Golf Club at Hawk’s Prairie – Woodlands Course

The Golf Club at Hawks Prairie
8383 Vicwood Lane
Lacey, WA 98516

Course Review Date: 04/30/2011 – Pictures Below
Course Reviewer: Ian

A Saturday 36 hole adventure brought us to Lacey, Washington to check out the only Oki properties that we haven’t played, the Golf Club at Hawk’s Prairie. Formerly known as Vicwood and Meriwood golf courses, Oki bought these courses in 2001, renamed them, and expanded the club house. The courses are advertised as stark contrast to each other. The Woodlands course being a fairly open track carved out of the forest. The Links (Vicwood Golf Course) is supposed to be a Scottish style links course (we’ll touch on that statement for sure in the other review) with rolling greens and views of Mt Rainier. This first review will focus on The Woodlands (Meriwood Golf Course).

A quick heads up for those of you heading out there, the golf course and practice facility are not very close to the clubhouse, which sits over on the Links course. Get all your stuff unloaded, get checked in and you will find yourself going back to your car, reloading all your gear and driving over to the Woodlands course. We hit The Woodland Golf Course for an 8:06 tee time and found the course to be nearly vacant. The warm up for the round was excellent. The driving range has a lot of targets to shoot at and you’re not hitting of the mats.

Out on the course you’ll find that yes it has the appearance of a track cut out of a forest (not a dense one like Kayak Point through) but it’s pretty wide open. I struggled off the tee box a lot of the day but never really found myself in too much trouble. Ok that’s not true. Keep your eyes peeled out there for a couple of spots of hidden water, specifically number 2 on the right. From the tee box you do not see the hidden water hazard on the right, and the hole gives the appearance that right is better. Right is not better.

I found the front 9 of the Woodlands course to be much more memorable that the back 9. Minus the trickery thrown at me on hole number two, there are a lot of hole that look great from the tee box, specifically 5 and 6. 5 is a 570 yard par 5 (we played it at 503) with a really tough elongated green. Hole 6 (pictured below) is a densely tree framed, long par 4 with sand gobbling up any misses left of the box. The last hole to note is number 13, the hardest hole on the course. It’s a 542 yard par 5 with water from tee to green on the right. Nothing with frustrate you more than pumping a drive down the middle, hitting a solid layup on the second, then whistling a hosel rocket dead right into the water. Play safe, make par and move on.

All said this was really fun round at a good and fairly challenging golf course. Their website says this course is ranked as one of the top 10 most challenging golf courses in the state, but I don’t see that. It doesn’t play as narrow as it’s advertised and if I can keep driver in play for 18 holes, that can only be a testament to how open it is. rating: 18/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 3.5
Amenities: 3.5

Rating Notes: 
– Pretty straight forward, not much to report here.
– Greens were in great shape at the Woodlands course.  No ball marks to be found, they rolled smooth and had a good pace to them.
– Course looked to be in tidy spape and no major grounds under repair to report.
– $48 for Saturday morning with a small bucket.  Not too bad, throw in a cart and its $60 plus.  Cart prices are just nuts these days.
– Excellent driving range, and a good putting green.  No cart service while we were out on the Woodlands course.

Pictures of The Woodland at The Golf Club at Hawk’s Prairie

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