Bellevue Municipal Golf Course

5500 140th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 452-7250

Course Review Date 06/17/2014
Course Reviewer: Ian

Golf karma. Bash a golf course online for not telling you about construction and a jack hammer (as noted below), move right down the street and pow, it’s your new home course. Being a creature of convenience with an insatiable golf appetite means Bellevue Municipal Golf Course and I have become close personal pals over the past couple months. Tomorrow will mark the 6th round out at Bellevue in the past month, so an overhaul to the previous ranting review is required.

The track: Bellevue, as with all the all the Premier managed golf courses in our area is in pretty solid condition for the amount of play she receives. Greens over the past month have all been really healthy and rolling very consistent, and the pace of play has been surprising brisk on each visit. The course definitely has a few head scratcher holes, specifically the double dog leg par 5 on the front which doesn’t allow you to hit driver off the tee. However, for the most part, you find very good tree lined golf holes that force the player to hit accurate tee shots and approaches to smaller than average sized greens.

What we like:

  • The first hole is great corridor style golf hole that is tree lined on both sides and forces you to hit an accurate tee shot right out of the gate. Stand on the box and watch how many players pull this shot into the trees on the left. Magnetic I swear.
  • Second hole, a good par 5, is the same way. Miss the tee ball and you’re punching out of the trees, but you can still have par.
  • The greens – Premier has a knack for good greens on high traffic golf courses. West Seattle is another good example.
  • The possibility of a flyer coming through the driving range net on 11. My playing partner a few rounds back took one to the ankle and it was hilarious.
  • The other par 5’s. All of them are reachable with great shots and all of them can slap your scorecard around if you miss.

What makes us go “huh?”:

  • Double dog leg par 5. Can’t hit driver on a par 5. It’s not a particularly challenging hole and I like a course that asks you to hit a cut, then a draw on the same hole. Ever have a golf hole that for no apparent reason you cannot play well? This hole is my kryptonite….
  • Slanted tee boxes….not a fan of having a ball above or below my feet on the tee. Some of the tee boxes need work.
  • The 10th fairway. Bombing a 3 wood down the middle of a 310 yard par 4 should not be rewarded with the ball 6 inches above your feet. Not a bad hole, just not a fan of a no reward tee shot.

Additional Notes:

  • Driving range can be a zoo so don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a stall.
  • Well worth the $40 greens fee.


Course Review Date 09/10/2013
Course Reviewer: Ian

Strangest, most bizarre round of golf that I can think of ever participating in.  I’m going do this one in bullet points just so my brain can process all of today’s enchanting events.

  • Greens had been punched yesterday and the proshop staff advised us of this on arrival.  Greens fees were discounted by $5.  Well played and appreciate the consideration there.
  • By the 3rd hole we notice tractors, a dump truck, a backhoe and miscellaneous other construction equipment.
  • By the 6th hole things are getting really loud with tractors dragging dirt across cart paths, blowers firing away in random directions and other standard maintenance equipment zigzagging back and forth.
  • At the turn all three of us took a deep breath, had a laugh and assumed that the construction madness was behind us.
  • Then the madness began…the jackhammer.  I’ve never seen a jackhammer crew in play on a golf course buy man did we get a first hand taste of what it is like to play golf in a full a on construction site.  Enjoy the videos below for a taste of our experience.

Here’s the thing, it’s totally understandable for a golf course to undergo maintenance and construction.  Hell, we applaud them.  At a time when more courses are closing than opening, it’s great to see investments being made in our old neighborhood staples.  That said, it is completely unacceptable to not advise your paying customers that full blown construction is going on all over the golf course.  No signage, no mention at check in, no hey there’s a cigarette smoking knucklehead on the 15th tee box with a jackhammer.  The guy was 5 feet from us when we teed off and he didn’t even flinch.  Dude just jackhammered away like he was on a repaving crew working 405.

Bellevue.  I like your golf course. I enjoy the layout and the conditions are usually solid.  That said, poop on you for not even mentioning full blown construction on the damn golf course.  How can you not even have a sign up?  Total fail.  I’m disgusted I gave you $30 of my hard earned money to play through this total shit show.

sean bellevue

Sorry this one came out sideways! iPhone fail.

Course Review Date 07/18/2010

There are some cardinal sins in golf that should never be broken; talking in someone’s back swing, showing up late for a tee time, etc.  We’re going to add 6:22am tee times to the list.  It does have its advantages though…Bellevue Municipal is the most played course in Western Washington so an early tee time breezes us right through the course in a touch under 4 hours and there isn’t a constant barrage of people yelling “fore” the whole round.  Bellevue Muni is pretty crammed together so errant shots tend to find their way into other groups.  There are a couple tee boxes, 17 in specific that are danger zones.  Keep your eyes open out there!

The first few holes really don’t lead you to believe that this place gets so much play.  The fairways looked pretty good and the first few greens were excellent.  It’s a pretty straight forward, short track (6048 from the blues) that makes you work by using ungulated fairways, crowned and sloped greens, and a lot of doglegs. Doglegs are one way to make a course a little more challenging but Bellevue’s Par 5, hole #5 takes this thinking a little too far by making the hole a “Z” essential.  Tee off straight, then hard dogleg right, then a sharp dogleg left, with the pin tucked in far back left corner.  It’s a par 5 that makes you play 6 iron off the box, 7 iron lay-up, and wedge to get home.  Lame.  The back 9 played nothing like the front 9 really.  The greens on the front were all in really good shape and rolled really well, but the back nine had a few greens that were in sad shape.  Number 12 and specifically number 14 were in sad shape.  Do yourself a favor and take an auto-two putt on this one.  Also, if you’re playing from the whites you’ll come across a big strip of astro-turf as your tee box on number 13.

Would we go back? Sure. $37 for a Sunday prime time rate and for the most part the course was pretty well taken care of.  Looks like the range is under construction because it’s hammered but the practice facilities are pretty good here, specifically the putting green.  Fix up the greens on back nine, do something about that awful par 5 and we’re fans.  Not bad for a PGC muni. rating: 16.5/25

Customer Service: 3
Condition of Greens: 3
“Perceived” maintenance level of course: 3
Value: 4
Amenities: 3.5

Rating Notes: 
– Can’t report much here, especially at 6:22am.
– Some very nice greens on the front, then a couple awful ones on the back.
– Course was clean but the track gets played heavily so it is riddled with divots and pitch marks.
– $37 prime time rate isn’t bad at all.  Its not as good of a muni as West Seattle but it’s worth the money.
– Very nice putting green, small chipping area, and a hammered driving range that is under repairs.

One thought on “Bellevue Municipal Golf Course

  1. Disappointed to hear this. I worked there all summer on the range (mentioned it on facebook) and am surprised there was no mention of the construction happenings on the course. I don’t know who you encountered this day, but in my experience most everyone was really friendly and opened up about things that were going on on the course.

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