Cedarcrest Golf Course

Cedarcrest Golf Course
6810 84th Street Northeast
Marysville, WA 98270

Course Review Date: 02.19.2011
Course Reviewer: Ian

Hmmmmm…when we signed up to play Cedarcrest we had no idea we would be dialed in to a 6 hour marathon in temps that creeped the upper 30’s at max.  Yes friends, that’s 6 hours in February.  I still haven’t figured this one out, but there was a shotgun tournament out there and it apparently played at a 6 hour clip.  Agonizing does not even describe the experience.  We’ll get to that whole course review in a moment since this actually is a fun course with a pretty good design, but first….let’s touch on a few things we experienced at Cedarcrest.  First, at no point is it acceptable to clip your finger nails on a golf course, let alone when someone is trying to tee off.  Amazing.  Second, while effective in the work place, your Carthartt work boots tend to be hard on the soft greens.  Buy some golf shoes or at least slap some Nikes on those dogs.  Lastly, a Canadian tuxedo (denim head to toe) might be formal wear for a Canucks game, but it has not place on a golf course.  Come on man.  Oh, and just because the sun is out does not make it shorts and tee shirt weather.  For god’s sake, its 38 degrees out, cover those pasty legs of yours up already!  Ok ok…off the soap box, let’s get to this review.

Cedarcrest is a very playable course for golfers of all skill levels.  At 5811 yards from the blue tee’s you’re only required to pull the trigger on driver a couple times.  5811 yards…..6 hours…ouch.  Course design wise Cedarcrest is an excellent layout and it was little unexpected really.  The track is fenced in and runs along a few roads so I was expecting much more of a back and forth, ho hum lay out.  While not very long, the space is well used and the design is pretty creative and provides a good variety of shots to play.  You’ll have holes that feature wide open landing areas with little to no trouble, a few holes where water comes into play, then other holes that are narrow and tree lined (see second picture below for that one).

The back 9 is by far the better side and I was glad we didn’t walk off after that 3 hour front nine…..but it was tempting.  #10, which runs next to the club house is a fun driving hole that basically allows you to swing as hard as you possibly can since the landing area is so big (4th picture down).  You then jump to an elevated tee box on 11 when placement of the tee shot is very important.  Your approach to the green must clear a creek and avoid thick rough around the green.  Hole 12 (5th pic below) is an excellent par 3 with an elevated tee box, a dip in the middle, and a couple of bunkers to keep you honest.  A really cool looking hole from the tee box.  Honestly, we really liked this course, and while I don’t see us heading out there again anytime soon after a 6 hour round, I would happily play this track again.

Golfchops.com rating: 14/25
Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 3
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3.5
Value: 3.5
Amenities: 1

Rating Notes: 
– Not much to report here.  The clubhouse did mention it was going to be slow because of a men’s league tournament, but slow and 6 hours are two totally different things.
– Greens were ok health wise, but soft and bumpy.  Your standard winter muni greens.  People in heavy work boots were not helping the cause.
– Everything looked pretty good out there.  The course wasn’t a mess by any means.
– $29 for winter…. not terrible, but not great either.
– No driving range is a downer, especially since this course attracts the very casual golfer who could use some warm up swings.  No liquer license so they could not sell wine, booze, or beer…..total downer.  Putting green was ok.

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