Centennial Golf Club

Centennial Golf Club 

1900 N. Phoenix Rd
Medford OR, 97504

Course Review Date: 05.12.2011
Course Reviewer – Ian

Pictures Below

Acclaimed by many as the best golf course in the Rogue Valley, Centennial Golf Club in Medford, Oregon is a 7309 yard wide open jaunt that you will not soon forget. You’re immediately tricked into a touch of false optimism when you arrive at the course because it looks so flat, displays some beaming wide fairways, and doesn’t have any obvious danger. It’s usually that hope of shooting in the low 80’s that makes gutting my 94 that much more difficult. No way I can have 5 double bogeys in a row on this track! Ah hell… One of the tricky things about this game is that no matter how wide the fairways seem to be, you still have to freaking hit them to give yourself a chance. You might not play a place where this truth is more real.

Centennial Golf Club is home to some of the thickest first cut of rough I can remember playing. Epically thick rough that grabs the clubs face and opens it up as soon as you swing into it. In fact there were times where the ball would literally sit on top of it instead of drop down and get buried. If you did miss the fairway and get yourself into this cut of rough consider yourself lucky, because beyond that is a mixture of knee to waist high fescue, random plant life, hardpan dirt patches and rock. In other words, a giant hot mess. Unfortunately, while having a pretty solid ball striking day, I was driving the ball terribly and explored these regions of the course way too often.  Being in the middle of the valley as it is, I think this course gets its fair share of wind which we battled all day.  It was a nice treat to have a 15-20mph wind at our back on the first tee.  Hitting 300 yard+ bombs on the first tee is a real confidence booster, but…whew….man when you get that head wind on one of the par 3’s, good luck.  Oh, one other note on driving the ball, it actually bounces here!  A lot.  Almost to the point where it trampolines down the fairway.  It was as foreign to me as the sun.

Besides the perils of the rough at Centennial Golf Club they also throw some quick bent grass greens at you with gnarly pin placements. There wasn’t a straight put on that course for myself or Golfchops contributor JR. Even the three foot knee knockers were breaking 6 inches every which way. I like to think of myself as an above average putter and when I looked at the scorecard and realized I had an 15 footer on 18 for my first and only 1 putt of the day, I wanted to cry a touch. Then I missed the putt and shed my tear 😉

Loved this course….and it ate me alive.  This is one I want a revenge round on asap.


Golfchops.com rating: 22/25
Customer Service: 4
Condition of Greens: 4
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 5
Value: 5
Amenities: 4

Rating Notes:
– Pretty friendly bunch at the course.
– The greens were nails.  Creeping bent grass, quick, breaking all over the place.  I would give them a 5 but they didn’t hold shots well at all.
– Tee to green the course was in excellent shape..
– $26 twilight rate on a Wednesday and we tee’d off at 2:30.  Good luck beating that deal.  We felt like we stole something.
– Easily the largest driving range teeing ground I have ever seen.  A couple of solid practice greens that rolled identical to the greens on the course. Only drawback would be a long walk to the club house when making the turn if you want a beer.Pictures

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