Gold Mountain – Olympic Course

Gold Mountain Golf Complex (Olympic Course)
7263 W. Belfair Valley Road
Bremerton, WA 98312

Course Review Date: 07/30/2011
Course Reviewer: Ian

Hey!  Let’s go play Gold Mountain the weekend after it hosted the 2011 US Junior Amateur Championship!  Sweet!  That sounds great.  Where is it again?  Gorst?  Where the hell is Gorst?  Is that a squash?  As residents of the fine eastside, Jason and I took an epic mission across the Narrows Bridge ($4.00 toll) and up the peninsula to the busting community of Gorst Washington, home of Gold Mountain Golf Complex and its seriously tough Olympic Golf Course.  What a resume this golf course has:  Host of the 2009 Ping / Golfweek Invitational, the 2008 & 2010 NCAA Men’s West Regional Championship,  the 2006 US Junior Amateur Public Links, and of course the 2011 US Junior Amateur Championship.  Whew…not to mention they have a laundry list of awards ranging from Top 100 courses to play in the US to #1 golf course in Washington State.

The Olympic Course at Gold Mountain is another one of those Western Washington tracks we are damn lucky to have that doesn’t have that wallet crunching price tag associated to it.  Similar to White Horse and The Home Course, the Olympic Course at Golf Mountain only hits you with a $60 green fee, which for the golf your get is just nails.  Move this golf course to say Redmond and you’re easily looking $150 in the face.  Moving past the very reasonable green fees leads us to the scorecard and tee selection for the round.  Choose wisely my friends, the yardage is deceptive.  From the tips she is a brain bonking 7104 yards which is clearly designed for major tournament play.  The blues however seemed reasonable for our skill level (a 9 & 14) at 6505….ummm not so much.  The front 9 chewed me up, spit me out, and laughed the whole way.  Whew!!! That is some rough.  Throw in some wind and you have a recipe for pain.  Special ouch credit to hole #7, a 434 yard par 4 straight in the wind.  Driver, 3 wood is never encouraging on a par 4.  Then the real beast, hole #9.  582 yards straight into the wind.  Nurse, send me to the beer cart please.

At the turn Jason and I made two very important decisions.  One, for the love of all things holy let’s move to the white tee’s and second, immediately add a couple Budweisers (in the American can friends) to the bag.  The whites play at what seems a short 6034 yards, but after the beating from the front 9 they were a significantly welcomes sight.  We managed to shoot a couple solid back 9 scores and had a blast doing it (see picture of ‘someone’ playing out of the water hazard below).  This is a great golf course that was super tuned up for the US Junior Am so my suggestion is to put the ego aside and step forward a tee.  Yeah, I didn’t like doing it, but had a lot more fun once I did.

Of my favorite holes, #18 takes the cake.  A really cool looking and very drivable par 4 (250 yards), protected by water right and lots of bunkers and hills to the front.  Someone who really pumps the ball can put hybrid to say 14 feet (nice shot Jas) or pull driver and give it a go.  It’s the only par 4 I have ever seen where you can go wedge wedge and get to the green. rating: 22/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 5
Value: 5
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
 Friendly enough and nothing stands out in a negative manner.  Starter provides a stern warning on pace of play…then the round took 5hr. 15min
– Greens were totally nails.  Fast and true.  There were a few unfixed ball marks.  Come on peeps, this is a Championship track.
– Course was truly dialed in for the Junior Am.  Some of the toughest rough I have played.  It was great!  There was a garbage can upside down on the side of one of the tee boxes.  Pretty random really…garbage everywhere.  Not dinging them for that.
– $60 for championship golf on a course in championship condition.  Total steal.
– Lots of putting greens on the property and a pretty good range.  Didn’t see a cart girl all 18 holes and the snack shack in the middle is cash only.

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One thought on “Gold Mountain – Olympic Course

  1. May, 2012 conditions update: May 5th, 2012: Olympic course playing well. Greens rolling true and fast for this early in the season. Some wet areas, but not unexpected with the spring we have had. Hard to find better greens than here this early in the season.

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