is accessible to play almost any shot too.  If you wanted too, you could pull out a hybrid from say, 30 yards out and just bump it right up the front of the green.  Plus, with the dry conditions and exceptional condition of the golf course this almost became a preferred shot when you were in an awkward tweener distance.  Try that shot at your local muni and its going to make a splat noise and go no where.

Inglewood Golf Course     Inglewood-5     Inglewood-6

Picture 4 – One of the downhill par 3’s.

Picture 5 – Great golf course design in my book.  A fully plateaued green minus the front entrance.  Miss the green at your own peril.

Picture 6 – One of the fades from the teebox that Inglewood demands.

Among the coolest golf holes at Inglewood, the 14th stands out to me because of its unique green.  It’s a pretty average straight forward par 4, but the green has the huge bowl section on the middle left side.  The greens keeper can have a field day out here with pin placement, and if you’ve never played there before, you have no idea that your great approach shot is going to be a nightmare and hilarious birdie attempt.  One of the few greens I made in regulation that day, I was actually chuckling when I attempted my fun house-esk putt on this green.  Loved it. I’m just imagining that flag being in the middle of the bowl and your ball resting on the cliff above it….ha!  Good luck.  That was an awesome green.  The 18th was a pretty special closing hole as well.  Perched high above and facing the clubhouse and practice facilities, it just screams for you to crush one as hard as you can and get on in two.  At 500 yards, downhill with a surprising amount of roll this was a pretty straight forward feat for 3/4 of my group.  Water left and bunkers right protect the green but its nothing overwhelming and if you can hit two straight shots you won’t find an easier hole to make a birdie on the golf course.

Some other notes:  I found the rough really tough to play…now that is more likely a product of me hitting it fat in the rough, than the rough itself, but man that rough chewed me apart.  The bunkers are really firm.  They looked great I just didn’t expect the club to have so much bounce in them and if it wasn’t for a friendly cedar tree out there, that sand missile was o.b. for sure.  As I go through it in my head, Inglewood features darn near every design element you can think of, but does it in a smart way.  You had your typical Northwest tree lined fairways, with some fairway bunkering or maybe some fairway undulation that causes your approach shot to be played with the ball above or below your feet.  Houses and out of bounds markers dot the other side of the fairway and hole shapes forced you play shots away from the homes or pay the price.  Water features, green side bunkering, green plateauing and varying green sizes really challenges players on approach shots.  For whatever reason, I am oddly reminded of a one-liner from Jesse Venture in the movie Predator.  “You lose it out here, you’re in a world of hurt.”  That’s right, Predator reference in a golf review.  “Get to the chopper!”  Sorry…inside joke.

One liner of the day: 10th Teebox, me to said golf professional; Ya know, after that 9 I debated walking to the truck and letting you guys enjoy the rest of this round.  Golf Professional to me: Ya know, after that 9 I debated telling you to go to your truck too.  Ha! Still laughing about it. Honestly, if you can’t have a good laugh out on the golf course and enjoy yourself regardless of the score, what the hell are you doing out there anyways.  Took me many years to understand that. rating: 23/25
Customer Service: 4
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 5
Value: 5
Amenities: 5

Rating Notes:
– Limited encounters with staff but the few I met were very friendly and accommodating.
– Greens were in great shape for April 1st in Seattle.  Maybe a hair inconsistent on speed.  Some seemed a touch slower than others.
– Immaculate.  I mean, from practice facility and tee to green, the place is dialed in.  Beautiful.
– Hard to rate value, but I’ll pay $100 any day to play at quality like this.
– Practice facility was great and the clubhouse is just amazing looking.  Very nice on course facilities…little things like clean towels on the ball wash machine and spotless on course bathrooms.  When was the last time you grabbed that nasty green towel below the ball washer and it was clean?

*Thanks again for the invite Master Yoda 🙂

Course Review Date: 05.02.2011
Course Reviewer – Jason

Pictures Below

With the help of the PNGA I was able to play Inglewood Golf Club on a rainy early May day. Growing up in the Kirkland area all my life I always wondered what it would be like to play the course and now I was finally able to answer that question. Having been opened in 1921 Inglewood is one of the oldest courses in the Seattle and has had over 6,000 members in it’s history. From 1987 to 1995 the club hosted the GTE Northwest Men’s Senior’s which was part of the PGA’s Champions Tour.

When I arrived at the course the first thing I saw was the massive clubhouse which looked like something that belongs in Southern California. It is a large stucco building that looks great but a little out of place in the middle of massive fir trees. The range, putting greens, and practice area are excellent. The range has a grass teeing area with tons of flags to shoot at and the practice putting greens are smooth and fast just like the greens on the course.
The course is a par 73 that measures in at 6,778 from the back tees. The greens rolled perfect and held well placed approach shots. The fairways where in great shape as well, even with all the rain we had very few plugged balls. One of the cool things or not so cool depending on your point of view was the extremely small greens on the shorter holes. You’d walk to the tee and see that you had a 297 yard par 4 think you had an easy par until you saw the size of the green. The design of the course places a premium on shot placement. It’s not just a grip it and rip it track, you really have to think if you want to give yourself birdie chances. Overall the course was great; well maintained excellent greens and a good practice area. rating: 20/25

Customer Service: 4
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 4
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
– The few staff member I spoke with where very out going and friendly.
– The greens are excellent and rolled true.
– The course was in great shape with just one minor drainage issue in the 18th fairway.
– As part of a PNGA program I only paid $65 for greens fee.
– Great practice area and clubhouse.

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