Harbour Pointe Golf Course

11817 Harbour Pointe Blvd
Mukilteo, WA 98275
(425) 355-6060

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Review Date: 06/14/2013
Reviewer: Ian Favre

Been ages since we’ve been out to one of our primary old haunts, Harbour Pointe Golf Club in Mukilteo.  It’s a track we have always really enjoyed, but it’s a real wallet buster, so it makes it tough to get out there more than once a year these days.  However, a charity golf tournament allowed us the opportunity to enjoy a course that is always in great shape in the summer months and came with the dangerous prospect of unlimited booze for $25.  Very dangerous.

As we’ve come to expect from Harbour Pointe in the summer months the course was in very good shape.  Teeing ground was well kept, fairways and rough in good condition and the putting surfaces looked great.  The greens got a little bumpy in the afternoon, but with a tournament of 160 people on the course that is to be expected.  They also excelled in customer service where you are greeted by friendly and professional folks from the clubhouse to the service staff.  Really you couldn’t ask for much more minus a greens fee that is say, $10 to $15 cheaper.  Despite the cost, the condition of the course and the overall excellent experience you have out there is worth going out this summer at least once.

– I lipped out for Ace on one of the par 3’s….never had an Ace so it stung.  Then losing the KP stung even worse.  Seriously 2ft wasn’t good enough for the KP.  That is brutal. 14 inches wins.  Wow…I’m still speechless.
– Tournaments with unlimited booze are dangerous.  The group in front of us was destroyed by the 5th hole.
– Slow golf is no fun.  160 people in a tournament was a 6 1/2 hour round.

Golfchops.com rating: 19/25
Customer Service: 5
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 2
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
Service was excellent.  I had a poor experience here last time but it was great on this visit.
– Greens were in excellent shape as we’ve come to expect at Harbour.  Healthy and smooth minus the 160 people trampling them.
– Very good.  The course is playing very well, tough and fair depending on your tee selection.
– $100 for a tournament at Harbour Pointe is excellent, especially considering the typical greens fee.  However, I’m not letting them off the hook on their regular greens fees.  $70 walking without an Oki Card, before balls and tax is too much.  $80+ to walk is crazy…
– They could use more space on the range but this is a really solid practice facility.  Lots of cart service on the course and a well above average restaurant and dining area for a public track.

Review Date: 08/19/2012
Reviewer: Ian Favre

I’ve never started a golf course review in this way but let’s just get to it:  $81 for a walking greens fee with a small bucket of balls is total bullshit.  I’m sorry.  I’ve never cursed on this website before and frankly I like Harbour Pointe, but their greens fee for someone walking might be the biggest rip off in all of Pacific Northwest golf.  This is a good and fun golf course, but there’s no way it’s better than courses such as West Seattle ($37 walking) or The Home Course ($50 walking) and we’re talking about two courses that have hosted national championships (W. Seattle – 1953 USGA National Public Links Championship, The HC – 2010 U.S Am and just awarded the 2014 U.S. Am Public Links).  I don’t get it…is it really this necessary to price gouge your customers like this?

Ok ok….at $81 you’re thinking a few things.  Exceptional service, remarkable golf and maybe a massage at the turn.  Here’s my experience.  Check in was weird for my very early 6:30am tee time.  I walk into the pro shop and stride up to the counter to pay.  The gent working the desk is in a conversation with someone who is either an employee or someone from the women’s club.  They are talking about payout to players, logistics, etc.  I patiently wait for the guy to check me in…..and wait…..and wait….to the point where I checked and made sure I didn’t stink.  Nope…no smell…no invisible cape…after say 3-4 minutes, he ends his conversation and helps me.  4 minutes standing at the front desk waiting when there is zero customers was an eternity.  I tell him that I’m walking and would like a small bucket….he says $81.50.  I say, “ummm no I’m walking, no cart for me.”  He says he didn’t charge me for a cart.  I get my wallet out, my debit card falls out, hits the floor, grabs my clubs and runs to my car.  Reluctantly, I wake up, give the gentleman my debit card and cry my way to the driving range.

As for the golf course, I enjoyed myself as I always do.  Harbour is a fun track that’s always kept in good condition.  I was reminded why we always play this place in the winter only….because we like it, we just refuse to pay their terrible summer greens fee.  Same reason we only play Redmond Ridge in a blizzard.  We caught Harbour on one of those days where the blue tees were way back and the pins were right on break lines.  It was pretty tough out there and at Harbour if you can’t get through some of the narrow holes on the front 9 unscathed, your score card is going to look like an algebra equation.

Summary – Good golf course at a flat out stupid price.  I got depressed just writing this review…so much so that I just stopped writing in that last paragraph instead of even finishing the review.

Golfchops.com rating: 13/25
Customer Service: 1
Condition of Greens: 4.5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 0
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
Service has been good here in the past, but my check in was a total fail.
– Solid.  Greens are always very good here.
– Solid.  As in past review you can tell they take care of the golf course…the darn well should have the money too.
– $81 to walk with a 20 ball bucket.  I want to report them to the better business bureau.  This has to be illegal.
– $3, 16oz Rolling Rock at the turn is nice.  Good practice facility, practice green that has the “mini hole” a personal favorite.  Cart service once, as we were walking off the 18th green…”you guys ok?”  Ummm yeah, why? Do you want to sell me a beer for the drive home?

Review Date: 02/26/2012
Reviewer: Sean Charlton

Watching the rain fall for just about 8 days, trapping me inside and away from the golf course, was tough after a golf trip to sunny Palm Springs… so a sunny day, even in the low 40’s, was all I needed to get myself out of the house and on the golf course.

Ian and I decided to swing up to Harbour Pointe to try and get 18 in.  Both the weather and the attendance at the course cooperated.  Walking on, mid day on a Sunday, and only having to wait about 30 min to tee off wasn’t too shabby…

A quick bucket on the soaking wet/muddy mats and it was off to #10 to start.  Not expecting any roll on a normal February day, we decided to play from the whites and shorten up the course a bit.  Unfortunately and to my surprise, this course was actually wetter and sloppier than I was ready for and my off-white pants would agree.  Just about every shot left my legs, jacket, and sometimes face sprinkled with mud… awesome.  It was plug city out there and both of us ‘lost’ a couple balls to the mud.

Nothing new to report here other than the extreme sloppiness of the course, however the GolfChops team did have a first during this round;

No, it wasn’t dropping two back to back birdie putts from outside 25 feet on the first hole after zero time on the practice green… No, it wasn’t encountering a golfer that has a swing that looked more like he was chopping down a tree rather than hitting a golf ball… and no, it wasn’t the green side Babyface serenade from a nearby home… It was a certain GolfChops contributing writer, after having given a certain GolfChops founder a bunch of grief over a certain dental issue, finding himself biting into a Snickers, only to have one of his front teeth shatter into several pieces.  Granted, it was a veneer that was about to be replaced, so it really didn’t hurt.  However, the embarrassment of having to play the ENTIRE back 9 with only 1 front tooth was a little painful… You try saying fast or four or fore (or any other 4 letter F word for that matter) with only one front tooth.

Editors Note:  Careful when you make fun of a man’s retainer….

Review Date: 11/27/2011
Reviewer: Ian

Maybe next time I will look at the old weather report before I book our tee time.  Always a winter favorite of the Golfchops team, Harbour Point Golf Course in Mukilteo, Wa is one of the many quality Oki courses that comes in a touch overpriced.  Hence our usual winter play of all the Oki courses.  On this fine day the golf gods greeted us with an utter downpour from the moment our alarm clocks went off.  Not one of those standard Seattle drizzle rain gigs, just a direct downpour for hours and hours.  To no surprise, we had the golf course to ourselves the entire day as the only idiots north of Seattle to have a play day in the rain.

For as soaking wet as the golf course was, it ended up playing extremely well.  I only ran into one occasion where a plugged lie left me befuddled in the fairway looking for my ball.  The greens, which we expected to be soft swamp land were in fantastic shape, considering not only the downpour but also the usual worn condition a public courses greens might get this time of year.  Even at check in the 2nd assistant mentioned that we would be surprised with how good of condition the greens were in.  He was spot on correct.  The ball rolled great all day.

We play here quite a bit and are usually pretty nit picky about the condition of the course from heavily sanded fairways to ball marked greens.  However, on this day, I have nothing for you.  The course was in excellent shape, the pace was clearly dependent upon us, the staff was very friendly and welcoming, and the price (with OKi Card) was only $33 ($40 without).  No complaints here.  We’ll be back a few more times this winter for sure.

On a side note:  A big congrats to 7 year old Kenzie Falkenhagen who survived 18 holes with her dad and uncle in a freaking monsoon.  Soaking wet and she had a blast!   What a welcome to golf that was!

Golfchops.com rating: 21/25
Customer Service: 5
Condition of Greens: 4.5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 3.5
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
As noted in previous reviews, the service here is excellent and does not go unnoticed by us.
– Soaking wet and at the end of November and they were great.  Beyond surprised.  Nice work by the maintenance crew.
– They are clearly doing some work to keep the course and specifically the greens in this kind of shape.  Our compliments.
– $33 with an Oki Card is a solid price.  $40 without still isn’t that bad.  Its no rat track.
– Considering we were the only 4 people on the course we’re giving them a pass…unless the cart girl played 18 with us.  They do have the mini putting hole which I love.  Putt on that for 15 minutes then go play.  Feels like you are putting to a coffee can.

Review Date: 02/13/2011

Reviewer: Ian- Golfchops.com

Being one of the closer tracks to our homes makes Harbour Pointe in Mukilteo our most reviewed golf course on the website.  This Sunday we were welcomed with a fairly sunny day in the 40’s after a significant amount of rain had pounded the area the day before.  Expecting soft conditions, plugged lies and no roll off the driver we stashed away the expensive tour balls, broke out the bricks and got after it.  By the way, I might get a hard time for saying it, but the 3-piece Top Flight Gamer ball is an excellent winter ball and Target often has them on clearance for 9.99 a dozen.  Just don’t break it out at Bandon when you are playing with two single digit handicaps or you’ll get laughed at….oops.

Harbour again excelled in the same areas we have come to expect.  Their customer service was excellent and they drove a new cart out to us when ours broke down on hole #5.  The driving range, chipping area and putting green are all solid.  Ok, the chipping area is a bit ragged but it’s still good.  Lastly, for February the greens were in good shape.  Soft and somewhat plagued by people who can’t take 20 seconds to repair their balls marks, but still solid and rolled good. Take pride in your local courses folks and repair your ball marks.

The challenges of the day were mud and sand.  It was pretty murky out there and a few drops were needed to get out of casual water.  Take that with a grain of salt though as it rained to all high hell the day before.  The other challenge was the winter sanding of the fairways they do, specifically on #2 and #9.  It is very large sand and unless picked clean is an automatic chili dip.  We understand the need for it, it’s just these two specific holes where there is much more sand than grass on your approach shots.  As a suggestion, avoid hitting it right down the middle on number two, that where the biggest challenge was.  Given the elements, time of year, etc Harbour Pointe continues to play really well and looks like she will be dialed in for an excellent summer.

Golfchops.com rating: 19/25
Customer Service: 5
Condition of Greens: 3.5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 2.5
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
 The service has been excellent just about every time we go to Harbour.  It’s appreciated.
– Greens were soft from heavy rains and have a few too many ball marks, but generally in excellent shape for February.
– Course was in good shape…the sand in the fairways on 2 and 9 was a bit of a detractor, but likey because I chili dipped twice out of it.
– Having an Oki card helps me out on price.  My buddy paid $62 bucks for his round and half a cart.  That’s a wee steep for mud golf.  I’m thinking $50.
– No cart service, but the practice facility is solid and bonus for having the mini-hole on the putting green.  Use that thing people!

Review Date: 12/19/2010

Reviewer: Jason – Golfchops.com

Perfect late fall weather greeted us on Sunday at Habour Pointe Golf Course. The days leading up to the round had been rainy and cold so sunny skies were a pleasant surprise. I had a few pre-paid rounds left on my Oki card so I decided to use one.  I was told that included a cart but I wanted to walk so the gentlemen in the proshop offered a large bucket of range balls in place of the cart. The rate with an Oki card would have been $35 for prime time play ($40 without card).

As far as the play of the course is concerned I was very surprised with the quality of the greens this late into the fall.  Due to all the resent rain my expectations were low but other than the fact that they were a bit soft they rolled excellent.  The rest of the course was in good shape as well (only a few areas of mud/standing water). Don’t get me wrong the course was soft and more than a few balls hit into the middle of the fairway plugged but hey it’s December in Washington State, what do you expect? In our last review we pointed out the the areas of sand/pebbles in some of the fairways.  This time around we did notice a few areas that remained in the same condition but it was not a bad as last time.

Overall the conditions were very good for a late December round.  The course played well, and the weather was perfect.

Golfchops.com rating: 21/25
Customer Service: 5
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 4
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
 Service was excellent.  Guy in the proshop gave me a free large bucket of practice balls in place of a cart (I’m a walker) with my Oki round.
– Greens rolled great, just a little soft.
– Course was in good shape.  Just a few areas of standing water.
– Love that the range and practice greens are right next to the first tee.

Review Date: 10/29/2010

Reviewer: Ian – Golfchops.com

A rain filled Saturday brought the Golfchops.com staff out to Harbour Point Golf Course in Mukilteo.  We’ve played this track on a regular basis and it has a reputation for playing pretty tough when the weather is solid and the greens are rolling.  That made the thought of tackling it in a constant rain a bit daunting.  But hell, anything is better than watching the Cougars lose 42-0 and the Huskies lose 41-0. 

Tee times are a bit cheaper once it’s past noon so we had a nice 12:01 tee off on the books.  It was pretty surprising to a full parking lot when we got there.  It didn’t sound like there was a tournament going on, but a full parking lot, a course marshal mentioning that “everyone is behind time wise”, and a constant rain did not get us very optimistic before we tee’d off.  Our check in experience was excellent despite out initial discouragement.  We were immediately told that we had a 10 dollar coupon on our Oki Cards so the round with a small bucket of balls would be $24.50 with tax.  That was a kicking deal for a course that really gauges you for $65 in the summer. Our compliments on the putting green as well.  It was in excellent shape and rolled really quick despite the rain.

*random note – There was a near fist fight on the 9th green while we were warming up.  A group apparently hit into another group that was putting and drama followed.  First time I’ve been at a course and heard a wild profanity laced shouting match…minus the ones I have with my driver from time to time.

Once we finally got out on the course we had two constants, rain and a slow pace.  We waited on pretty much every tee box and completed 18 in a paltry 5 hours and 5 minutes.  The course itself played pretty well for as wet as it was.  We only had a few balls plug out there and the greens were in really good shape.  The green on 13 has quite a bit of damage to it, but it’s large enough that the pin can be placed on the other side and it still plays ok.  The only other oddity out there is an extremely sanded fairway on #9.  Not your everyday bunker sand either, but very thick sand, like pebbles.  I suggest trying to find a patch of grass to play out of or just tee the ball up a touch in the fairway.  Either that or use a hack club because the rocks aka sand is significant enough to mark you irons up.

Overall the conditions were pretty good for a rainy late October round.  The price was right, the course played well, and minus the slow pace it was a solid golf experience. 

Golfchops.com rating: 21/25
Customer Service: 5
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3
Value: 5
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
 Service was excellent.  Noticed one of the proshop guys drive a late player out to his group on the second hole and hoof it back.  Also the random coupon they gave us we didn’t even know about.
– Greens were solid, minus #13.
– Course was in good shape.  No debris and garbage lying around.
– We don’t get to say this often about an Oki course but we got a hell of a deal.  $24.50 for greens fees and a small bucket, jackpot.
– Pleasantly surprised to see the cart girl out in a rain storm.  Good practice facilities: small driving range, excellent putting green, and two chipping greens.

Review Date: 7/11/2010

Reviewer: Ian – Golfchops.com

Mukilteo decided to be covered in a thick fog which made our 7:45 tee time a bit more interesting than expected. It also left the course a bit moist which was totally random considering the 90+ degree days that we had in the past week. Nothing to write home about at check in, standard here ya go and off we went.Harbour Point checks in at 65.00 for non Oki Card holders and $5 for a small bucket to warm up. Not terrible, not great. Harbour is really a 45.00 course to us with a $20 Oki/location tax.

Hit the putting green and it is rolling for sure. Very nice! Always get excited for the round when the putting green is rolling so well. And a bonus to Harbour for having the mini practice hole on the green. Five minutes on that makes the holes on the course look like coffee cans. Now, did that giddiness carry over to the course? Oh hell no. Anyone familiar with the expression “spray fest?” 7 penalty stokes from hazards or o.b. shots on the first nine. Harbour was playing tough as nails and spraying the ball around on this day was not going to cut it. We played from the blue tees and they were as far back as we have ever seen them at Harbour Point. Deep! The kicker was that the pin locations were very tough. Lots of them in the back corners or tight to the front, only giving you a few feet of green to work with on approach shots. In short, we got chewed up by Harbour today and our hats off to them; they made it tough for all.

The greens were all in really good shape and rolled well. They were a little tricky because some of them rolled at different speeds. #1 for example seemed really quick, but then #9 rolled much slower in our observation. Maintenance of the course was pretty good. The tee boxes could have been a bit better but none of them were on slopes or anything. The cart girl made two appearances (no PBR was not liked) and she had Pyramid Hefeweizen in a can. Never seen that before. All in all a pretty good day, sprayed the ball all over, took 11 penalties, and had a ball doing it. Every time you think you have this game figured out it slaps you in the face and reminds you that you don’t know squat. We’ll be back for more!

Golfchops.com rating: 18.5/25
Customer Service: 3.5
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 3
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
 Starter was friendly and chatted us up while we waiting to tee off.
– Greens all looked great and rolled well. Speeds were a bit inconsistent but everything rolled really true.
– Course was in good shape, looked maintained well.
– A little over priced but not terrible. We’d pay again when the greens are in this kind of shape.
– Putting green was rolling really nice and has the mini hole to practice on. Nice grass driving range, that has mats for you to hit off….come on, its summer, lets us hit off the grass. Cart girl made two appearances. Kudos to the guy liviing behind the 11th tee who stopped mowing his lawn while we tee’d off, then fired it up when we were done. You sir are a peach.

Review Date: 5/06/2010

Got in an afternoon 18 at Harbour Point yesterday on what was a mild and dry day surprisingly. Course is still a bit murky in places but not too bad. Looks like they sanded a few of the fairways recently as well. Had a couple fairway plays that felt more like bunker shots off the club. Greens seemed really healthy which was a nice change from the way local course greens have looked so far this spring. #3 green is the only one that made me groan when I saw the condition. The speeds and “true-ness” were off though, some fairly fast, some deathly slow, and the breaks were just odd all day. A putt with no break would break two cups, a putt with break would go straight as an arrow. My four-some even encountered two putts on the back where the ball broke up the slope….way weird. Watch out for lady’s day on Thursday, aka, senior ladies day as the course was really slow on the front nine. A 5-some of 70 year olds on the course? Really? Good for them for getting out and playing, but a 5-some? come on. All in all, good round, good course conditions, no complaints.

Golfchops.com rating: 15/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 2
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 2
Amenities: 3

Rating Notes:
 Bailed from the car to the teebox so there were no customer service encounters.
– Greens were inconsistent, but healthy.
– Course appeared to be in good shape and should play well this summer.
– It’s an Oki course, Oki in Hebrew means “over-priced.” Ok, not really but all of their courses are over-priced.
– Average putting green and driving range, which were packed. Chipping green is right next to first tee so people on their cell phones while chipping are a menace.

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  1. What day of the week was this? Early bird on a weekday with a small bucket oughta be under 50 after tax. I assume this was a weekend, but still. Was planning on playing there sometime soon, but now… Can they really charge for something other than what the website says?

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