Auburn Golf Course

This is a guest review of Auburn Golf Course.

Course Review Date: 04/02/2011
Guest Reviewer: Jason Eley

This was my first time at Auburn Golf Course since the early 90’s. Pulling into the entrance I immediately noticed the new pro shop and restaurant.  From just the parking lot it looks spectacular. Upon entering the pro shop I was underwhelmed, like many pro shops it was small but it lacked much more than size. Minus a few shoes and jackets there was not much equipment should you brake or forget something.

The pro shop guys were friendly and even though twilight hours changed they honored what we were told when booking a tee time the week prior. 18 holes for $22 is not bad. The folks in the proshop mentioned that they received a lot of rain, but we shouldn’t plug on any more than a couple fairways. One partner arriving late rented a cart and was told that it could not be used on 7-9 due to flooding. Thought that should have been mentioned earlier when I asked.

The development lacks a driving range and from what I saw had only one net to hit into. A small chipping green and good size putting green provided a decent place to warm up. Started off great but noticed that it was wet. The green on #1 would move for about six inches when stepped on. This should have been a sign. One of my partners tee shot off of 2 was straight and in the fairway, wish we could have found that ball. Three people saw it and three people could not find it. Again the green on #2 was very wet and 10 feet behind the green was about a foot of standing water. The green on #4 engulfed my ball but luckily I could find it, wish I had a hand-held shovel to dig it out. Sand bunkers on 6 were almost pools.

The water park fun really gets going on #7 where we encountered the flooding I mentioned before.  It was a very wet and soggy walk. Surprisingly no lost balls though. Hole #8 was the best by far. What I imagine is a par 3 that dips down below the tee box and rises to the green. This day it was a tee box just above a lake that couldn’t quite make it all the way up to the green. Do I even need to say the green was like a very old soft sponge. 9 was again very wet and what I believe to be a pond near the green was a lake.

To shorten this review lets just assume that every hole was a very soggy mess and most if not all greens were very soft. These were the softest and soggiest greens I had played in the last month, which includes three other courses.

Under some dry conditions this would be a relatively easy track to play. It plays pretty straight forward and features some wide fairways. Holes 10-13 are up on a hill. The 11th tee box is about a quarter of the way up the hill with the green sitting at the top. The tee box for #15 is at the top of the hill and plays way down and to the right. Be careful here because it is easy to over drive and I wouldn’t be surprised if lost balls are common dry or wet.

Auburn has potential to be a fun course when DRY. I strongly recommend waiting until later in the year to play this course.

Golfchops Guest Rating:14/25
Customer service: 4
Condition of greens:1
Perceived maintenance level of course: 3
Value: 3
Amenities: 3

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