Adams Speedline F11

The stick of choice for many of the long drive pro’s including Jamie Sadlowski, the back to back long drive world champion. The Adams golf website has him ripping this thing at 150 mph and a ball speed of 216 mph. Ummm, wow. The Speedline F11 is built and marketed around its aerodynamics. The more aerodynamic the club is, the faster the player can swing it. This particular Speedline driver boast not only an improved aerodynamic shape, but also increased forgiveness on misses.

Reviewer: Ian

Club Name: Adams Speedline F11
Club Specs: Aldila Voodoo SV56


Longest Drive: 268.6

Average Drive Distance: 255.82

Average Ball Speed: 142.1

Average Swing Speed: 98

Ball Flight Pattern: All over gods creation Score: 11/25

Look: 1/5

Sound: 3/5

Feel: 3/5

Distance: 3/5

Accuracy: 1/5

Reviewer: Jason

Club Name: Adams Speedline F11
Club Specs: Aldila Voodoo SV56


Longest Drive: 286.4

Average Drive Distance: 256.2

Average Ball Speed: 153.1

Average Swing Speed: 105

Ball Flight Pattern: Score: 13/25

Look: 3/5

Sound: 3/5

Feel: 2/5

Distance: 3/5

Accuracy: 3/5

General Feedback:

Ian – Man I stunk with this club and it was not pleasing to the eye at address for me. The club face has a really odd shape and I just could not sqaure the damn thing up at impact. Topped it, skyed it, and hoselled it. No Bueno. The back top of the club has 3 slots on it that look pretty random as well. I have heard good things about this stick and obviously the long drive guys have no issue it but hey, different strokes for different folks I guess. It did not work for me.

Jason – My first thought was that it looked strange at address with the “Speedlines” in the back of the head. I also felt like I didn’t have much control with a lot of misses going right. All that being said I feel like if I had a stronger flex shaft a more range time with this one I would see better results.

Pro Golf Discount Price: $249.99

MSRP: $350

Pictures of the Adams Speedline F11:

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