Cleveland TL310

Remove as much weight as humanly possible from the club and you can swing it faster and hit it further.  Pretty straight forward logic from Cleveland who offers one of the lightest shafts and club heads on a driver in golf.  The 310, which is featured in our review is the heaviest of the three drivers offered in the Launcher “weight” line, followed by the 290 and the 270.  The TL310 which we are demo’n is Cleveland’s tour caliber version of the driver.
Reviewer: Ian
Club Name: Cleveland XL 310
Club Specs: Miyazaki 59g S


Longest Drive: 279.8
Average Drive Distance: 260.4
Average Ball Speed: 141
Average Swing Speed: 97

Ball Flight Pattern: Random Score: 18/25
Look:  4/5
Sound: 4/5
Feel:  4/5
Distance:  3/5
Accuracy: 3/5

Reviewer: Jason
Club Name: Cleveland XL 310
Club Specs: Miyazaki 59g S


Longest Drive: 264.1
Average Drive Distance: 253
Average Ball Speed: 153.3
Average Swing Speed: 105

Ball Flight Pattern: Score: 18/25
Look: 4/5
Sound: 4/5
Feel: 3/5
Distance: 3/5
Accuracy: 4/5

Reviewers Feedback:

Ian – Pretty good looking stick and feels solid throughout the entire swing.  Cleveland seems to quietly make solid drivers year after year and this version of the XL line is par for the course with past Cleveland offerings.  It didn’t overwhelm me with a knockout performance but I never got the impression I was lost with it.  Nice traditional head too.  It didn’t have that crazy scoop in the back of it.  Being the tour edition I think it was a bit over my head like the Razr Hawk was, but I don’t think you can go wrong purchasing this stick.  Looking back in my notes from the testing I wrote, “almost felt like it was pulling me through the swing.”

Jason – Nothing really jumped out at me with this one. The club looked good but not great and it performed good but not great.  No silly gimmicks with this one just good logic: if the club is lighter you can swing it faster and hit it longer.

Pro Golf Discount Price: $299.99
MSRP: $390

Pictures of the Cleveland TL310:

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