Druids Glen Golf Course

29925 207TH Ave SE
Covington, WA 98042

Course Review Date: 09.14.2013
Course Reviewer – Ian

Non-stop advertising on the “pristine conditions” via KJR Radio and a desire to go out somewhere out of the norm for the final sunny round of 2013 led us to Druid’s Glen down in Southern Oregon…ok, Covington, but the drive sure felt like Southern Oregon.  Anyways, back to those pristine conditions.  Druid’s has a rep for being super tough, especially the par 3’s and typically in very nice condition in the summer.  For $60 walking you should certainly expect that.  Let’s let the pictures do the reviewing here:

Druids Glen 1 Druids Glen 2 Druids Glen 3

Now, call me crazy, but that’s a golf courses’ version of getting the flu is it not?  This was a pattern that repeated itself all over the course, in the fairways and in the rough.  This is a couple courses in a row now where we’ve run in to some pretty sad conditions.  Seems so hit or miss lately.  West Seattle and Harbour Point were in fantastic shape this past month, but Druid’s and was a mess and Bellevue was a total disaster.  I will say that the greens at Druids were in very sharp condition and in no way reflected the rest of the way of the golf course played.

Druids Glen 4 Druids Glen 5 Druids Glen 6

Things got even weirder when we got holes like the picturesque 16th where the mighty water hazard was half drained.  See the pic below.  Now, call me crazy, but if you call yourself “The Jewel of the Northwest” on the home page of your website, you better be bringing it.  I snooped around and there are no construction signs on the course and no mention about the conditions on the website or from any of the staff.  Call me crazy, but doesn’t it seem important to advise your customers about what is going on at the course.  Regardless of construction, or diseased fairways, or whatever it might be, if you’re going to sell a product or service that is not up to its usual self, don’t you mention it?

Druids Glen 7

Some other notes:

  • Food.  This should be available to golfers regardless of time of day.  If I’m hungry at the turn, I should be able to get something besides jalapeno chips and a twix bar.  Same goes for the beverage cart…beer and chips…that’s it.
  • One of our writers had never played Druids and he was pretty excited to play it.  In the parking lot he said, “well, I was totally excited to play here and I’ll never come back.”
  • Inconsistent rough was a really tough to deal with.  From dead patch to 3 inches long, back and forth.  I guess the lesson is, don’t hit it in the rough.

Golfchops.com rating: 10/25
Customer Service: 2
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 2
Value: 1
Amenities: 1

And I almost forgot!  Victor does not like the bunkers 🙂  Sorry Vic.

Rating Notes:
– Funny, reading my old review from over two years ago I mentioned the service was aloof and it was again this time.
– Greens were excellent just like last time.
– Well not sure what to say here…greens were great, rest of course terrible.
– $60 walking and a lot of gas to get there.
– Driving range features the hardest golf balls I have ever hit.  Got a small bucket and stopped hitting after 10 swings.  Made Sean hit some just so he could verify I wasn’t being a snob.  Absolute bricks.  No food service until 11am.  Disappointing day.

Course Review Date: 02.05.2011
Course Reviewer – Ian

Pictures Below

Fresh off a trip to Bandon Dunes the team thought it was pretty important to add a new local course to the website that had a reputation for being really good and tough.  After a week of links golf with no water in play minus the Pacific Ocean, why check out Druid’s Glen Golf course in Covington, WA where they have a whole ensemble of hole with water.  Water left, water right, par 3’s with water, par 4’s with water you have to clear from the tee box, and yes, water you have to lay up short of.  Ball striking is essential here because if you are spraying it around a touch, specifically on the par 3’s, you’re in for a long day.  Bring a lot of balls and if you’re not competitive with your buddies we suggest a mulligan a side (not that we took any liberties out there ;)).

From the tips Druid’s Glen plays over 7100 which in the winter is just not humanly possible unless you’re an absolute stick.  A day after the round we are all saying that we probably should have played the white tee’s at 6000 yards instead of the blues at 6500.  Maybe it was a week of dry conditions at Bandon that got us optimistic on the tee box selection, but as you can imagine a tee shot at Druid’s Glen in February is not going to have the same roll out so to speak as a Bandon drive.  Get used the sound “splat” and the ensuing search for your plugged ball.  It’s a bit deflating to smoke a drive and find it plugged 245 yards in the fairway….ugh!  That was 280 for sure just last week.

If you can manage to play your way through the soup you’ll have a challenging and very enjoyable round out there.  Druid’s Glen is an excellent course design and has some beautiful views on a clear day.  If the mud gets to you and you hit 10 chili dips on the front side you will get into the misery zone.  Amongst our favorite holes at Druid’s Glen is the Par 3, #12 at 166 yards from the blue tees.  Surrounded by water, with a very steep elevation drop, there really is no safe miss.  It’s a total feast or famine hole.  Everyone seems to think, club down 2 sticks to account for the elevation drop, then comes up short in the water.  #16 is a very similar par 3 where the green is protected by a giant horseshoe of water.  Right is wet, short is wet, left is wet, and long is in the trees. Club selection isn’t as much of a challenge as #12, but the precision shot requirement certainly is.

A couple of additional notes; People…rake your bunkers.  Come on (see picture below). The greens were all in really good shape and only one looked like some work was being done on it.  Bring you mud gear because it is murky out there and my pants were toasted after the round.  I think half the course came home with me.

Golfchops.com rating: 16.5/25
Customer Service: 2
Condition of Greens: 4.5
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 4
Value: 3
Amenities: 3

Rating Notes:
– We’ve all had days when we did not want to be at the office.  Whoever was working the front desk was clearly having one of those days.  A couple people in our group actually mentioned it.
– For winter I thought the greens were in excellent condition.  They all rolled well and looked really healthy.
– Tough one because the greens were maintained very well and the course is in good shape, but the bunkers looked like a stampede had been though them.  The footprints weren’t “fresh” as if the group in front of us had left them.
– $42 in the winter is a touch aggressive for us.  With a small bucket it was $49.50.  That’s a bit hefty to play in the mud.
– The driving range has seen better days and needs new mats.  A lot of them do not have tees.  There’s no air hose to clean up with, so after a round of mud you have to clean up with one of those shoe brushes?  No bueno.  Putting green before the first hole is really good.  Oh, and I promised my friend Justin I would mention the Dyson hand blowers from the men’s room in the review.  He was impressed with them.

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