Cobra S3

Cobra’s S3 driver is touted as a distance monster featuring “E9 Technology” that creates a 30% larger sweet spot on the face of the club.  The S3 is also an adjustable driver allowing the golfer to update the face angle in order to generate the optimal ball flight.  This stick was also had a limited edition run that was white from head to toe.  It looked awesome!
Reviewer: Ian
Club Name:  Cobra S3
Club Specs:  Blur Stiff


Longest Drive: 284.2
Average Drive Distance: 260.5
Average Ball Speed: 143.4
Average Swing Speed: 99

Ball Flight Pattern: middle left, couple right Score: 16/25
Look:  4 /5
Sound:   2/5
Feel:   4/5
Distance:   4/5
Accuracy:   2/5

Reviewer: Jason
Club Name: Cobra S3
Club Specs: Blur Stiff


Longest Drive: 287
Average Drive Distance: 257
Average Ball Speed: 154.1
Average Swing Speed: 105

Ball Flight Pattern: Score: 17/25
Look: 4/5
Sound: 2/5
Feel: 4/5
Distance: 3/5
Accuracy: 4/5

Reviewer Comments:

Ian:  Whew, when hit flush I felt like I shot it out of a cannon.  284 yards on the soft conditions setting of the launch monitor is a bomb for me.  I think I posed, maybe even threw in a shoulder shrug.  While that feeling was nice, I did hit a couple sharp fades with it which I didn’t do many times at all during the entire demo session.  I really like the look of the club and the blur shaft is a nice edition.  It was one of those stick for me where the good ones are really good and the bad are really bad.  Similar to other Cobra drivers it sounds like a toaster oven at impact and you debate whether or not pop tarts will jump out when you hit it.

Jason:  This thing looked great which for me is hard to say about a Cobra driver. In the past I have not been a big fan of the head shape or the scoops in the crown of the head.  The S3 was not the longest of the day but it performed well. I was a little put off by the sound produced at impact.

Pro Golf Discount Price: $299.99
MSRP: $375

Pictures of the Cobra S3:

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