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In association with Pro Golf Discount of Southcenter, staffers were able to demo 10 of the hottest drivers released for 2011. Below you will find links to each one of the reviews, a “control” page where we set some base line numbers with our own drivers, and equipment photos.


Adams Speedline F11 

The stick of choice for many of the long drive pro’s including Jamie Sadlowski, the back to back long drive world champion. The Adams golf website has him ripping this thing at 150 mph and a ball speed of 216 mph. Ummm, wow. The Speedline F11 is built and marketed around its aerodynamics. The more aerodynamic the club is, the faster the player can swing it. This particular Speedline driver boast not only an improved aerodynamic shape, but also increased forgiveness on misses.

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Callaway Razr Hawk 

The big stick from Callaway that you’ve seen designed and advertised in a partnership with Lamborghini. I see your white driver and raise you a Lamborghini! Ah, golf company marketing is fun these days. Same as the Callaway Diablo Octane this driver is built with the forged composite technology that lightens the clubhead without losing the high MOI. Callaway also advertises the composite material as being longer than standard titanium head drivers.

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Cleveland TL310 

Remove as much weight as humanly possible from the club and you can swing it faster and hit it further. Pretty straight forward logic from Cleveland who offers one of the lightest shafts and club heads on a driver in golf. The 310, which is featured in our review is the heaviest of the three drivers offered in the Launcher “weight” line, followed by the 290 and the 270. The TL310 which we are demo’n is Cleveland’s tour caliber version of the driver.

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Cobra S3 

Cobra’s S3 driver is touted as a distance monster featuring “E9 Technology” that creates a 30% larger sweet spot on the face of the club. The S3 is also an adjustable driver allowing the golfer to update the face angle in order to generate the optimal ball flight. This stick was also had a limited edition run that was white from head to toe. It looked awesome!

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Nike Machspeed Black 

The Nike Machspeed Black is another driver advertised to have optimal aerodynamics to generate as much club speed as possible and in turn allow you to tear the cover off the ball. The Machspeed also features adjustability to the face angle to generate a golfers preferred ball flight. Nike’s website goes as far as to say the adjustability will “help correct some of the most devastating hooks and slices.”

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Ping K15 

The K15 driver from Ping is the company’s latest game improvement stick aimed at the mid to high handicapper. A 460cc head, maximum MOI, ultra thin crown, and Straight Flight Technology. Pretty much everything you could ask for in a golf club minus the adjustable face tech in a few others. Ping’s technology on this club is designed to help golfers square the club face at impact and generate a high launch, low spin tee ball.

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Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 

The second of two white driver offerings from Taylormade, the Superfast 2.0 is played by the likes of Camilo Villegas and Jason Day. TM advertises this club as the lightest driver they have ever made coming in at 279 grams. High launch, low spin, lighter club, and more speed all equal longer drives. Sounds reasonable to us.

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Taylormade R11 

Do we really need to write an introduction to the R11? Probably the most brilliant marketing scheme the golf world has ever seen. I still marvel at seeing the white driver used on tour when the player doesn’t have a lick of Taylormade gear on. Home run for the Taylormade marketing department to say the least. This thing is more than a funky colored gimmick though as there is a tremendous amount of technology built in from grip to toe. Loft adjustability, face angle adjustability, and weighting options make this thing the space shuttle in a golf club. Brilliant marketing aside, this is one tricked out, great looking stick.

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Titleist 910 D2 

Pretty sleek, bad ass looking driver that comes with a whopping $449 msrp according to Titleist’s website. Packed into this golf club is the Titleist Sure Fit Tour hosel allowing the player to adjust the loft and lie of the club face. This stick, similar to the R11 allows you to adjust the flight of the ball to maximize performance and dial in you exact desired shot shape. The Titleist website also boast a variety of shaft options making this one of the most customizable drivers on the market.

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Control Page 

Control Information: Controls were the first five balls hit during the demo, so these stats are from some pretty cold swings. That being said, Jason had no issues when he pummelled his 3rd ball 333 yards. Easily the longest drive of the day. My five control balls were all pretty good. No major misses in there.

– Ian

Data Source: Pro Golf Discount in Southcenter was kind enough to allow us a couple hours on the their launch monitor. An important note is that we had the launch monitor set on the SOFT setting to attempt to simulate usual Pacific Northwest golf conditions.

Control Statistics


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