Golf Club at Hawk’s Prairie – Links Course

The Golf Club at Hawks Prairie
8383 Vicwood Lane
Lacey, WA 98516

Course Review Date: 04/30/2011 – Pictures Below
Course Reviewer: Ian

Following our morning 18 at The Woodlands Golf Course we made our way over to The Links at Hawk’s Prairie. The Links is advertised as a sharp contrast to The Woodlands golf course and plays as a “Scottish style” links course. Before we get into any specifics on the course let’s touch base on this “links” comment. It seems that a few courses advertise this type of golf but only Chamber’s Bay seems to measures up as a real links golf course. Chamber’s has one tree on the course, it’s connected to the water, and it features heavily undulated fairways and greens. The Links at Hawk’s Prairie really doesn’t feature any of these things. You can see the water from a couple holes, but none of them are actually connected to the water. The fairways and greens don’t feature much undulation at all, and while not in play, there are trees around the golf course.

Our 1:00pm tee time was greeted with a shotgun tournament walking off the golf course. Perfect I thought as the course would be empty and our twosome would be able to breeze through our second 18 of the day. Then I watched as the starter sent off a 5some and 4 some in front of us. I’m not sure I understand the logic in this. You have three groups stacked on the first tee ready to go, and you send a 5some out first? You let the 2some go last? As you can imagine the front nine was painful as we waited on every shot. We pressed the 4some in front of us on every hole and they didn’t let us play through until we made the turn. Being a bit of a self admitted head case at times on the golf course, this just ruined my chance for fun. It’s not the slow pace, it’s the ignorance of not allowing the group behind you to play through. Here’s the kicker…they let us play through on hole 10 and then one of them hit into us while we were only 100 yards ahead! I kid you not, the ball landed 10 feet from Jason. Then they chatted and laughed while I was taking my swing. Unreal. I wish I could have understood what they were saying behind us.

We then got cruising along with no one in front of us and magically a couple pars were placed on the score card. After a few holes we caught up with the 5some who just like the group in front of us, refused to let us play through. Amazing, we’re a 2 some and a group of 5 will not let us play through! Well that pretty much finished me for the day. I went into mental midget mode and sprayed the golf ball all over the place. No bueno. Oh, the golf course? Yeah I should mention it in this review as well.

The course itself is a very plain, wide open track that meanders through some residential housing in Lacey. It’s one of those housing developments that makes you think of Tom Hanks in The Burbs. There are hundreds of homes and maybe 5 different floor plans used in the entire development. Unlike the Woodland course, the Links course doesn’t have a tremendous amount of character to it. I was really surprised to find a lot of water out on the course. Links style courses are connected to the water but do not have water on them as far as I know. It was a rough go out there and while not a terrible course by any means, nothing was exceptional to me. rating: 16/25
Customer Service: 2
Condition of Greens: 3
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 3.5
Amenities: 3.5

Rating Notes: 
– Taking points away for the starter telling me the 4some and 5some would be quick players.  It doesnt matter how quick they are, they are a 5some and we are a group of 2.  It makes no sense for you to not send us out before them.
– Greens were in ok shape but not quite as good as they were at the Woodlands course in my opinion.  They were a bit more jumpy.
– Course looked good, teeboxes were kept well, everything was put together out there.
– $48 for Saturday afternoon with a small bucket.  Not too bad, throw in a cart and its $60 plus.
– Driving range and putting green were both solid.  We did get cart service on this 18 a couple times (that doesn’t sound right…).  16oz PBR’s were $3.50.  You just can’t beat those $2 Kayak Point PBR’s!

Pictures of The Links at The Golf Club at Hawk’s Prairie

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